‘I’m 27 and preparing for early-onset Alzheimer’s’ – BBC News

Young mother with genetic predisposition for dementia begins to prepare her one year old son for the worst by writing him notes. When the time comes that his own mother doesn’t recognize him he will have the notes as a reminder of who she was before the disease ran its course. Mother’s greatest fear is that her son will inherit the disease as well.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jayde is 27 and fears that she will develop Alzheimer’s. Her father also had Alzheimer’s.
  • Jayde also fears that her son Freddie will develop Alzheimer’s. She is creating a book of her feelings for her son to read one day.
  • Jayde has a genetic marker for Alzheimer’s.

“Jayde Green is 27. Genetic tests suggest she will develop early-onset Alzheimer’s, as her father did.”