Cancer detection breakthrough uses chewing gum to trap and analyze biomarkers for cancer already growing in your body

How can chewing gum help with cancer? Apparently some of the markers for it can be trapped in it. It acts like a glue and holds them so they can be checked. This will make detecting and treating it easier and faster. This is good because the faster you treat cancer the more likely you are to get it all.

Key Takeaways:

  • The gum absorbs volatile cancer compounds from a person’s saliva and is analyzed after 15 minutes of chewing.
  • British researchers have developed a new breath test designed to diagnose both esophagus cancer and stomach cancer.
  • Health experts at the University of California San Diego have also developed a new blood test that uses a particular DNA to determine where a tumor is growing.

“The chewing gum detects cancer by identifying cancer-related compounds that are present in the mouth.”