5 Tips to Get More Online Reviews for Your Health Coaching Business

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It has been reported that almost all young customers trust what they read in online reviews. It has been discovered that approximately four-fifths of individuals between the ages of 35 and 54, as well as around two-thirds of those over the age of 55, exhibit similar behavior.

In order to have your desired customers have faith in your business and use your services for health coaching or personal training, online reviews can be a big asset. Getting existing customers to give reviews for your business can be difficult, even if they are happy with the services rendered.

Find out advice from experts in marketing that can guide you in obtaining more reviews on the web to expand your venture as a health coach or physical trainer.

How to Get Coaching Clients: 5 Strategies That Work Today

Bringing in coaching clients without spending money is the same as acquiring them naturally. Instead of paying for advertisement space on social media or Google, you are using approaches to draw in new customers.

Organic marketing, when executed properly, will augment your reputation as a mentor and will keep attracting potential clients even if you discontinue focusing on a particular approach. It enables you to make money without investing in advertising.

Sound good? Let’s get started!

1. Optimize Your Site to Rank

Businesses of any size have the incentive to create a blog. Posting on a blog is a great method for demonstrating your specialist knowledge, presenting people with a representation of your character, and enticing prospective customers.

Nevertheless, your coaching website will only be found on Google if people actually search for it. That means you need to build your content strategically. If you have had a blog going on for some time now but are not seeing much traffic from organic sources, it is likely that you have not thought too much about the topics you are covering and how you’re doing it.

It would be beneficial to familiarize yourself with SEO and content marketing methods in order to make sure your desired audience will discover your content when they search on Google’s first page.

Today is the perfect day to begin your blogging journey. Content marketing doesn’t return results overnight. It can take quite a while for content to attain a high position in Google, and as a rule, the more up to date the website, the longer it will take.

2. Build Your Email List and Promote Your Offer

When it comes to online marketing, one often hears the saying, “The money is on the list.” You may not have control over other sites where your content is featured, such as Facebook. However, the email list you possess belongs to you, so it is sensible to devote resources to email marketing.

Yes, you can employ it for simply transmitting bulletin advisories to your followers, however, it is also a great medium to acquire profitable customers. Those who have already connected with you through their emails and have been watching your content for a while are more likely to purchase your products than someone completely unfamiliar.

If you don’t want to be direct about offering your coaching services, try scheduling introductory conversations instead. It might be a good idea to include a brief plea for action in your postscript. Here is an example phrase you can use and adapt:

“Wondering how this advice can help you achieve x? Schedule an appointment free of charge now to explore how I can be of assistance to you.

Connect to a page that allows your followers to set up a discovery call with you, and you’ll have discretely included your offer. Later, you can try sending more offer-centric sales emails.

Adding people to your email list provides a chance to become familiar with them. Once somebody supplies their email address to you, send them an introductory message and inquire about their main challenge at the moment. Write down any topics of discussion that emerge, and reply to each answer you receive to maintain the exchange and potentially offer your coaching services.

3. Guest Post on Relevant Sites

One way to successfully reach out to people within your desired target market is to publish articles on blogs that are tailored to that same group. That might be a different training website or possibly a blog connected to the services you provide.

Are you a lifestyle coach? Then it might be a good idea for you to write a contribution to blogs about productivity and finances. Are you a fitness coach? Then you could pitch health and wellness publications. Blogs that are closely connected to the subject matter will be more beneficial.

If you’ve already done a considerable amount of blogging as a guest or you’re facing difficulty getting your posts approved, you may want to consider approaching websites in different subjects than your own by providing a slight variant to your story concepts.

A health coach could suggest to a travel blog a write-up on how to keep your weight in check while traveling, whereas a personal finance coach could recommend to the same site content concerning how to economize and save for an extensive journey.

The wonderful aspect of guest posts is that the benefits are ongoing. A blog post published yesterday has the potential to bring in clients even five years down the line.

Your greatest opportunity to secure customers from guest posts will be when you post to blogs that are specifically geared toward your desired clientele. You may also choose to write blog posts for websites that are not closely related to yours in order to construct more links and raise your site’s reputation.

4. Go on a Podcast or Host Your Own Podcast Show

If you are more comfortable speaking than writing, appearing on podcasts as a guest is an effective method to get yourself noticed. Similar to how you would begin with guest blogging, you should initially target podcasts that feature other coaches, as well as podcasts that cover topics related to the services your business provides. After that, you can extend the range of podcasts you pursue.

While appearing on other podcasts puts you in front of different audiences, launching your own podcast show has its benefits as well:

  • It allows you to build your own audience.
  • It helps you establish yourself as an expert.
  • It offers the opportunity to invite and talk to big influencers in your niche, which elevates your credibility and potentially gives you access to their audience if they decide to promote the episode.
  • It gives potential clients a feel for how you communicate.

5. Establish Yourself as a Coach on Social Media

You don’t have to subscribe to all of the major social media platforms. Instead, you must guarantee that you reserve your usernames and completely fill out your profiles so that when people find you, they will be able to go to your website or get your email address.

