Kachava Review – Is Kachava Really a Good Supplement?

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Kachava provides a range of nourishing components such as greens, protein, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and more, in an effort to support people to be energized and successful throughout the day. Each portion has over 70 plant-based superfoods and nutritional components that they state can nurture both the mind and body.

Our team further examined the formula of this superfood drink to decide whether it could genuinely aid users in enhancing their wellness. We also delved into analyzing the flavor, researching the components, and evaluating the potential health gains from the combination. In order to ascertain the final result concerning Kachava, make sure to continue reading until the end of the text.

What Is Kachava?

Kachava, or Ka’Chava, is a plant-based, all-in-one superfood meal. Kachava Whole Body Meal formula comes in four distinct flavors: chocolate, vanilla, chai and coconut acai. The manufacturer asserts that this product provides the essential nourishment required for optimal brain and body performance in a single, convenient food item.

The maker claims that Kachava gives people an energy source derived from combining organic superfoods and plant proteins. Kachava meal replacement provides nutrients to bolster one’s resistance, processing of food, outward look, vitality, control of weight, strength of muscles, and psychological well-being.

Is this vegan shake successful in accomplishing what its developer guarantees? In this article, we will explore actual research to discover the answer:

  • Foods : Plant-based proteins have various health benefits. Many people are replacing animal-based proteins with these alternatives to enjoy these health benefits.
  • Nutrients : The food we eat plays a vital role in our overall well-being. Choosing the proper meals and supplements can improve your health.
  • Healthcare : Managing one’s diet and monitoring macronutrients and caloric content can treat obesity.

Who Makes Kachava?

Ka’Chava makes the Kachava shake. Simon Malone founded the company in 2014. A few years ago while traveling in Thailand, he desired something that could provide him with necessary nutrients quickly. He fashioned this item after the occurrence he encountered, as he was not able to locate one somewhere in Thailand.

The official website states that Kachava offers more to society than just its products. The company has been able to preserve 29,635 acres of rainforest through The Rainforest Trust since 2017 due to their environmental protection work.

Kachava Ingredients

Kachava is made up of 85+ plant-based “superfood” elements that are organized into multiple unique combinations.

The various proprietary blends include:

  • Plant Protein Blend: organic sacha inchi protein, yellow pea protein, organic whole grain brown rice protein, organic amaranth, organic quinoa
  • Adaptogen Blend: organic maca root, organic shiitake mushroom, organic maitake mushroom, organic reishi mushroom, organic ginger, organic cordyceps mushroom
  • Antioxidant/ Super-Fruit Blend: organic coconut flower nectar, acai berry, camu camu berry, organic blueberry, organic tart cherry, organic blackberry, organic strawberry, organic maqui berry, organic raspberry
  • Omega EFA/ Fiber Blend: chia seeds, flax seeds, organic pure whole grain oat, organic acacia gum
  • Super-Greens/ Vegetable Blend: organic beetroot, chlorella, organic moringa (matcha flavor only), organic kale, organic broccoli, organic green tea (matcha flavor only), organic parsley leaf, organic celery, organic cauliflower, organic spinach, organic brussel sprouts, organic asparagus, organic green pepper, organic garlic, organic carrot, organic cucumber, organic cabbage, organic green onion, organic tomato
  • Digestive Enzyme Blend: amylase, protease, cellulase, lactase, lipase
  • Probiotics/ Prebiotic Blend: inulin, lactobacillus rhamnosus, lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Vitamin Blend: vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12
  • Mineral Blend: folate, biotin, pantothenic acid, calcium, iron, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, chromium, molybdenum, chloride, sodium, potassium
  • Other Ingredients: cocoa (chocolate only), coconut milk, soluble vegetable fiber, natural vanilla flavors, xanthan gum, lo han fruit extract, guar gum, cinnamon (chocolate only)

Kachava Claims A Lot, But We’re Finding the Facts

Kachava makes various claims about its product:

100% Plant-Based Protein

This claim is true. Kachava would be suitable for vegans or people who only eat plant-based food.

