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Irwin Naturals offers a variety of CBD supplements, including CBD oils and CBD-based products designed to support weight loss. An author and physicist launched the business, promoting items they say will help enhance your health.

Our investigation explored the business, consumer reactions, components, the sixty-day satisfaction assurance, and examinations to ascertain if the claims were plausible. Let us read what they discovered.

You can get Irwin Naturals CBD by going to their Official Website.

What is Irwin Naturals CBD?

Irwin Naturals CBD formulates their products using hemp that is derived from plants and CBD that originates as it is found in nature. Can supplementation with these be beneficial?

  • Mayo Clinic Proceedings – One review highlights that the 2014 Agricultural Act distinguishes hemp from marijuana. The broad-spectrum hemp used here meets the 0.3% or less THC limit. Only Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota do not have CBD access laws.
  • The Neighborhood Academy – Cannabidiol (CBD) continues to grow in popularity as an alternative treatment for various ailments. One review noted that trials have shown that CBD has the potential for treating several mental and physical health issues.
  • Biomolecules – Many people take plant-derived CBD to improve their mental state. A 2019 review of animal and human studies concluded that clinical trials support the efficacy of CBD for some mental health issues.

Who Makes Irwin Naturals CBD?

Klee Irwin founded Irwin Naturals in 1994. Mr. Irwin is an author, physicist and the head of Irwin Naturals. His goal is to use plant medicines to cure the planet.

Therefore, Irwin Naturals is striving to create a higher benchmark for the vitamin realm. Based in Los Angeles, the company has seen tremendous expansion ranging from its original few customers to now reaching millions through its broad variety of products, i.e. from CBD Balm to CBD Weight Management.

What Irwin Naturals CBD Claims Did We Find?

Irwin Naturals asserts that their supplements are the greatest on the market and are designed to help with a variety of well-being issues. It is claimed that Irwin CBD products, which number over 100, can help with various issues such as boosting brain power, improving mood, aiding sleep, enhancing sexual activity, enhancing athletic performance, and raising overall health.

What are the Irwin Naturals CBD Ingredients?

Irwin Naturals provides a complete array of CBD items comprising primarily plant-sourced, full-spectrum hemp extract, and naturally occurring CBD. Some common ingredients among product mediums include:

  • Balms – Aloe
  • Cream – Beeswax
  • Gels – Witch Hazel
  • Soft Gels – Bioperine Complex
  • Oils – Flavored items use Safflower Oil

Does Irwin Naturals CBD Work? Benefits

What do people use CBD to treat? A 2018 research project conducted by Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research revealed that the most frequent complaints that they encountered were stress, depression, and physical pain. Many respondents felt CBD treated their symptoms very well.

Irwin Naturals CBD balm includes the popular component Aloe Vera. The Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology found that aloe vera gel had the most potential to improve transdermal delivery across humans’ skin.

Irwin Naturals use beeswax as a component in their creams. The Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences investigated the use of skin cream as a method of topical distribution. Beeswax serves as a humectant, helping to prevent the evaporation of cream.

Gels made by CBD Irwin Naturals have Witch Hazel as one of the ingredients, which was noted in the Annals of Tropical Medicine and Public Health to have advantageous effects. This encompasses its reduction of inflammation and concomitant antibacterial benefits when utilized on skin that has been scraped or bumped.

This product is comprised of a Bioperine Complex, which has piperine as its active component. The European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry states that piperine displays a diversity of beneficial effects, yet its limited bioavailability restricts its full beneficial potential.

What About Irwin Naturals CBD and Weight Loss?

Are Irwin Naturals CBD weight loss formulas functional? Perhaps. Studies from Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry indicate that cannabidiol (like that included in Irwin Naturals CBD weight management products) may be effective in facilitating the transformation of white fat cells into “brown fat”, as well as in boosting lipids metabolic activity.

Are There Potential Irwin Naturals CBD Side Effects?

Many individuals express concern that utilizing CBD items produced from broad-spectrum hemp will trigger a “high” or any other unwelcome outcomes.

