“Browning” of the world’s waterways may be due to conventional farming practices rather than “extra” rainfall claimed by climate alarmists

Browning of water occurs when bodies of water are so full that the sun’s rays can not kill pathogens in the water, causing pollution. Usually browning is blamed on rainfall caused by global warming. A new study, done on a global scale has provided evidence that it might just as easily be caused by local farming practices.

Key Takeaways:

  • Climate scientists believe that increased rain is increasing runoff and changing our waterways
  • The effect is known as browning, which muddies waters, rises tides and doesn’t allow for the sun to kill pathogens
  • UV is one of the best antiseptic agents and this brown, unclear water is stopping that effect from happening.

“Nonetheless, it is conventional farming that is to blame for the pesticides, chemicals and nutrients used for farming that end up in previously pristine bodies of water.”