Olive oil nutrient found to HALT brain cancer cells in their tracks

Oleic Acid, found in Olive oil has properties that can stop brain cancer tumor formation. This is an adjunct to other studies have proven that olive oil compounds can actually destroy cancer cells without harming normal cells. Olive oil has always been found in the Mediterranean diet, a diet that has been praised for its cancer fighting benefits. Other benefits of olive oil include preventing disease and even fighting dementia. It is important to make sure that any olive oil you use is in its most natural form and not diluted or highly processed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Brain and other nervous system cancers are the tenth death cause in the united states that has killed 16,000 people each year
  • The survival rates of this cancer isn’t very much for either of the genders since it’s 34 percent and 36 percent for men.
  • Olive oil is not a cure and it doesn’t prevent brain cancer, but including this in the diet does shrink tumors for a person who already has the illness

“The fatty acids and antioxidants in olive oil have also been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease.”