Sunscreen WARNING: Chlorinated water transforms sunscreen ingredients into cancer-causing chemicals while you swim

There is a sunscreen warning that people need to be aware of. It turns out that chlorinated water transforms sunscreen ingredients into cancer causing chemicals. This happens all while you are swimming. This is one thing parents need to be aware of so they can switch to something better for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • New research conducted at Lomonosov Moscow State University finds that sunscreen ingredients are transformed into cancer-causing chemicals when exposed to chlorine in swimming pool water.
  • In swimming pools that use copper salts to make the water look blue, this reaction is even worse. In that case, the sunscreen can break down into bromoform, a substance that has been linked to nervous system disorders, liver problems, and kidney problems.
  • In effect, the sunscreen industry is selling people products made with ingredients that transform into cancer-causing substances as they swim. It’s one more reason to ditch mainstream sunscreen products

“The chemicals created in this process have been linked to infertility, cancer and immune system damage.”