Type 2 diabetes prevented in 80 per cent of at-risk patients thanks to repurposed drug

In this article, we are exposed to a new medical breakthrough in the way we can treat diabetes in patients. The articles exposes a new medicine that reduced patients risk of diabetes by 80%, which is a huge increase from the placebo medication given to other patients. It is concluded that this new medicine is the new platform for treating diabetes and prediabetes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Prediabetes affects one in ten people in the UK,¬†and progresses into diabetes in 5-10 per cent of patients within ten years.
  • Prediabetes is curable with exercise and a healthier diet, but once it progresses into diabetes, it is significantly harder to treat.
  • Both conditions are strongly linked to early death and poor health outcomes like nerve damage, blindness, and amputation.

“After three years, the researchers found that the patients given liraglutide were 80 per cent less likely to develop diabetes than those in the placebo group.