All Your Essentials in One

This assertion could be considered to be personal, as it is not possible to discover a dietary plan that is suitable for everyone. People have varying nutritional needs. Nevertheless, Kachava packaging displays the full range of fundamental macronutrients: carbohydrates, fat, and protein. The essential micronutrients in it include minerals and vitamins.


Kachava’s packaging does not show any vegan labeling, however, Ka’Chava asserts that their shake mix is suitable for vegans. This claim is true based on the Kachava ingredients.

Keeps Users Full for Hours

The 24 grams of protein and 9 grams of dietary fiber contained in Kachava shake can help make users feel full and may keep hunger at bay until they are ready to eat their next meal.

Clean and Pure

Many individuals search for supplements or eating plans that are considered “good” and “pristine”. It is not known if Kachava is a viable option, as nutritional statements made by product suppliers tend to be biased and not backed up by laws.

We might be in agreement if the corporation states that the smoothie mostly includes organic ingredients that are full of nutrients and come from plants.

Super-Fruits and Super-Greens

Kachava has many fruits and greens. Nevertheless, there is nothing that makes these items stand out more than other healthful vegetables and fruits in a diet.


This shake includes ingredients that possess adaptogenic properties, such as root extracts, mushrooms, and mycelial components. It is asserted by certain holistic healers and herbalists that adaptogens can help restore equilibrium in the body. More research based on peer review is necessary to demonstrate this advantage.

What Does Kachava Taste Like?

Kachava shakes are available in five different tastes (vanilla, chocolate, chai, coconut acai, and matcha) and taste exactly as expected! If you haven’t tried pea protein before, it may have a more natural flavor than you’re used to.

An effective way to upgrade the taste of Kachava is to utilize a blender in order to create a smoother consistency.

Remember that taste is highly subjective. No matter how many Kachava reviews you scour on the web, the opinions will range from admiration to contempt. Some people claim it is overly sugary, but others feel it has not enough sweetness. Take into consideration your own preferences when looking at reviews.

Kachava Meal Replacement Shake

Is Kachava truly a suitable replacement for a meal?

A Kachava shake has far fewer calories than the energy consumed in a typical meal by most grown-ups. We all have different requirements, but this extremely low number of calories should be cause for concern.

Shakes on their own are generally not sufficient to be a complete meal for many people since there is not much chewing involved. That’s right – data suggests chewing can significantly increase meal satisfaction.

In order to turn a Kachava shake into a full meal replacement, consider adding some nut butter, fruit, or rolled oats. You might want to add some extra calories and protein to your smoothie by blending with dairy or soy milk instead of using water.

Instead, try blending it into a smoothie and add nut butter, seeds, coconut, cacao nibs, fruit, or granola for topping.

You could eat it as a treat or as part of a full meal.

Kachava Cost

Kachava’s website offers a price of $69.95 per bag. You can get the item for $59.95 if you sign up for the subscribe and save service and have items delivered every month automatically.

You get fifteen different shakes with one bag, costing you $4.66 each or you can use the subscribe and save option to buy it for $3.99 per shake.

If you buy two bags or more, shipping is at no cost, but if you only buy one, shipping will be $7.95.

Is Kachava Safe?

The Food and Drug Administration does not monitor dietary supplements, making it hard to find out the real safety of such a product.

Unfortunately, Ka’Chava has not been evaluated by any outside sources. There is no verification system to guarantee that the supplements are secure and have the stated ingredients.

It is important to be vigilant if you are expecting a baby, nursing, have any health issues, or take prescription drugs when consuming dietary supplements. Before beginning any new diets or taking any dietary supplements, it is essential to consult with a medical doctor to ensure that there are no possible negative interactions or circumstances that could make the diet or supplement not suitable.

Kachava Side Effects

Few people have reported experiencing cramps, swelling, flatulence, queasiness, and looseness of the bowels after consuming Ka’Chava. It could be that the side effects are connected to the additional fiber and some people’s ability to digest it agreeably.

Some people have reported possible allergic reactions as side effects.

