Malaria cure “developed” by academic institute found to have been documented in ancient Chinese Medicine text written over five centuries ago

This academic institute came up with a Malaria cure or at least they think they do. Unfortunately it was already documented a very long time ago by the Chinese. It was in use back then. Did the institute come up with it independently or did they actually steal the idea?

Key Takeaways:

  • At a Congo clinic, a physician prescribed a malaria therapy that consisted solely of dried leaves from the Artemisia annua plant.
  • Patients noted a full recovery in the span of just five days, and lab tests showed there were no more parasites in their blood.
  • Chinese have been using the same herb, which they call Qing Hao, for thousands of years to cure malaria and other diseases.

“When dried plant leaves completely cured all 18 malaria patients who were approaching death.”