Why is there so much controversy about soybeans?

Soy is an intensively grown crop, with high demands for resources such as energy, water, chemicals and soil. And as it is often grown on land that has been converted from forest to farm land it is considered to be contributing to large scale deforestation. here is a great deal of controversy surrounding soy foods, mostly due to their isoflavones which can bind to estrogen receptors and affect thyroid hormone. There is significant evidence that eating moderate amounts of traditional soy foods, whether fermented or not, can reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Key Takeaways:

  • Soybeans are typically consumed as whole foods in the East In the west, we process food too much
  • Total soy consumption is different when comparing East to West We eat much less soy in the west
  • Metabolic differences Different races can metabolize foods diiferently

“Even with all of the “east versus west” circumstances that complicate research on soybeans and health, we believe several areas of health benefit still shine through in studies of this much-loved legume.”