25 Powerful Tips for Starting an Online Personal Trainer Business

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Experiencing apprehension as a novice to being an internet-based fitness instructor. Competition in the industry is increasing rapidly. It is possible for a successful business to determine the reasons for its prosperity by looking at a few basic concepts. We have compiled twenty-five effective tips that can help make your fitness training passion a lucrative business.

Here are our top 25 tips for starting an online personal trainer business:

1. Stick to One Niche in the Beginning

When starting out, try to refrain from taking on too many responsibilities. Even though it is tempting to try to work with everyone that approaches you, attempting to do all things as a personal trainer will slow your progress in building your company.

Instead, become the go-to expert in a specific niche. This will assist you in narrowing your scope to a particular group of people.

Once you have selected your specialization, you can now promote yourself as the foremost authority in that field. When you become the top expert in a certain area, you will have more opportunities approaching you.

2. Become the Expert in Your Industry

If you are viewed as an expert in a particular physical fitness field, you will have more requests for services than you can handle.

Therefore, it is crucial to focus solely on one particular topic when you begin. If you specialize in a specific area, it increases the likelihood that you will gain recognition as an authority in that domain.

As an illustration, rather than aiming to be a specialist in weight reduction, focus on being a specialist in weight reduction for stay-at-home moms.

3. Develop Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

What separates you from other online personal trainers looking to build up their customer base is your Unique Selling Proposition.

As a beginner, it is advisable to take a bit of time to discover a particular approach that will make you stand out from the rest.

For instance, you could have a forceful character that is attractive to a particular group of people. You could become known as the top personal trainer for individuals who adhere to specific eating habits, like the ketogenic diet.

It is essential to recognize your talents and exploit them in your marketing strategy to create a distinctive advantage.

4. Build a Brand From Day One

Once you make the determination to commence your digital personal training enterprise, you should create an identity for it right away. Set aside an entire day to craft an approach for showcasing yourself in the personal trainer industry.

Constructing a recognizable persona that remains uniform across all your digital spaces is a great notion. This will enable you to gain credibility with potential customers and draw in the appropriate ones to you.

5. Stick to Two or Three Client Types

Your online fitness plans should be tailored to a maximum of three distinct types of customers within a single specialized area. To scale your business to six and seven figures, you must design tailored programs for specific customer types.

As an example, your trainer service just might cater to young men between 21 and 35 wanting to bulk up, females 21-35 attempting to slim down, and men 21-25 needing to shed some pounds.

6. Focus on Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Using social media is the ideal way for online personal trainer businesses to advertise themselves. Once you have worked out the image of your brand, it is important to post on social media regularly.

Do not overextend yourself when engaging in your social media marketing activities. Put all your energy into just a couple of platforms and ignore the others.

Two of the top choices for personal trainers, to begin with, are Facebook and Instagram.

7. Know Where to Find Your Clients

It is essential to identify your desired audience when attempting to build a prosperous virtual personal coaching business.

You need to determine which places your target group frequents and devote the majority of your advertising activities to those venues.

For example, if you are aiming for mature people who need to shed a few pounds, you may be able to achieve better results by spending more time in Facebook groups in contrast to posting on Instagram, which is focused towards a younger population.

8. Paid Advertising

If you possess the money, investing in paid advertising will speed up gaining momentum much more quickly than with free methods.

You can use Facebook ads to pick a particular group of people to target for your campaign. The quickest route to generating returns and establishing a dependable customer base is through this method.

9. Network In Various Industries

Remember that you could be dealing with clients from various different sectors. You may discover that your ideal clients could be sourced from an entirely unrelated sector, such as tech.

Making connections in different sectors will assist you in getting your new brand established before you have established any reputation in the fitness training industry.

10. Attend Events

Attaining notoriety in the health and fitness sector is an excellent way to draw potential customers to your organization. Investigate online for nearby mini conventions and make going to both minor and large health and fitness events part of your publicizing plans.

11. Connect with Other Online Personal Trainers

Thousands of people identical to you who have just begun their entrepreneurial paths are personal trainers on the internet.

Connecting with people on the same journey as you could help you use the customer base of one another.

It is not uncommon for people to direct their customers to personal trainers they have faith in if they don’t have the capacity to take on new clients any longer. Once trust has been established with individuals within the industry, see if they will provide you with references or suggest alternate resources.

Connecting with other virtual fitness trainers will provide you with the increased visibility needed to develop your reputation.

12. Offer Free Trials to Get Clients in the Door

People may be reluctant to utilize a fresh offering, especially when they are just starting out in the area.

A wonderful method to build faith in your service is to provide clients a complimentary test phase for a period of one to two weeks. The trial period should be used to demonstrate that your service will yield desirable results, which should convert them into long-term customers.

