Sebelum Olahraga, Perhatikan 5 Hal Penting Ini Ya

There are 5 important steps everyone should take before they start their workout. Step one is to eat to ensure that your body has enough energy to complete the workout. Step two is to hydrate at least an hour before. Step three is to plan an exercise routine and stick to it. Step four is to do a warm up before the workout begins. Lastly, step five is to make a playlist of good music that can be played during the workout.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lakukan latihan pemanasan
  • Miliki playlist lagu yang sedang hits
  • Hidrasikan tubuh Anda

“You can start with simple aerobics gradually then switch to dynamic exercise. While you may have your own warm-up exercises, you can also try these, including split squats, light pushups, and more.”