Corn, the GM poster crop, will soon be nutritionally engineered to try to increase its value

Corn is the GM poster crop and it will soon be nutritionally engineered to increase its overall value. If you were offered poisons, but told that scientists have added so many different vitamins to it, in order to give it more nutritional value, you would probably not eat it. Yet, we already do that as a society, since we give terrible foods to our kids.

Key Takeaways:

  • A bacterial gene will be added to boost nutritional value with genetically modified corn
  • Methionine is one of 22 amino acids that synthesizes proteins in the body. Animals need it to grow bigger.
  • Rutgers believe this will reduce animal feeding costs

“Scientists at Rutgers University are applying the same principle to genetically modified corn – artificially adding a bacterial gene to it to force the plant to produce a nutrient called methionine to boost its nutritional value.”