Researchers: Eating organic provides much greater nutritional intake vs. conventional foods

Despite what the GMO and pesticide companies try to convince the public of, the scientific evidence only continues to grow in support of the health benefits and higher nutritional content found in organic foods. More people are buying organic than ever and they will reap the benefits of consuming foods more packed with plant-based antioxidants by doing so. They will also be sparing themselves and their families from the real and verified dangers found in GMO’s and pesticide residues.

Key Takeaways:

  • The issue is only increasing in relevance as consumers continue to turn to organic rather than conventionally produced foods.
  • The evidence for organic foods’ superior nutrient content just keeps getting stronger.
  • organic food has a higher nutrient content than food produced with GMOs and synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

“The researchers found much stronger results than the analysis from three years prior. They found that the antioxidant content of organic fruits and vegetable was between 19 and a shocking 69 percent higher than that of non-organic produce.”