November is Diabetes Awareness Month –

American Diabetes Month, observed by the American Diabetes Association every November, is a time to focus the nation’s attention on the millions of people who are affected by diabetes and to raise the urgency about the need to address diabetes. Every 23 seconds someone in the United States is diagnosed with diabetes. It’s estimated that one in 11 Americans has the disease—more than 29 million people. Another 86 million have prediabetes and are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Smartphone apps are easy to use and can help track calories, fitness, vegetable consumption and more.
  • Everyone needs to make time for exercise in their days. Walking, biking or jogging can do a lot to improve health and keep weight and blood sugar under control.
  • Diet and exercise are the best ways to make weight loss a reality, but it is also about sticking with your plan through weight plateaus and bad days.

“Diabetes prevents the body from properly utilizing sugars from foods. The pancreas is the organ that produces insulin, which breaks down the carbohydrates in the food people eat to provide energy to their cells.”