Reef fish found to be surprisingly resilient to ocean acidification caused by carbon dioxide (climate change)

A reef fish has been found to be surprisingly resilient to ocean acidification that is caused by carbon dioxide. Ocean acidification is something that is hurting many fish and their overall biology. The sea is undergoing many different changes in its chemistry. But, a team of researchers has found that it might not be as bad as people may think.

Key Takeaways:

  • Juvenile fish exposed to varying carbon dioxide levels are less affected when levels change as adults, valid up to 1000 microatmospheres.
  • Changing carbon dioxide levels, notably from climate change, is believed to influence seawater and lead to ocean acidification.
  • Climate change is not the only contributor to varying carbon dioxide levels; these levels often vary near coral reefs.

“Constantly shifting carbon dioxide levels aren’t all that uncommon, and so many forms of sea life have acclimated to them with little issue.”

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