Ghost Greens Review – Is Ghost Greens Healthy?

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Ghost Greens is a health product that is composed of a mixture of different fruits and veggies in the form of a powder beverage. This product features some one-of-a-kind components, like a Probiotic with 10 billion CFU, an Antioxidant blend known as Spectra, and a Prebiotic Fiber called Inulin. It’s gluten-free, soy friendly, and vegan.

But is it healthy? Let’s gaze into the organization, consumer comments, components, and peer-evaluated information to get the details for each portion of Ghost Greens.

Ghost Greens can be purchased through their Official Site.

What is Ghost Greens?

When analyzing Ghost Greens and Athletic Greens, this supplement does not contain as many minerals and vitamins; however, the ingredients it does have are noteworthy. How can that benefit you?

In 2013, one study examined the ways that fiber and prebiotics affect health and the potential advantages associated with them. It states that they can be beneficial for cardiovascular, digestive, and immune system health. Ghost Greens offers 2000 mg of Inulin, a prebiotic fiber, per portion.

An article in 2017 in the journal American Family Physician reviewed the available evidence on the use of probiotics in treating various gastrointestinal illnesses. The Cochrane review indicated that taking five billion CFU or more is effective. Ghost Greens contains 10 billion CFU.

Goji berry is one of the fruits used in the Antioxidants Reds mix. Examining produce in 2022 reveals that products enhanced by Goji berries have developed healthier nutritional and beneficial health-related qualities.

Are Ghost® Making Greens Cool?

When Ghost® releases something new, the world stands still for a brief period. This was no exception when they dropped Ghost® Greens. This is the first health-related product that this company has put out since they have become available, so it can be expected that they will make it special. The real question is, how special?

Who is Behind Ghost Greens?

Ghost Lifestyle, or more commonly referred to as Ghost LLC, started its business in 2016. Its founders are Ryan Hughes and Daniel Lourenco. The main office of the business is located in Chicago, Illinois, and they have a second base of operations in Henderson, Nevada.

Ryan and Daniel were aiming to launch a company with a solid online presence and an attitude of inclusivity. The company philosophy of Be Seen reflects this way of thinking. Ghost describes itself as the pioneering lifestyle athletics nutrition business, urging individuals to reevaluate the usual limits of sports supplementation.

In 2020, Ghost LLC joined forces with the widely known Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev), an international beverage producer, to magnify the variety of distribution for their products.

Ghost Greens Claims

Ghost claims your mom would be proud. The maker and Ghost Greens look over entries from certified buys to assert that their superfood mix energizes cancer prevention agent action, builds nitric oxide levels, and diminishes the creation of free radicals.

Ghost Greens Ingredients

This product is somewhat complex to analyze. It is not possible to provide exact dosages for greens ingredients, and most of the time, proprietary blends are used to mask how much of each component has been included.

To start off, let’s discuss that last point about mixtures created by a single company. Ghost® is straight up – they don’t camouflage what’s on their label. Check out the nutritional panel because Ghost® has taken the time to confirm the size of the serving of all of the ingredients in this product. This is something extraordinary for a Greens supplement, absolutely out of the ordinary.

Each type of Ghost Greens (Guava Berry, Lime, or Original) has similar nutritional contents. The Ghost Greens ingredients list includes the proprietary blends:

  • Super Greens 4340 mg
  • Antioxidant Reds 2200 mg
  • Spectra Total ORAC Blend 100 mg
  • Inulin (Probiotic from Chickory Root) 2000 mg
  • Ghost Probiotic 115 mg
  • BioCore Optimum Complete 110 mg

The Formulation:

Let’s just get this out there straight away. Wow, what a formula. This isn’t merely a source of greens; it’s an amazing mix of nutritional sources that promote both your overall wellbeing and gut health. Essentially, when you think about it, that’s what you get.

You possess a formula for greens that is more than adequate, and you can additionally obtain a formula for reds that is also greater than satisfactory (with these two items provided for). The Spectra® brand has been added to top off the combination, providing not only the ideal amount but also scientific confirmation to the mix.

Then go on to the “digestive health” aspect of this item. The interim between prebiotic fiber, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. You can purchase 3 different items without having to spend a lot of money and also not having to worry about what else you are consuming. Instead, Ghost® has created a complete digestive wellness and gastrointestinal aid recipe that we have viewed… inside their ‘greens’ product.

We don’t have much to add regarding this statement… nonetheless, let’s go through our customary process and observe the outcome.

How Is the Dosing of the Ingredients?

There is no medical specification for the constituents of this product. However, we compared it to other similar items on the market. It is clear that the size of the mixtures they have used is far greater than those used by all other entities. Despite the fact that they have completely revealed everything! Way to make everyone else look bad, Ghost®… again!

Is there anything missing?

It is a simplistic way of describing this item, “Greens”; it certainly doesn’t do it justice. The product’s label mentions the term ‘Superfood’ more subtly, however, this should be a more prominent part of the advertising instead. This formula contains all the nutrients you would expect from a Greens and Superfood supplement.

Would we want to see anything else in there?

It can be difficult to know what would work in a formula without testing, as it is so easy to come up with ideas of components to add. These are some proposals of combinations that some other products use that we really appreciate the concept of and would like to be completely open about. Using mushrooms for their special characteristics, creating combinations to stabilize blood sugar, and possibly extending the product to include certain vitamins and minerals to transform it into a source of complete nourishment on a daily basis.

However, we noted that the extra elements have the possibility to disrupt the combination that is the current equation. That is to say, many of those propositions can be interpreted in more than one way. Sometimes they agree with someone, and sometimes they don’t. Ghost® has crafted a product that caters to EVERYONE.

