For the price of one iPhone, you could acquire almost a year’s supply of emergency food… but most Americans won’t… and most will DIE

You can buy an iPhone for the same cost as the food you’d need for a year in case an emergency comes. Most Americans won’t get the food instead, though. They want the fancy new phone instead because everyone else has one. This could cost your life in some instances. Is an iPhone really worth it?

Key Takeaways:

  • In a societal collapse or catastrophe, which also could include a financial crisis, a grid-down event, or a nuclear incident, disease and starvation are the likely causes of death
  • most urbanites and suburbanites are woefully unprepared for a food shortage that would accompany a nightmarish breakdown of civil society because they are too reliant on buying food from the local grocery store
  • Those who might survive will be those who have at least prepared. Those who have thought ahead and planned and/or changed their way of life to one that’s more self-sufficient and self-reliant.

“People assume that there will always be food in the grocery stores. People assume that there will always be electricity (and most people have no idea the horrible ramifications of life without electricity). People assume a lot of things. …”