California power officials beg customers to stop using air conditioning as West Coast power grid reaches critical failure

Power officials in California are begging customers to stop using their air conditioning because the West Coast power grid has reached critical failure. This warning is happening because of the record temperatures that are going on in the state. If people do not cut back their use of their air conditioning, then things can go bad.

Key Takeaways:

  • A prolonged heat wave that continues to hover over much of the West Coast of the United States is causing record temperature swells throughout California, putting major strain on the Golden State’s power grid.
  • California energy officials are urging people throughout the state to bear through the heat as much as they can while using their air conditioners as minimally as possible.
  • California ISO also recommends that Californians try to use fans as much as possible and to close their shades and/or drapes during the peak heat of the day.

“Despite these warnings, there have been reports of localized power outages in certain areas of Los Angeles County.”