30 Foods Under 40 Calories

If you are watching your weight, want to lose a few pounds, or simply desire to lead a healthy lifestyle, you certainly want to watch the calories that you consume in a day. You’ll be overjoyed with these 30 amazing foods that are each under 40 calories. From cabbage to coffee and many other foods in between, you’ll love these low cal treats.

Key Takeaways:

  • ‘negative calorie’ foods are a myth. it doesn’t take more calories to eat celery than there are calories in celery.
  • Many foods, such as garlic, kale, cauliflower and many berries can protect you against illness and increase your odds at fighting against many types of cancer.
  • Many foods such as zucchini, lettuce, and broth are great for filling your stomachs on very low calories. This is great for watching your weight without depriving your senses.

“Turns out the negative calorie theory is a myth. But that doesn’t mean some foods aren’t incredibly low-calorie and super-nutritious.”