13. Offer a Discounted Trial Session for New Clients

This is an excellent approach to attracting clients. Once you have had a chance to work with them in a trial session, your goal is to make them feel enthused and at ease with you. Familiarize yourself with them and guide them through an exercise session. You could have a collection of standard workouts or activities as a starting point, but have room to tailor the routine to whatever would support a customer in achieving their fitness objectives.

14. Partner With Other Professionals in the Community

It can be beneficial for other medical professionals such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, registered nutritionists and other health care workers to work together in a community setting. They could suggest to their customers who are in need of a personal trainer that they contact you, and you can in turn refer them to your customer.

A physical therapist may suggest that a person who has finished a rehabilitation program and desires to return to a regular physical fitness regimen could be a good candidate for their client. A registered dietician would be able to collaborate with one of your customers on their feeding regimen, particularly if their primary focus is on slimming down or they have a persistent illness.

15. Attend Local Chamber of Commerce Events or Professional Networking Events

This is an excellent opportunity to become familiar with the people around you, promote yourself, and encounter other professionals who could be prospective collaborators, referrers, or result in a few customer leads. Networking gatherings are also the ideal spots to experiment with your brief introduction.

16. Develop Your Personal Brand

This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your specialized talents, understanding, capacities, or even character. Achieve uniformity with your calling cards, internet-based life pages, and webpages to help with showcasing.

17. Offer a Referral Promotion or Incentive to Current Clients

The most effective way to promote yourself as a personal trainer is through word-of-mouth. If you’ve already gotten a few customers, why not offer them a reward for bringing in more business? You can offer them discounted services for bringing along a friend, or you could even give out gift cards or free items.

18. Have a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a professional networking type of social media. This is an excellent opportunity to build professional connections and distribute pertinent information to your connections on LinkedIn. It is possible for you to display your work history, academic qualifications, recognised qualifications and other noteworthy accolades on your LinkedIn profile.

19. Use Instagram

Using social media is an excellent way to market yourself and the products/services you offer to possible customers. You can share videos containing guidance on exercises, examples of exercise schedules or educational materials. Making your posts more original and thrilling will help you generate more enthusiasm around your image and company.

If Instagram isn’t something you’re interested in, then you may want to try using Twitter or Facebook. Networking on social media is an excellent way to reach out to potential customers, as well as engaging with existing customers, without having to spend much time or money. Have a look at the video below for further advice on marketing yourself on social media.

20. Have a Business Webpage

People searching for a personal trainer often research online, in a comparable way to looking up a business Facebook page for information. Ensure that your résumé includes your qualifications, official documents, and experience, as well as your current contact info, rates, and scheduling. You may also include customer recommendations or successes stories (with their approval).

It is splendid if you can have a straightforward way for customers to ask for more details. It is essential that you reply to their inquiry within a day or two. If a prospective or existing customer has to wait too much time for an answer, they could look to another trainer who provides faster responses.

21. Start a Facebook Business Page

People are turning to social media, in particular Facebook, as a preferred source for locating professionals or businesses. Creating a Facebook business page does not cost anything and does not take an exorbitant amount of time. Interacting with existing or potential customers is an incredible opportunity, and you can use it to share information about upcoming events, advantageous offers, incentives, pictures or training suggestions.

It is essential that you promptly reply to any messages received from potential clients. It is recommended that you post routinely and examine any business critiques to confirm that they are genuine and give a response to any dilemmas that have been posted.

22. Be Warm and Friendly

Be affable to everybody, be cordial and show a warm welcome, and converse with other people. Clients should be given a warm and inviting atmosphere where they feel at ease.

First-time customers may be anxious or intimidated about starting a fitness program, particularly if they have not exercised in a while. They may be shy or embarrassed concerning their talents or their looks. Clients may perceive that you are passing judgement on them, so it is important to do away with these worries in order for them to feel relaxed with you.

If customers take pleasure in their experience with you and see improvement in their fitness and well-being, they will likely tell others about it; thereby leading to an increase in your customer base.

23. Get Business Cards

You can create business cards with the help of a personalized printer, acquire them from an internet-based printing business, or get a neighborhood printing service to design and make them for you. Make your business cards unique, yet professional. Have a few cards on your person all the time, post them to relevant social media sites or your website, and take them to any events you attend.

24. Offer a Free Class for the Community

You could provide a complimentary boot camp, circuit training, or group fitness class for the local area. Perhaps one option would be to provide “discount vouchers” for a discounted test period, or you could give away a small prize to those who show up.

25. Develop Your Elevator Speech

An elevator speech is an easy explanation to the query, “So what do you do?” This would be a brief one or two minutes talk (something you could present in the time you are with someone else inside an elevator). This would be a fantastic way to initiate dialogue with potential customers.


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