Cannabis oil (CBD) CURES 12-year-old girl of life-threatening seizures

12-year old Annalise Lujan first started experiencing her seizures when at a gymnastics meet. She was rushed to a hospital and diagnosed with Febrile Infection-Related Epilepsy Syndrome (FIRES). After a crippling seizure left her in a coma, Annalise’s mother started looking for new treatment options. A cannabis-derived drug called cannabid oil (CBD) has been used in other medical treatments and was used by Annalise’s doctors to treat her one in a million condition. Less than 48 hours after treatment, Annalise was cured of her constant seizures and came out of her coma. While not a cure, CBD oil provides a hopeful alternative for the millions of Americans who struggle with epilepsy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cannabis oil (CBD) CURES 12-year-old girl of life-threatening seizures
  • Annalise came out of the coma after less than 48-hours of CBD treatment
  • Experts don’t want to call it a cure but CBD oil offers hope for nearly three million Americans who suffer from epilepsy.

“The Daily Mail Online reported on a groundbreaking study where scientists at New York University and Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital discovered that CBD could reduce convulsive seizures by nearly 50 percent in children under 18 with the Dravet syndrome.”