“Perfect day on a plate” doctor shares daily dietary tips for healthy living

There are some good tips out there on what a healthy diet consists of. There is a certain wake up routine you can follow in the morning that will get your day off to a healthy start. One good thing to do when you wake up is exercise. There are many habits that you should quit doing as well. Consuming goods that are heavily processed and high in sugar is very bad.

Key Takeaways:

  • The general practitioner also listed a number of foods that people need to eliminate from their diet. According to Dr. Aujla, it is important to take out refined carbohydrates, sugars, and hidden sugars to promote the body’s overall health.
  • The expert noted that food laden with empty calories — such as sweets, chocolate bars, and crisps as well as pastries, biscuits, and sweet granola bars — are obvious sources of these harmful ingredients.
  • The doctor also stressed that people should stay away from fake foods that label themselves as healthy alternatives and low fat substitutes and sweeteners that contain ingredients that may trigger the onset of heart attack.

“I do a bit of emergency medicine and I believe what you choose to put on your plate is the most important health intervention anyone can make.”