If you are targeting an audience who doesn’t have access to Facebook, you should look into posting advice on a page and gaining a fan base there. Lately, it has become more challenging to use Facebook pages as the platform has cut back on its organic reach.

A simpler approach to interacting with your audience on Facebook is to give something of worth when they are active.

Why Do Reviews Matter?

The digital age has seen online reviews become immensely important to the success of businesses. It is especially relevant that this applies to businesses specializing in health guidance, dietary advice, and individual instruction.

There are quite a few options for this type of service, and it can be hard for a company to stand out from the crowd. By obtaining a lot of favorable feedback, you could acquire an excellent image and raise the chance that individuals will choose you instead of one of your opponents.

Here are some other benefits that online reviews can provide:

  • Increased sales: When a product or service receives at least five reviews, the likelihood of it getting sold increases by 270 percent.
  • Increased revenue: Businesses can see an increase in revenue of 5–9 percent for every one-star increase they get on Yelp.
  • Increased credibility: Remember, people trust online reviews; if they see that your business has lots of positive reviews, you can gain credibility and establish yourself as an expert.

Positive customer reviews on the internet can enhance your company’s position on web search results. They aid in local search engine optimization, above all else, and make it more effortless for consumers who are actively trying to locate a company like yours to pinpoint you.

1. Ask for Reviews

You may regret not having as many testimonials for your company as you wanted. Take the time to think back and remember the last time you asked for an evaluation.

Asking for a review can feel awkward at first. It could be likened to a waiter requesting that a patron at a restaurant offer them a gratuity.

Reviews are too powerful to skip over, though. It’s important to keep in mind that your customers are probably not attempting to harm your company on purpose by neglecting to post a review. They may not be aware of or understand the significance of it to you.

Neil Patel, an expert in marketing, suggests that the initial step when trying to get reviews is to ask for them. If you approach your customers and request that they leave a review of your services and share their journey, they would likely oblige, particularly if they had positive feedback concerning their progress in health and fitness objectives with you.

2. Provide Lots of Review Opportunities

Making it convenient for people to assess your personal trainer or health coaching enterprise will likely increase the probability of them taking action. You can make the review process less complicated for them by giving them lots of chances to discuss their experience.

Sophia Bernazzini, founder and manager of the HubSpot Service Blog, encourages business owners to allow for reviews on several third-party platforms, including the following ones:

  • Yelp
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Better Business Bureau

The wider the range of locations where evaluations of your health coaching and individual training offerings are available, the more opportunities individuals have to come across them when they search for the right mentor or trainer who matches their requirements.

3. Try an Email Campaign

Mike Swigunski, the head, and leader of Global Career, is a strong believer in email campaigns for obtaining feedback. An email campaign that is carefully planned and sent out at fitting times might help motivate your customers to post critiques and provide you feedback regarding your services.

Please ask them in the email to rate your service from one to five stars, with five being the highest score. Allow the star rating they have provided you to decide where they will go next. If clients give you a score ranging from 1 to 4 stars, they can be directed to a survey used to give detailed information about their experience.

If someone gives your business a five-star rating, they’ll be directed to a special page with extra details about the advantages of writing online reviews. Additionally, it offers folks a chance to provide your company with a comprehensive evaluation.

4. Make a Review Page on Your Website

You can create a simple way to collect online reviews by giving customers a way to leave a review through your website. If you provide an online review platform, people will be more likely to post positive remarks regarding their experience without the need to register with an outside review company.

Dan Foland, the SEO director of Postali LLC, has stated that the review page on your website should be uncluttered and simple to use. The objective is to simplify the procedure as much as possible. Decrease the amount of effort someone has to exert, and you will observe a higher number of feedback.

You can ask your customers to leave reviews for you on both digital and physical platforms. You could connect with your clients through an email, supply them with a connection, or even generate bespoke QR codes for offline use that would take them to your online assessment page.

5. Provide Great Service

In a perfect world, this would go without saying. It is essential to keep in mind that customers will tend to give more favorable reviews of your coaching or training offerings if you give them a high-quality service.

According to Jared Weitz, the head of United Capital Source, giving a service that surpasses anticipation makes brand evangelists who are enthusiastic about extolling your accomplishments.

If you have implemented certain strategies to obtain more reviews but have yet to see results, it may be time to evaluate your services and pinpoint ways to make them better. Contemplate the remarks you have been given formerly, or communicate with your customers concerning what additional steps you can take to assist them in accomplishing their objectives.

It’s not always easy to take criticism at first. It’s beneficial if it boosts the development of your business.

Start Getting More Reviews Today

It is evident that customer feedback via the web can have a major effect on the advancement and prosperity of your personal training or health instruction business.

Adopt ideas from marketing experts now to help your business flourish and motivate your customers to post affirmative reviews.

By making a few changes to your approach, you will experience a greater level of achievement in getting the word out about your firm and discovering new chances to broaden your customer base.


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