9 Marketing Tips for Personal Trainers and Health Coaches

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The US has more than 100,000 medical advisors and 200,000 individual fitness instructors.

Do you belong to either of these groups? Are you an entrepreneur of a health coaching or personal training enterprise?

As a business proprietor, you are aware that advertising is crucial if you desire to bring in fresh customers and maintain your business functioning (or your online presence active, if you are an online entrepreneur).

It can be hard to distinguish yourself from other businesses in your field. If you are uncertain about the steps to take to develop your fitness trainer or wellness advisor advertising plan, continue reading.

Explained below are tips from 9 incredible marketing experts. These beneficial teachings can aid personal trainers and health counselors in figuring out how to advance their services and extend their firms for the long haul.

How to Get Personal Training Clients

“What must be done so that I can have more people seeking my personal training services?” This is an important query that many freelance trainers ask themselves before beginning their own business.” The solution involves doing some research, creating a plan, and then carrying out a well-thought-out marketing strategy. It is an ongoing process, not something that can be achieved with one statement.

1. Define Your Target Audience

Marketing without having distinct objectives for the people you are trying to reach is akin to randomly throwing pasta at a wall and hoping something will cling to it. Even if you have a top-notch personal training plan and the best resources available, it is all pointless unless you are aware of the people you are trying to attract.

It’s critical to acknowledge that defining a target market doesn’t mean keeping out certain people from obtaining your services; it’s a system of diligently examining and concentrating your resources. It may be appealing to aim for everyone because you would like to support everyone! However, this may not be as beneficial as one may think when considering managing your business.

Figure out who your intended audience is to be able to look into their needs, preferences, struggles, and learn the ideal approach to contact them. You can then make material and ads that your target audience will connect with and distribute it in the proper places. Using this strategy, you can maximize the impact of your marketing and make use of your time more effectively by interacting with customers.

2. Establish an Online Presence

It’s 2020. It is essential for every business proprietor to have a web presence, even if they are managing their business out of a customary, physical building or place. Having an extensive digital presence can assist you in getting to more people, supplying more advantages to your current clients, and enduring in the long haul.

It is of great significance to pay close attention to your company’s reputation on the internet. It is inadequate to just own a website. Ensure that individuals are giving your business a positive review on the internet.

Jonas Sickler, the marketing director for ReputationManagement.com, suggests that establishing your brand’s reputation is one of the most effective marketing strategies.

Persuade your customers to provide feedback on Google or Yelp following their experience with you. Be certain that all of the content you post is helping to build your image on the web. You should demonstrate that you are a credible business owner by disseminating checked facts from other fitness specialists.

3. Use Calls to Action

It is necessary to include a call-to-action at the conclusion of any social media post, email, or blog post you craft. Provide your readers with a specific task they need to do once they’ve read your content in order to make it more likely they will take action.

You might suggest they join your email list so they can stay up-to-date on any fresh fitness challenges and health coaching chances. You could suggest that they purchase supplements from your selection or sign up for a complimentary coaching class. The possibilities are endless.

David Campbell, the marketing strategist at Right Inbox, suggests that you should include two requests for a response – one at the start of the material and one at the end. He recommends that business proprietors try out A/B testing with their prompts for action. This enables them to determine which layout is the most successful and attracts their intended consumers the most.

4. Be Their Guest

Darren Foong, the growth editor for ReferralCandy.com and Candybar.co, suggests that being a guest on related shows and platforms is a great way to grow professional connections and expand your outreach.

There are multiple methods of achieving this goal, such as participating as a visitor on a podcast or YouTube channel, or contributing a post to someone else’s blog.

As a visitor, you have the chance to mention your products and draw people in to what you can provide. By default, you are given an approval from the individual who is hosting you.

They’re demonstrating to their audience that they have faith in you and your strategies as a physical trainer or wellness advisor by having you on their program. Consequently, their viewers will be more likely to gain knowledge about you and potentially become a customer.

5. Educate Your Audience

People come across social media posts, emails, videos, and blog posts constantly throughout their day.

Jimmy Rodriguez, the Chief Operating Officer of 3dcart, has stated that if you’re looking for your advertising materials to be noticed by your target customers, try to educate them and create something that’s valuable for them. When people become familiar with you as a source of dependable and helpful data, they will be more likely to look to you in the future if they require help with personal training or health coaching.

A wonderful benefit of educational marketing material is that it has a lasting value. This piece of information is always pertinent, so you can continue to share it as often as you like.

6. Follow the 90/10 Rule

The 90/10 rule proposes that the majority of your marketing endeavors should be directed at methods that you know to work, and that interest your intended spectators. You can use the last 10% for testing out novel ideas.

Andrew Pickering and Pete Gartland, the creators of Andrew and Pete, are earnest about this technique. It makes sense, too. You will tire yourself out if you keep continually switching between activities.

This will lead to you having a variety of capabilities, but not reaching the highest level in any of them. Using a strategy that is not solid will not help to make your personal training or health coaching business successful on the internet.

