‘Considerable number’ of vaping students in Canada intend to smoke cigarettes, scientists find

There are a lot of vaping students in Canada that intent to smoke cigarettes. Middle school students and high school students are much more likely to smoke cigarettes if they start with e-cigarettes. This is concerning to many people because they feel that they have made a lot of headway over the years to reduce smoking.

Key Takeaways:

  • Teens that vape are twice as likely to pick up cigarette smoking.
  • They surveyed 25,637 never-smoking students and 32 per cent or 8,423 of them are said to be susceptible to smoking cigarettes in the future.
  • Legislation was proposed to curb the consumption of E-cigarettes by banning enticing flavors, aggressive marketing, and sales to minors.

“”Of the 25,637 never-smoking students surveyed, 32 per cent or 8,423 were considered susceptible to smoking, the study’s authors said.””