How much of a problem is protein in a vegetarian diet?

When considering a vegetarian lifestyle nutrient intake is a large consideration, especially regarding protein. Humans generally get a large portion of their protein from meat products, but the aspiring vegetarian has other options that could ease their mind, and their body, through the transition. With around half of the vegetarian population not getting the amount of protein that is necessary in their diet, it’s important to learn the optimal ways to provide this important nutrient in your daily lifestyle, such as consuming legumes, nuts, and seeds on a daily basis.

Key Takeaways:

  • High-quality vegetarian diets can provide ample amounts of protein as well as a good balance of amino acids.
  • Our reccomended daily minimum protein level is 50 grams. Half of that could come from a cup of cooked soybeans.
  • Under half of all persons who identified themselves as vegetarians had adequate protein intake, the remainder did not.

“From our perspective at WHFoods, there are no insurmountable difficulties in consuming sufficient protein or a good amino acid balance from plant foods alone.”