Hybrid, heirloom, or GMO? Do you really know your vegetables?

There are different versions of veggies now and it can be hard to tell them apart. People have issues with things that are GMO but it’s hard to know sometimes if they even are. People could be buying that stuff without even realizing it even if they don’t like the idea of them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Differentiating hybrid, heirloom, and GMO vegetables can be confusing. Gardeners still interchange these terms, yet the nuances among them need to be understood.
  • These gardening labels describe how the vegetables are reproduced. An article in the gardening website BonnniePlants.com has provided an overview on what makes the gardening methods different from each other.
  • Often confused with each other, hybrid and GMO plants’ only similarity ends with the seemingly technical nature of their labels.

“During the hybridization process, pollination is carefully controlled to make sure that the best plants are crossed-pollinated with each other in order to obtain the ideal combination, which in turn will result in ideal qualities such as bigger size and increase resistance to diseases.”