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Home-based silent killer: Radon gas, known to be the leading cause of lung cancer after cigarette smoke, is found in surprising number of homes

There is a home based silent killer known as radon gas. This is known to be the leading cause of lung cancer right after cigarette smoke. It is also found in a lot of homes, and this fact may be surprising to people. If you have not already tested your home for radar gas, then […]

New study debunks the common belief that Blacks have a higher diabetes risk than Whites – it all comes down to weight, for all of us

There is a new study that debunks the common belief that African American people have a higher diabetes risk than whites. In the end, it all comes down to weight for everyone. White people and African American people are both very susceptible to diabetes. Obesity is a huge factor when it comes to diabetes. Key […]

Your body wants a schedule: Researchers find that eating at the same time every day helps fight cognitive decline

Research shows that following a regular meal schedule may help to ward off dementia. According to a study at the University of California, Los Angeles, following a regular meal schedule improves the part of the brain associated with gene expression, which is in charge of body control. The study, conducted with mice by Professor Christopher […]

Creepy: New AI can READ YOUR MIND by decoding your brain signals … kiss your personal privacy goodbye

There is new AI out there that can read your mind and it does this by decoding your brain signals. You can now kiss your personal privacy goodbye. We live in a society that is very obsessed with sharing and sometimes we share a little too much. It is hard to avoid the endless stream […]

For the price of one iPhone, you could acquire almost a year’s supply of emergency food… but most Americans won’t… and most will DIE

You can buy an iPhone for the same cost as the food you’d need for a year in case an emergency comes. Most Americans won’t get the food instead, though. They want the fancy new phone instead because everyone else has one. This could cost your life in some instances. Is an iPhone really worth […]

Lack of sleep slows you physically AND mentally: Study finds slow moving brain cells cause that “spaced out” feeling

You need to get enough sleep. If you don’t you will be slower both physically and mentally. Your brain cells actually slow down. Scientists have seen this. The cells move slowly and this causes your brain not to work at its highest capacity. Getting enough sleep fixes this, though. Key Takeaways: Sleep deprivation interrupted the […]

The hunt for opioid alternatives: Researchers look to sensory blocking substances from the ocean

Opioids are increasingly causing people to become addicted, often leading to overdoses. They are still however, heavily prescribed. Research teams have been looking for safer alternatives. A research team have been given a grant to study marine organisms, specifically those that use venom as defense mechanisms, to find a way to block pain in humans […]

“Browning” of the world’s waterways may be due to conventional farming practices rather than “extra” rainfall claimed by climate alarmists

Browning of water occurs when bodies of water are so full that the sun’s rays can not kill pathogens in the water, causing pollution. Usually browning is blamed on rainfall caused by global warming. A new study, done on a global scale has provided evidence that it might just as easily be caused by local […]

Product of their environment? Scientists study the link between a violent community and antisocial behavior in kids

A new study has shown that children who grow up exposed to violent behaviors have a higher chance of growing up to be violent ant anti-social themselves. This study can be used to recognize at risk children early and place them in programs or perform preventative measures to help in their mental development and well […]

Evidence points to Bitcoin being an NSA-engineered psyop to roll out one-world digital currency

There is evidence that points to bitcoin being an NSA engineered psyop that will begin the new digital currency. This is just a theory at this point. Bitcoin was created as a normalization experiment to get people familiar with digital currency. They will then obliterate the normal currency we are familiar with and replace it […]

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