Taste & Consumability:

Taste. How does it taste? To be honest, I’m sure that most of you haven’t read what I wrote before; you’re just here to figure out what this tastes like! And so you should! It’s Ghost® Greens! If anyone has the ability to season a green item precisely, Ghost® will be the one to do it!

So… it tastes GOOD! Ghost Greens can be purchased in two tastes – the Original form and the Lime variety. Let’s be clear about it, both varieties of flavor are really good! The lime is an excellent selection to cover up the regular bitter flavors you get from a greens beverage and it still has the same health benefits a greens drink would offer.

Ghost® Greens stand out from the rest due to their soft feel, evenness, and freedom from sandiness! It’s really questionable whether the formula is legit, considering there’s a lack of determination. (Not meant to be taken seriously, but you understand the meaning). Stir it in a cup, and it’s ideal, making very little mess on the edges of the glass. You don’t need to give the glass a second rinse to get the amount of grit you should have. It tastes just like an amino acid supplement which is incredible!

Does Ghost Greens Work?

The Ghost Greens company has come up with a unique blend of antioxidants that includes Acai Juice powder. Molecules studied the in vitro data of this plant extract from the Amazon in 2021. The evidence suggests that freeze-dried acai fruit powder contains substances that suppress the growth of blood vessels and compounds that combat oxidative damage.

Another ingredient in this wellness blend is Kale Powder. The Journal of Hypertension and Cardiology reports that consuming this powder may be able to lower blood pressure, reduce sugar levels, and slim down abdominal circumference in those that could be suffering from metabolic disorders influencing their overall health.

Ghost Greens includes Green Tea Extract in their unique Spectra combination. In 2017, drink producers began to highlight the health benefits connected to this ingredient. The authors analyzed studies that indicated various advantages of antimicrobial, cardiac, and oral health.

The Ghost Greens dietary supplement utilizes a unique combination known as BioCore that includes several digestive enzymes to enhance nutrient uptake. In 2013, an extensive analysis of the workings of the digestive system was published in Comprehensive Physiology. It stated that digestive enzymes and nutrient carriers interact with the food amount and food components that animals intake.

Does Ghost Greens provide any health benefits by advertising as being gluten-free? Research conducted by the British Journal of Nutrition has concluded that people who do not have a gluten-sensitive condition will not experience any health benefits from taking gluten-free items.

Ghost Greens and Weight Loss

Could Ghost Greens help with weight loss? In 2015, the journal Nutrition & Metabolism conducted an analysis to examine if Inulin had any effect on weight loss among a sample population. The result is that Inulin encourages weight loss and decreases the amount of fat stored in cells.

According to Food Science & Nutrition in 2021, taking a supplement of Inulin-type fructan may help reduce symptoms of obesity. The existing research implies the impacts are more reliable in those dealing with metabolic medical conditions than in healthy volunteers.

Actual Effects

We don’t badmouth about the consequences. This is a product that is green, as you are aware. It is an indisputable fact that consuming a portion of Ghost Greens will not make you healthier. We cannot deny that taking a greens supplement like Ghost® Greens will lead to an improvement in one’s overall health and a greater feeling of wellbeing. Having a consistent intake of greens products can help to maintain a healthier physical state and increase vitality.

We can speak to the impact that Ghost® Greens had on our digestion. The outcome was quite positive due to the significant impact. We felt bloated and gassy after eating, happening day in and day out for a period of weeks or even months. It only took about a week of using Ghost® Greens for the bloating to subside and all the gas to diminish substantially. A surprising and very impressive result!

Potential Ghost Greens Side Effects

This product is specifically designed for people 18 or older who are in good health. It is possible to have allergic reactions to some of the ingredients in Ghost Greens, such as stomachaches, bowel problems, and reactions to certain medicines.

Consult your physician before incorporating any supplement into your food regimen.

How To Take Ghost Greens: Directions

Combine one measure or portion of Ghost Greens powder with eight to ten ounces of liquid, such as water or another drink. The liquid amounts can be adjusted to taste. The instructions on the packaging suggest that it should be used daily, yet the manufacturer does not specify an upper limit for the quantity to be consumed on a single day.

Cost and Where to Buy

Each canister contains 30 servings. Flavors include Ghost Greens, Guava Berry, Lime, or Original. The Ghost Greens superfood formula is available at three major outlets, including:

  • Ghost Lifestyle (online) – $44.99 or 13000 Ghost Loyalty Program points per canister.
  • Amazon Marketplace (online) – $44.99 per canister (free delivery and a 5% discount with a subscription/10% when getting five or more products in one auto-delivery).
  • GNC (online/in-store) – $44.99 per canister (10% discount with auto-delivery and free shipping, or 10% off with an in-store pickup order online).

Pros and Cons


  • There are potential Ghost Greens benefits associated with some of the ingredients.
  • Each serving (scoop) provides several fruit/vegetable sources in one drink.
  • Six grams of carbohydrates is reasonably low for the number of antioxidants and polyphenols you get.


  • We’d like to see Ghost’s famous transparent labeling on display through the website that lacks data.
  • You will pay a lot for Ghost Greens benefits you’d get through cheaper whole foods.
  • The three flavors seem to be hit or miss with verified customers.

Bottom Line on Ghost Greens Results

Reviews from customers and social media posts on sites such as Reddit are highly positive, praising this product’s constituents and taste. This product is less expensive than Ghost Greens, Athletic Greens, and other well-known items when put side by side. It also has an impressive list of ingredients. It is still more cost-effective to get your nutrients from natural foods.


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