Improving and Sustaining Health in the Coachella Valley

Everywhere around the world, three things are common to the healthcare challenge: the need for quality care, the need to increase access to care and a mandate for affordable care. The approach to improving health connects our innovative technology, our employees, forming viable partners to help build sustainable health systems and make healthcare more accessible and equitable, less costly and reactive, and more focused on patient outcomes.

Key Takeaways:

  • That is why we work in communities across the country to build strategic partnerships that will reduce preventable diseases, close health disparities, and improve health and well-being at scale.
  • ll partners involved with the Better Together for Community Collaboration report being pleased with the progress and support provided to each other while they address the shared goal of supporting those in the midst of cancer care.
  • Regular testing is provided at more than 20 external partner sites and service agencies, as well as at approximately 10 community events per month.

“Four years ago, the Clinton Health Matters Initiative (CHMI) began convening community leaders in the Coachella Valley to map out a plan to reduce health disparities in the region. Our work with our partners in the Coachella Valley has made a difference in the lives of thousands, and is ongoing.”