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$50 million donation to City of Hope aims for diabetes cure in 6 years – The San Gabriel Valley Tribune

More than $50 million in private funding has the City of Hope research and treatment center setting the lofty goal today of curing Type 1 diabetes in six years. In 1978, one of City of Hopes researchers, Arthur D. Riggs, developed a synthetic human insulin used today by an estimated 1.5 million Americans with Type […]

Schizophrenia could directly increase risk of diabetes

Studies from King’s College London indicate the high correlation of people diagnosed with schizophrenia also being eventually diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Contributors to a dual diagnosis include a sedentary lifestyle and the use of anti-psychotic drugs. If a patient is diagnosed with schizophrenia, they should make lifestyle choices that decrease their odds of developing […]

Carton of lemons offers simple lesson about breast cancer

Breast cancer is a leading cause of death in women, yet one of the most preventable. Now more than ever, resources are reaching out to women to ensure they are tested before it is too late. A new cartoon featuring lemons has recently launched, helping better explain breast cancer information. It is a must watch. […]

Can saunas really help protect you against heart and brain diseases?

Some new research shows that more people may need to go to the spa. Particularly, saunas have been shown to sweat out toxins that lead to Alzheimer’s and heart disease. More research needs to be done, but the combination of passive heat therapy and relaxation seems to have a wonderful effect on the human body. […]

Researchers: Fasting can kill cancer cells in common childhood leukemia

The same intermittent fasting strategy wasn’t effective for a type of blood cancer found in adults, myeloid leukemia, but it profoundly halted and reversed the progression of acute lymphoblastic leukemia, sub-type B-cell, and sub-type T-cell. Fasting stops leukemia cancer cells, signaled through the leptin pathway After fasting, the rate at which the leptin levels recovered […]

Twisted: Splenda actually promotes weight gain, study finds

Sucralose, which you may know better as Splenda, was shown to have an adverse effect on thyroid axis activity in male rats. People who are replacing sugar with Splenda to control their weight may actually be doing more harm to themselves than if they had just used regular sugar, and the problems don’t end solely […]

Babies born addicted to opiates perform poorly in school, study says

Children born dependent on heroin and other opiates may be more likely to perform poorly academically as they get older, according to a new study from Australian researchers. For the study, published Monday in the journal Pediatrics, the authors examined school test data for all children born in the state of New South Wales between […]

Trend Alert: Pea Protein

One of the main problems vegetarians face is the lack of protein. This can be something difficult to make up as meat can’t be used as a source of protein. There is a new fix, and it is pea protein. There are many recipes and ways to add this protein into your diet. Trend Alert: […]

How This Daily Vitamin Startup Is Bringing Wellness To Your Doorstep – Forbes

The vitamin and wellness market is oversaturated and hard to stand out in. Craig Elbert and Akash Shah co-founded Care/of and Juxtapose, a holding company and fund to help high-growth markets with experienced entrepreneurs. Care/of delivers personalized daily vitamin packs to consumer doorsteps and launched in November with a focus on clever branding and consumer […]

Mysterious Marijuana-Related Illness Popping Up In Emergency Rooms

The case for the legalization of weed in states may not be as strong as it once was. There has been an increase of cases of mysterious disease that causes stomach pains and vomiting in states that legalized marijuana. Doctors do not know why this is happening, they will need to look into it. Mysterious […]

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