Children With Diabetes Can Have Bright Future – Arizona Daily Star

When you have a child with diabetes, your heart is probably broken when you think about their future. However, things for diabetics aren’t nearly as gloomy as they have been in the past and many diabetes experts agree that with proper management there is no reason your child can’t live a full and happy life. Knowledge is key and you can learn more by reading on.

Key Takeaways:

  • Excellent glucose control gives patients and their families peace of mind,” Klein explained in a university news release.
  • “With insulin pens, pumps and modern devices that allow more precise and continuous day and night monitoring of blood sugar levels, we can make small adjustments in the dosage of insulin to prevent sugar levels from rising or dropping too fast.
  • “We begin with listening to what the families and patients know about diabetes, since many of their fears are based on old or incorrect information,”

“”With good blood sugar control and use of modern treatments and technologies, patients today do not have to have overly rigid lifestyles in order to live long, healthy lives free of complications,””