No Need to Count Your Steps Per Minute When Running—Your iPhone Already Knows

There is no need to count your steps when you are running. Your iPhone is already well aware of this. It is important for many people to keep track of your steps. Having your iPhone do it for you is something that many people cherish and require. You can see the day by day and minute by minute stats about your exercise.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can count your steps through a new Health app on your iPhone. It will show a minute-to-minute analysis of your run.
  • The number of steps may vary each minute because this is considered normal especially when factoring in the terrain.
  • The Health app will show all data of your recent runs up to at least 170 entries.

“A high cadence is part of good running form. Most pros take upwards of 180 steps per minute, and that’s a pretty good goal to aim for.”