A new kind of magic mushroom: New sustainable material made of mushrooms can provide housing, food security, water filtration

Mushrooms are not only delicious in a risotto, but can also be used as building blocks for a house. The cellulose within mushrooms, that indigestible portion of the cap and stem, are the new components of these bricks. They are light weight and once dried and sanitized, they work very similarly to wood, which is also made of cellulose. This is part of a larger movement to make sustainable home goods from easily accessed materials that won’t required you to mine, cut down trees or destroy nature.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mushrooms may become an material solution for wood
  • bacteria was used to make cement and brick building materials
  • dirt, straw and grass are being turned into building materials

“While some people are worried that we might one day run out of building materials, a group of experts has revealed that they have successfully created wood-like blocks out of mushrooms.”