7. Focus on Quality Over Quantity

Bas van den Beld, a specialist in marketing and public speaking, advises that business owners should prioritize the quality of their marketing and content production, rather than quantity.

It is essential to remain consistent and keep disseminating fresh information and advertisements consistently. Meanwhile, it is essential to ensure that you are providing meaningful and up-to-date material instead of simply creating content for the purpose of having activity.

If you are not putting out quality content, your audience will be aware and won’t pay attention when you put something good up.

8. Use Social Media to Connect

Ensure that you are taking advantage of social media to establish meaningful relationships with your followers. Julia Bramble, the social media strategist at BrambleBuzz, stresses the significance of interacting with those who follow your brand or comment on your posts in a way similar to how you would interact with friends rather than treating them solely like likely customers.

This enables you to form stronger connections and establish a confidence with your followers. Consequently, they will feel more inclined to cooperate with you in the future due to the fact that you made the effort to resolve their inquiries or gave an honest answer to their remark.

9. Audit and Refresh Your Content

Ian Cleary, tech marketer and consultant for RazorSocial, recommends that business owners make the most of their current content. He promotes periodic reviews of content to allow entrepreneurs to discard blog entries and other forms of content that are not effective and providing a benefit to their users.

It’s sensible to put out older content again that has been successful in the past. You can utilize it to connect with potential customers and make sure that your website remains up-to-date in regards to search engine protocols.

Additional Ways to Promote Your Fitness Business

Currently, any business that wants to do well must make use of digital marketing. Despite this, do not overlook nor miscalculate the potency of classic non-digital promotion. Advertising your individual practicing business in your hometown is an exceptional method to make faithfulness and bond with a cluster of probable dedicated, ongoing customers. Here are some examples of other marketing tactics outside of the digital:


Going to happenings in your locality is a proven way to forge links, form strong personal ties, and gain invaluable affiliations with people within your field. Seek out occasions related to health and physical fitness that allow you to attend, talk, or potentially establish a stand. Don’t restrict yourself to physical activities; the digital event sector is liable to keep growing in demand even after the COVID-19 outbreak is over.


The tried-and-true method of making business flyers is an effective and visually appealing way to promote your personal training services. It is simple to spread and offers a great chance to explain all the necessary facts prospective customers require to be aware of. Put the flyers in prominent places all over the area or ask companies that provide services related to health and wellness, like meal prep, spas, chiropractors, and gyms, to show them.

Sales & Promotions

Sales and promotions can be made much more effective when they are advertised online in addition to doing any offline marketing. Providing incentives such as a complimentary training appointment prior to registering, or discounts on services or a prize package, might appear to be financially draining; however, the rewards will be significantly worth it. When you put an expiration date on an offer, it increases the pressure on prospects to take action quickly instead of waiting (which we will look at further soon!).

Closing the Sale as a Personal Trainer

Once your marketing plan is working, and new leads are coming in, you must make sure that you have the capability to close a deal when someone expresses interest. If you’re unable to make successful sales, then you’re investing your efforts in a futile activity. Despite being the most knowledgeable trainer available, if you cannot persuade others to use your services, your fitness business won’t be successful.

Sadly, this is a common occurrence for fitness instructors: people contact you, you discuss their objectives and answer their queries, yet they decide not to commit and walk away. So, how can you break the pattern? Begin employing these strategies to help finish the transaction!

Tip #1: Keep the focus on the client.

If you’re too pushy and unfocused when selling, you’ll quickly destroy any chances of making a sale. A prospective customer should feel like you are invested in them, their objectives, and their narrative – not merely focused on obtaining their credit card information.

Keep your closing conversation focused on the clients. Examine all the matters they have talked to you about and how your services will be advantageous to them especially. By focusing on their desires and considerations, it feels like they are making their own decision instead of feeling forced into it.

Tip #2: Create a sense of urgency.

It was previously stated that a good approach to stimulating sales is to evoke a sense of immediacy in leads, thus encouraging them to utilize your services immediately. After the first chat or evaluation, many possible customers may opt to think it over before making their determination. This allows them to think more thoroughly and reduces the likelihood of them signing on with you.

Giving a singular or time-restricted sale or advertising, like a free additional event or a percentage reduction in a training package, will help cultivate a “there’s only so much time” vantage point. Potential customers will be more likely to make a purchase after their first encounter if they are concerned that they may miss out on an opportunity if they delay.

Tip #3: Ask questions.

This method of closing offers you a chance to tackle any worries or doubts a lead may have regarding buying something when you pose open-ended queries. The concept is to ask questions that provide them an opportunity to demonstrate where their thoughts are. Examples of queries might be: “What are you hoping to accomplish in terms of physical fitness?” or “Do you think the plans outlined will help you to reach your desired outcome?”

If people are interested in what you have to offer, then you should get the conversation aimed towards setting up a meeting. If the lead has doubts or worries about your enterprise, you should take this opportunity to answer them and to once again emphasize the answer you have.

By taking heed of the advice given above, you can become an effective personal trainer and better handle client relations if you wish to succeed in the sales of your services.


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