Americans divided over health care bill, poll finds

Where do you stand on the health care bill? If you are like many Americans, you are torn, with both positive and negative reactions to what is going on in the country today. A new poll suggests that many Americans are in this same exact situation. Is there any way to overcome the obstacles that are in the way?

Key Takeaways:

  • And while many Republicans are confident that defunding Planned Parenthood is the right move, the greater majority oppose that idea, it says.
  • Most people think the GOP bill will raise costs for both younger and older people, city and rural residents, and people who are poor.
  • In the latest Kaiser poll, 49% had a favorable view of Obamacare the way it is, and 44% did not like it.

“A new poll finds that many Americans are not optimistic about what the GOP health care bill will do to their coverage.”