Tenth of men aged 50 ‘have heart age 10 years older’ – BBC News

BBC news, Health, expresses their concern over the heart health of men and women in England. Giving the results of their studies they also suggest ways to improve heart health. Resources are also provided on the BHF website that are there to assist people in becoming more aware of their own blood pressure, and the importance of heart health in all individuals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some men have hearts that are 10 years older than they actually are 1 in 10 men over 50 have this problem.
  • One of the main problems is that these men are not monitoring their blood pressure on a regular basis. They need to be aware of their blood pressure for better health.
  • There are many lifestyle changes that can help men to have better heart health. Some of the lifestyle changes are to stop smoking, manage weight, get active, eat veggies and cut down on salt.

“”PHE said about half of the survey respondents did not know their blood pressure and that 5.6 million people living in England currently have high blood pressure without knowing it.””