Judge orders FORCED VACCINATIONS for children in shocking UK court case

This issue will not be going away anytime soon, and as more people wake up to the dangers of vaccines, we will likely begin to see more court-mandated vaccination cases. The mother in question did not want to vaccinate her children in part because they are vegans and current vaccine development methods do not align with the family’s personal beliefs. The mother also cited concerns about toxic ingredients often found in vaccines, such as aluminum salts, as part of why she opposed getting her children vaccinated.

Key Takeaways:

  • Freedom has taken another crushing blow in the UK as a High Court judge ruled that a mother can’t do what she believes is best for her children.
  • The children’s father brought the mother to court over her refusal to vaccinate the kids, and applied for a court order to force vaccination upon them.
  • Rogers noted that the mother was unable to find a doctor to support her views that was willing to appear in front of the courts on her behalf.

“Acetaminophen has been shown to sometimes cause liver damage, even when consumed in the recommended amounts as instructed by the label.”