Maintaining adequate levels of vitamin D can be a challenge; research suggests eating fortified foods

Vitamin D can be a problem to maintain. This is especially true as people are cutting back on sun exposure, not only in the winter months, but throughout the year as they put on sunblock. Fortified foods might be the solution, giving people more options for getting the vitamin and solving and malnutrition problems that may be caused by us being “more healthy” with the sun.

Key Takeaways:

  • Vitamin D intake is critical to maintaining good health, and it is especially important that we obtain it from outside sources as more and more of us limit sun exposure.
  • Indeed, in past years, we have seen an increase in the usage of vitamin D supplements and dietary additions by Americans.
  • Rather than using supplements, some professionals suggest striving to obtain the necessary vitamin D through the diet, such as through consumption of fish and eggs.

“The experts also conducted graded intake modelling to predict how habitual diet including fish, fortified foods — such as plain yogurt, cheese, eggs and crispbread — and supplements would help increase vitamin D levels in participants.”