Marijuana is a variety of cannabis with a higher concentration of THC than 0.3%, whereas hemp is a type of cannabis that contains less than 0.3% of THC. Hemp as it is officially recognized has not been manufactured in a way that would make it capable of producing a “high,” as the quantity of THC is not significant enough. Products from Irwin Naturals that come from hemp plants are a testament to this.

A review of clinical data illustrates that CBD has a positive safety record amongst humans, which is supported by additional research findings.

Full-spectrum hemp CBD is usually well-received, but in rare cases, it may invoke certain reactions such as dry mouth, diarrhea, drowsiness, reduced energy, and an alteration in appetite. It can also have an effect on the drugs that you are consuming. Those who suffer from food allergies should look at labels for potential problems.

How to Take Irwin Naturals CBD: Directions

Follow the suggested portion size and do not go over the producer’s maximum daily amount. Irwin Naturals products such as balms, creams and gels are to be put on the affected area. Swallow Irwin Naturals CBD oil by placing it on your tongue or stir it into your beverage. Drink a glass of water while consuming Irwin Naturals soft gels.

Where to Buy Irwin Naturals CBD and the Cost

Different doses, ways of presentation, and sizes of Irwin Naturals CBD oils have an effect on their cost. Certain stores that provide Irwin Naturals health supplements do not stock CBD items. Ranges at outlets that do carry the Irwin Naturals CBD include:

  • Irwin Naturals Inc. (online)
  • Balm – $34.99 to $54.99
  • Cream/Gels – $54.99
  • Oils – $19.99 to $79.99
  • Soft Gels – $22.99 to $79.99

Swanson Health Products (online)

  • Balm – $24.99 to $49.99
  • Cream/Gels – $49.99
  • Oils – $14.99 to $59.99
  • Soft Gels – $19.99 to $74.99

Vitamin Shoppe (online/in-store)

  • Balm – $31.99 to $66.99
  • Creams/Gels – No prices listed
  • Oils – $45.99
  • Soft Gels – $22.99 to $76.98


  • Wide variety of full-spectrum CBD products.
  • Comprehensive third-party testing.
  • Multiple potencies and flavors.
  • Very low CBD prices ($0.02–0.14 per mg).
  • 60-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.


  • Can’t view third-party test results until receiving the product.
  • Name of third-party lab not listed and lacks detailed test info.
  • Lacks THC-free products.
  • Little info about the manufacturing process.
  • Website lacks customer product reviews.

Irwin Naturals CBD Products Lineup

Irwin Naturals offers an array of items, such as CBD oil, ointments, tablets, skincare goods, and food and beverages with CBD.

There’s a lot to like about Irwin Naturals’ products:

  1. According to the company, all of its CBD offerings are made with full-spectrum CBD . This means they contain not only CBD but other cannabinoids (including <0.3% THC), terpenes, flavonoids, and other beneficial compounds. This makes them more effective than products made with pure CBD (CBD isolate) because of the entourage effect.
  2. The products are available in multiple potencies. This makes it easier to find the right CBD strength to match your dosage preferences.
  3. There are multiple flavor options for Irwin Naturals’ CBD oil. People who like a raw product can go with the unflavored option, while those who find the taste of hemp extract too strong can go with a flavored version.
  4. Some of the lowest prices in the CBD industry (cost per milligram of CBD).
  5. The fact that Irwin Naturals is an experienced supplement company allows it to offer some unique formulations, such as combining CBD with other popular supplement ingredients.

Here’s a detailed look at Irwin Naturals’ CBD products.

Irwin Naturals CBD Oil

Irwin Naturals specializes in a full-spectrum CBD oil, which is the same as that of most other CBD firms. These liquids are available in 30 ml containers with three dosages: 250 mg, 1000 mg, and 2000 mg.

This amounts to three possible strengths of CBD, ranging from low to high: 8.3 mg, 33 mg, and 66.7 mg each per milligram. Hemp seed oil and safflower oil are used to combine with the CBD.

These tinctures come in multiple flavors. Irwin Naturals offers 250 milligrams of CBD oil in five different tastes: no flavor, lemon, peppermint, mint chocolate, and tangerine.

Meanwhile, the company offers 1000 mg tinctures either in peppermint flavour or plain, whilst the stronger option of 2000 mg is only available in a plain flavour.