Claimed Kachava Benefits

There are numerous purported advantages that have been ascribed to Ka’Chava – improved resistance, decreasing weight, enhanced stamina, better sleep, digestion, emotional well-being benefits, and many more.

Raising a warning signal is something to be aware of when a supplement organization professes almost all imaginable wellbeing related gains as their own…particularly when a portion of the advantages oppose one another. But let’s look at the science behind the claims.

Immunity Benefits?

Ka’Chava says that it can aid in the creation of immune cells and safeguard against sickness. They put forward that it contains a plethora of nutrients that bolster the body’s natural defense system by protecting through physical barriers (skin and gut microbiome), cellular immunity, and antibody production. These nutrients encompass zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, selenium, probiotics, vitamin A, and the B vitamins.

Ka’Chava contains less than the required amount of nutrients necessary for optimal immune health.

To be honest, a general multivitamin would be more beneficial than this shake if you are looking for a broad nutrient supplement. I suggest collaborating with your healthcare provider to make a personalized supplement plan that is specifically tailored to your requirements.

Faulty “Evidence” Behind Their Claims

If Ka’Chava had only stayed put, I would have been alright with that. Rather than accentuating the masses of nutrients included in the health supplement, including probiotics, omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium and vitamin D, which are not highly relevant to weight or fat reduction, they focus on these elements.

Results from two comprehensive studies of randomized controlled trials indicate that taking probiotics does not make a significant difference with regards to fat mass and has no impact on weight or body mass index (BMI).

Omega-3s may improve certain aspects of one’s health, though they have no effect on weight loss/ fat mass in people.

This just made the situation worse; Ka’Chava cited research and evidence to support their claims, but the majority of studies either had few participants, were inconclusive, or even disproved Ka’Chava’s assertions!

For example, Ka’Chava’s link regarding the idea that taking vitamin D will aid in weight loss actually says, “Vitamin D3 supplementation when trying to slim down did not lead to more significant weight loss than placebo.” This same result falls in line with a 2019 review done on randomized controlled trials that found there was no substantial proof that vitamin D has anything to do with losing weight.

How To Use Kachava: Simple Directions

There are many Kachava recipes to try. You could try blending it with milk or water, baking with it, or tossing a bit of it into your morning cereal or yogurt.

Pros and Cons


  • The blend contains natural, organic ingredients.
  • The supplement includes a balanced macronutrient profile.


  • This formula is more expensive than other options.
  • The product needs consistent use to achieve the desired results.
  • There are few sellers that offer this superfood supplement.
  • The price on Amazon is outrageous.

Kachava Reddit Reviews

Approximately 52 million individuals around the globe utilize Reddit on a daily basis. The typical amount of time a person spends on a website per visit is around 10 and a half minutes. We looked into Kachava’s subreddits and comments to discover what individuals were saying.

The investigation we carried out revealed Kachava Reddit reviews that both defended and disagreed with it. Although some people enjoyed it, others weren’t convinced of the outcome. Many individuals had issues regarding the flavor and consistency of the beverage. Many thought the flavor was overly saccharine and syrupy.

What Users Are Saying

I followed a combination of keto diet and intermittent fasting, and withing twelve months I managed to slim down by 55 pounds and maintain the weight loss. Surprisingly, this works well and tastes great.

“Terrible stomach pains and explosive diarrhea for days! I wish I had not attempted this, as it seriously disrupted my digestive system.

I began consuming this item about a week ago and it does have a tastier flavor compared to other vegetable-based or whey products. However, I haven’t felt any noticeable difference in energy. It may take a while before the effects become discernible.

Bottom Line on Kachava Results

Kachava could be suitable for people who are trying to raise their nutritional intake. This supplement is said to provide help for one’s physical and mental wellness. It is composed of more than seventy types of superfoods, and some studies indicate that consuming these ingredients may be beneficial to health. Despite this, there appears to be little proof that this type of item would be beneficial for users in terms of weight loss.

Despite the potential benefits of a superfood supplement, those trying to shed a few pounds typically need more. In light of this, people have frequently provided glowing feedback for the clinically proven Noom program.


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