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Dr. Kellyann Bone Broth enjoys immense popularity in the USA. Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, an ND, created the Bone Broth Diet, which became a best-seller.

Is Dr. Kellyann’s bone broth superior to what is offered in the average food market? Does it contain any questionable ingredients? Do regular broth and “bone broth” vary in any way?

This article will explore every component of Dr. Kellyann Bone Broth with the aim of clarifying all queries.

What is Dr. Kellyann Bone Broth?

If you have not heard of Dr. Kellyann Bone Broth, you may recognize her from her books and TV and radio spots. The bone broth is part of Dr Kellyann’s diet. She asserts that she has aided thousands of individuals with their weight management goals, skin health, as well as energy levels by combining bone broth in their diet and intermittent fasting. Our researchers examined if there is any proof to substantiate these statements to give you more reliable reviews.

  • Korean Journal for Food Science of Animal Resources – Bone broth has gained popularity as a supplement due to being a potential collagen-rich food source. Wrinkled skin displays the aging process or exposure to the elements, and collagen intake might help improve these visible conditions.

An experiment showed that peptides coming from bone increased cell vitality by 60% when exposed to UVB radiation. The study found that these peptides may be useful as a way to reduce wrinkles.

  • Frontiers in Nutrition – Joint health plays a significant role in our overall health. The bone broth by Dr. Kellyann is supposed to act as a source of collagen, which happens to be a component in maintaining functioning ligaments and tendons.

An investigation documented in a 2019 paper probed the variation in amino acid levels after individuals consumed different kinds of collagen and dairy proteins. An increase in the overall intake of amino acids responsible for the formation of collagen (specifically glycine and leucine) was observed.

  • Canadian Family Physician – Intermittent fasting is a form of time-restricted eating used by many to lose weight or help manage their current weight. Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth diet programs use bone broth to replace snacks and meals during intermittent fasting to promote weight loss.

A comprehensive review of 27 experiments was conducted to search for evidence in favor of using intermittent fasting as a cure for obesity. The article asserted that intermittent fasting might be a helpful treatment option for obesity, even though the trials it cited were sparse and of limited length.

Bone Broth Flavors

Customers generally give positive reviews about the different flavors of Dr. Kellyann Bone Broth. The taste you get will depend on which kind of bone broth packets you choose.

Only beef and chicken are available when making bone broth, including the AIP Auto-Immune Protocol chicken-flavored Bone Broth according to Dr. Kellyann’s recipe.

You have the option of buying Bone Broth Protein packs in either cocoa or vanilla tastes. Those flavors are choices when you buy the Cleanse & Reset kits that cover one, three, or five days. The reset kits have other sachets, with varieties such as lemon and super berry.

There is an extensive range of flavors accessible in Dr. Kellyann’s Powdered Bone Broth items. This selection has French Onion, Homestyle, and Chicken flavors for digestive aid.

Is “Bone Broth” Different From Regular Broth?

People often don’t understand what “bone broth” is because it’s a relatively new concept. This phrase describes the liquid that is produced when animal bones are boiled. This broth is not distinct from any other that has an animal in its title.

Therefore, “chicken bone broth” and “chicken broth” are indistinguishable. We think of the phrase “bone broth” as just a more exact way to sell the item.

Ingredient Review

The liquid versions of Dr. Kellyann Bone Broth solely include whole foods ingredients, and these would be advisable to use due to their efficacy rather than cost.

All of the bone broths are taken from animals that were moving around on pasture land, such as grass-fed and finished beef, which has more nutrients than animal products from standard sources. A study published in the Food Science of Animal Resources journal revealed that grass-fed meat contains a higher ratio of omega-3 fatty acids and a lower amount of saturated fats compared to grain-fed meat.

The bone broths are given an extra special taste with the addition of spices and other herbs such as onion, ginger, and thyme.

