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Researchers found that using vitamin C correctly in high doses kills cancer cells

There are many that take high doses of vitamin C at the sign of a cold, in hopes of fighting it off or at least shortening the symptoms. It has also been suggested that such high doses could help fight off cancer, but the research has been mixed. A new study is stating that the […]

Less than half of infants meet the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations for vitamin D

Most mothers in the study acknowledged that the pediatrician had recommended supplementation. Based on the 73% acknowledgment of the recommendation, and the 55% of women that used D supplements, there is a .75% rate of supplementation among all of those who acknowledged the recommendation. Among mothers who decided not to supplement they did not have […]

$50 million donation to City of Hope aims for diabetes cure in 6 years – The San Gabriel Valley Tribune

More than $50 million in private funding has the City of Hope research and treatment center setting the lofty goal today of curing Type 1 diabetes in six years. In 1978, one of City of Hopes researchers, Arthur D. Riggs, developed a synthetic human insulin used today by an estimated 1.5 million Americans with Type […]

American College of Pediatricians warns: HPV vaccine causes ovarian failure

HPV stands for Human Papilloma Virus. Gardasil is the focus of the article, and is an HPV vaccine. The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention concludes that Gardasil is safe to use, but a study by the American College of Pediatricians has found out that there may be an association between this HPV vaccine […]

Controversial ingredient sparks debate: Could palm oil give you cancer?

A recent report from the European Food Safety Authority has declared that palm oil is more carcinogenic than any other oil on the market. The EFSAs condemnation of the oil follows a similar report that was released not too long ago by the World Health Organization. The EFSA report, published in May of 2016, reveals […]

Schizophrenia could directly increase risk of diabetes

Studies from King’s College London indicate the high correlation of people diagnosed with schizophrenia also being eventually diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Contributors to a dual diagnosis include a sedentary lifestyle and the use of anti-psychotic drugs. If a patient is diagnosed with schizophrenia, they should make lifestyle choices that decrease their odds of developing […]

Scientists discover drug that increases ‘good’ fat mass and function

Brown fat is different than the more commonly known white fat, which stores energy. In adults, people with higher amounts of brown fat have lower body mass, and increasing brown fat by as little as 50 grams could lead up to a 10 to 20-pound weight loss in 1 year. If we can create additional […]

Carton of lemons offers simple lesson about breast cancer

Breast cancer is a leading cause of death in women, yet one of the most preventable. Now more than ever, resources are reaching out to women to ensure they are tested before it is too late. A new cartoon featuring lemons has recently launched, helping better explain breast cancer information. It is a must watch. […]

Can saunas really help protect you against heart and brain diseases?

Some new research shows that more people may need to go to the spa. Particularly, saunas have been shown to sweat out toxins that lead to Alzheimer’s and heart disease. More research needs to be done, but the combination of passive heat therapy and relaxation seems to have a wonderful effect on the human body. […]

Huge 400 page scientific report concludes marijuana effectively treats chronic pain

A new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine concludes that marijuana is an effective treatment for chronic pain, chemotherapy-related nausea and the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Researchers examined over 10,000 marijuana studies to arrive at their conclusions. Evidence available in the studies was inconclusive as to marijuana’s effectiveness for treating epilepsy, […]

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