We also discovered a separate examination conducted by an external party of Irwin Naturals’ 250 mg CBD oil.

The Certificate of Analysis showed that the tincture had 317.4 mg of CBD instead of the advertised 250 mg, indicating that Irwin Naturals’ products might not be the most precise available.

Irwin Naturals CBD Capsules

Those who prefer convenience may find Irwin Naturals’ full-spectrum CBD softgels an ideal choice, offering four different potency levels of 10 mg, 15 mg, 30 mg, and 50 mg each. They’re sold in bottles of 60 softgels.

Each softgel has CBD blended with MCT and flaxseed oil, with the addition of Bioperine, which is an extract from black pepper commonly used to improve the uptake of dietary supplements.

Irwin Naturals CBD Vitamins & Supplements

These softgels incorporate CBD as well as the usual nutrition from Irwin Naturals that has been sold over a long period of time – like vitamins, minerals, and plants like turmeric, ginkgo, milk thistle, and ashwagandha.

The +Power to Sleep softgel combines CBD with melatonin and L-theanine, two natural components that may assist with sleep issues. It is intended for a particular use.

Irwin Naturals has a singularly intriguing CBD product that stands out from similar offerings from other companies.

Irwin Naturals CBD Topicals

Irwin Naturals provides items of topical application, such as full spectrum CBD ointments, lotions, roll-ons, and gels. They come in a variety of levels of concentration and formulas which contain many elements found in nature like beeswax, elderberry, and aloe vera.

The balms contain doses of CBD totaling 250, 500, or 1000 milligrams. There are four types of them available: the common one, along with lemongrass, and arnica and menthol which are both natural substances used to alleviate localized pain.

In the meantime, the CBD gel and cream supply 1000 mg of CBD, blended with arnica or menthol.

Two varieties of the roll-on are available, an arnica and menthol blend which both contain 750 milligrams of CBD.

Irwin Naturals FloChi CBD

FloChi CBD is a range of food and drink items infused with cannabidiol, such as tea, coffee, chocolate, and peanut butter. These items come with anywhere from 10 mg to 250 mg of complete CBD.

An external examination proved that FloChi’s jasmine mint oolong tea contained nearly 34 mg of CBD, which almost matched the stated quantity of 30 mg.

It appears that FloChi items are quite spot on, which is significant for CBDs in edibles and beverages as they frequently have more or less CBD than they are supposed to. If you are seeking consumable products with precise CBD dosages, FloChi could be a reasonable solution.

The third-party test indicated that there was only one other cannabinoid apart from CBD. Inferior results are expected when using full-spectrum CBD products due to the multiple cannabinoids present.

Irwin Naturals HydroCanna

HydroCanna is Irwin Naturals’ CBD skincare & cosmetics brand. This company offers CBD-enhanced skincare items like face washes, ointments, and hydrators.

These items have unified cannabidiol with a diversity of skincare constituents, including aloe vera, lavender oil, goji berry extract, and xantham gum.

Irwin Naturals Love My Pet

Irwin Naturals has recently brought out Love My Pet, a range of CBD items made for animals. There is CBD oil and dog biscuits made especially for canines, as well as a formula for felines.

The most recent product released by Irwin Naturals is Love My Pet, which consists of a series of CBD items designed for animals. This encompasses CBD oil and snacks specifically produced for canines as well as an CBD oil suitable for cats.

Third-Party Test Results

Irwin Naturals affirms that every one of its products contain full-spectrum hemp extract, which should include CBD, THC (less than 0.3%), as well as minor cannabinoids.

We managed to locate a certificate issued by an external source that seems to affirm these assertions; it demonstrates the existence of CBD, THC, and several small cannabinoids. Sadly, the concentrations of cannabinoids which are not CBD are pretty minimal.

This suggests that the broad-scale CBD formulation employed by Irwin Naturals’ items is not as effective as it is capable of being.

What’s the Bottom Line on Irwin Naturals CBD?

By using Irwin Naturals CBD products as instructed, it may be possible to enhance one’s wellbeing. People like the wide variety of available formulas. Some products are pricey, though. Speak with your medical professionals before beginning usage of any CBD products.

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