We suggest consuming the liquid form of these bone broths but not the powdered or protein alternatives, as they include artificial flavors. This phrase is too vague to indicate what different flavoring ingredients are used and does not rule out the possibility of them being bad for your health. A medical review in 2009 showed that solvents and preservatives might be included in the composition of “natural flavors.” As this ingredient carries no benefit in terms of nutrition and can be linked to potential health risks, it is advisable to stay away from it.

What are the Dr. Kellyann Bone Broth Claims?

The producer claims that Dr. Kellyann Bone Broth’s supplies can be utilized as either a snack or to substitute a regular meal. It is asserted that drinking bone broth can aid with weight loss, revive glowing skin, and supply the body with nutrients. This serves as a supply of collagen that is said to offer advantages and encourage the body’s output of collagen.

Dr Kellyann Bone Broth Nutrition Facts

Dr Kellyann’s bone broth has variations in the nutritional content based on the base and whether the source of the broth is beef or chicken. There are three portions of Dr Kellyann Bone Broth contained in each liquid receptacle or individual pouches of the powdered version. Nutritional information includes:

  • Serving Size – One Cup
  • Calories: 50 (liquid) 70 (powder)
  • Total Fats: 0 g (powder) 1.5 g (liquid chicken flavor)
  • Cholesterol: 0 g
  • Sodium: 125 mg (liquid chicken flavor) – 225 mg (powder)
  • Total Carbohydrate: 1 g
  • Protein: 10 g (liquid) 16 g (powder)

What are the Benefits?

For certain people, choosing organic food has become an emblem of a healthy lifestyle, meaning that the food does not have any artificial additives and is free of modified genes. Does eating Dr Kellyann’s organic bone broth provide any health benefits? A study in the Annual Review of Public Health suggests that organic foods have less chemical pesticides on them, though it is unclear whether the decreased exposure brings any health benefits.

The recipe for bone broth includes Apple Cider Vinegar, a homeopathic remedy that has been taken for its medicinal advantages for a long time. In 2019, ResearchGate released an article exploring whether or not apple cider vinegar could be a viable choice for weight loss. After looking at the existing information, the examination suggested that ACV could potentially reduce body size in individuals who are dealing with Type 2 Diabetes.

Ginger is another substance employed by people in pursuit of slimming down that can be incorporated into bone broth. A double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study was posted in the Journal of Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders with proof that taking ginger supplements had notable impacts on body weight and the size of the waist.

The recipe for bone broth powder varies, with some having the extra component of hydrolyzed collagen mixed in. The Journal of Medical Nutrition & Nutraceuticals conducted an experiment that was double-blind, randomized, and placebo-controlled in order to investigate whether ingesting oral supplementation would make a difference in the characteristics of the skin. The depth of wrinkles was enhanced when hydrolyzed collagen was consumed as one of the ingredients.

Individuals who are overweight or obese may have a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) that requires them to drop their weight in order to reduce fat buildup in their liver. The American College of Nutrition’s Journal revealed that consuming turmeric in the form of powder offered in Dr Kellyann’s Bone Broth diet can help counter NAFLD-related issues.

Dr Kellyann encourages the consumption of its bone broth as a way to aid in shedding pounds, and the minimal-calorie portions may help in this regard. In order to shed pounds, Nutrition states that you must consume fewer calories than your body needs. Dr. Kellyann suggests substituting bone broth for snacks or meals with its low-calorie content.

Dr Kellyann endorses the combination of intermittent fasting and bone broth as part of her routine. In an additional article, Nutrients suggests that fasting periodically is just as effective as regularly reducing calorie consumption when it comes to getting desired outcomes.

Pros and Cons


  • Available in liquid, powder, and protein powder.
  • Multiple flavors to choose from.
  • Provides eight or more grams of protein per serving.
  • Dr Kellyann offers several diet programs using the products.


Long-term use could become cost-prohibitive.

Some products are more challenging to store.

Is A Bone Broth Diet Unsafe?

Dr. Kellyann not only provides bone broth products but also encourages a dietary plan that involves mainly consuming bone broth for three weeks.

Bone broth may have beneficial nutrients; however, consuming it can be hazardous due to the fact that it may include large amounts of toxic elements like lead. The amount of lead in bones is significantly higher than in muscle or other tissues, and a scientific experiment observed that bone soup had “considerably high lead amounts.”

Many foods contain contaminants, for instance, mercury, present in seafood, even though they are still generally thought of as being nutritious. We’re not suggesting bone broth is unhealthy overall. We reckon the advantages are more significant than the disadvantages when thinking about taking it on a regular basis. Despite the lead contamination, it would make sense to avoid drinking bone broth daily for three weeks unless the company has made public information regarding its lead levels (which Doctor Kellyann has not).

Under no circumstances should one begin a “bone broth diet” without first consulting a medical professional.

Questionable Health Claims

We do not concur with the health claims on Dr. Kellyann’s website, as they have not been backed up with evidence and seem implausible.

The website boasts that you are able to shed as much as 15 pounds in a mere 21 days with their bone broth diet. No scientific evidence exists to substantiate this claim.

It is possible for someone to reduce their weight by taking in fewer calories and eating only one certain food, yet there is still no evidence-based scientific research to suggest that drinking bone broth can be particularly beneficial for someone who wants to shed pounds. If someone ate only carrots for seven days, they would probably shed some pounds, but it would be unwise to state that carrots are responsible for weight reduction. Eating at a caloric deficit causes weight loss.

Dr. Kellyann has a claim that her diet can assist with the “purging of sugar, grains, and other substances not considered toxic.” Sugar and grains are not considered toxins. They are food products. Substances created by plants or animals which can be hazardous or poisonous to human beings, like cholera bacteria, are referred to as toxins.

Something unhealthy does not make it a toxin.

Our Bone Broth Recommendation

We suggest products and services that have been examined through clinical studies and are supported by their research. We are given a reward when readers buy the things we suggest or use the services we suggest. We recommend EPIC Bone Broth for several reasons. There are no suspicious ingredients, such as natural flavors, included in it. It’s sourced from pastured animals. We opt to package our bone broth in glass containers as this is believed to be a much more healthful choice than plastic when it comes to something acidic.

Studies in medicine have established that toxic chemicals like BPA can be released from food containers into the food itself, and the acidity of the food further increases these levels. We would never suggest drinking bone broth (or other acidic foods such as salsa) when the container is a plastic one. It is highly suggested that we try to reduce our plastic consumption whenever feasible. However, this is particularly crucial when dealing with acidic products.

EPIC Bone Broth costs $41.94 for a set of 6 containers, which comes to an average of $6.99 per carton. Kellyann’s Beef Bone Broth can be had for a total price of $129 for 6 packages, with each one of them being valued at $21.50.

Dr. Kellyann Lawsuit

In 2020, the Environmental Research Center, a non-profit agency located in California, launched a legal case against Dr. Kellyann. A legal case was brought that claimed that certain items from Dr. Kellyann, including their bone broth, had a sufficient amount of lead that mandated a notice from Proposition 65.

Dr. Kellyann appeared to settle the suit. It is unclear what levels of lead led to the filing of this suit, but it increases our apprehensions about eating a “bone broth” diet. We are alarmed that the consumption of such a diet, even if just for 21 days, could potentially expose individuals to hazardous amounts of lead.


It is suggested from a health standpoint that everyone should drink the fluid versions of Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth. The bones of animals that feed on grass are used to make these, as well as herbs and spices, with no dubious components added. It is not suggested to use Dr. Kellyann Bone Broth supplements that are in powder or protein form and contain extra flavorings.

Although bone broth is packed with health benefits and nutrition, we don’t advocate the “bone broth diet” since it may have an excessive level of lead. It appears reasonable to restrict the intake of bone broth to a few times each week.

Dr. Kellyann’s website proposes some highly dubious wellness assertions, such as terming grains as poisonous substances. We urge the brand to remove or update these.

We suggest using EPIC Bone Broth because it is packaged with glass, clear of any suspicious additives, and reasonably priced per package.


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