Lipodrene Hardcore Review

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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals manufactures Lipodrene Hardcore as a dietary supplement. It is said that the proprietary mixes work together to give you energy while you slim down rapidly. What is in each serving? Is the mechanism thermogenic in nature?

We will investigate the components of Lipodrene Hardcore, analyze opinions from buyers, and study data to decide whether this item is something we should buy or avoid.

What is Lipodrene Hardcore?

It is not possible to obtain Lipodrene Hardcore from major companies like Amazon or GNC, but it can be found on smaller third-party websites. What benefits can you expect to gain by using the ingredients in this product, and why may it only be available on certain websites?

Customers who are looking into the differences between Lipodrene Elite and Lipodrene Hardcore will find that the Hardcore formula has an ingredient called Ephedra Extract, which is deemed to be “contaminated”. Can it help with fat reduction? A 2021 systematic review and meta-analysis suggested that substances containing Ephedrine derived from Ephedra could be helpful for those who are overweight.

  • Phytotherapy Research: Another Lipodrene Hardcore ingredient is Citrus Aurantium Extract. Some users wonder if it produces similar cardiovascular effects as Ephedrine. A 2017 article looked at the data, concluding the ingredient appears safe for use in dietary supplements and foods.
  • Matrix in Science Pharma: Theobroma Cocoa Extract may help explain some of the purported beneficial effects of Lipodrene Hardcore. A 2017 article noted several potential uses for blood pressure, heart health, cholesterol levels, blood sugar control, and improvements with fatigue.

Who is Behind Lipodrene Hardcore?

The sole proprietorship of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, Inc., which is owned and operated by Jared Wheat, is responsible for this amazing fat-burning product. The company’s website states that it has been operating since 1979, yet the Better Business Bureau’s profile lists the business’s founding date as January 1st, 1993.

Hi-Tech Nutraceuticals, LLC is associated with Hi-Tech Pharma. The business offers specialized production services for industries that produce beverages, supplements, and medications.

Jared Wheat and Hi-Tech have been featured in the media multiple times with regard to legal trouble related to dietary enhancers. In numerous instances, they have had to shell out millions of dollars in penalties in matters dealing with the Food and Drug Administration and Federal Trade Commission.

Other Supplements From Hi-Tech Pharma

When you obtain Lipodrene Hardcore, you are not the only item Hi-Tech Pharma offers. The company also produces other weight reduction formulas such as:

  • Lipodrene
  • Keto Lean
  • Yohimbine

Items available on the market that promise health benefits, increased muscle mass, an energy boost prior to exercising, supplemental protein, and greater sexual potency are sold in these categories.

Lipodrene Hardcore Claims

The producer of Hi-Tech Lipodrene Hardcore asserts it is the most advanced dietary supplement for weight loss created thus far in the world. This product is promoted as the ultra-intense form of the initial Lipodrene recipe. Hi-Tech Pharma claims that their product is especially beneficial for serious athletes, helping them maintain a positive mindset while slimming down rapidly.

Lipodrene Ingredients

The exact quantities of each ingredient making up Lipodrene are not stated, as it is composed of a formula which is unique to itself. Rather than showing the specific amount of each part of its mixture, “Proprietary Blend with Thermo-Rx and Extend -Rx Technologies,” the company simply reveals the total quantity.

This is typically done for two reasons:

  1. Make it harder for other companies to “steal” the Lipodrene ingredient profile.
  2. Provide the manufacturer with the ability to underdose ingredients without making it obvious.

Point out that Hi-Tech Pharamceuticals being able to rely on a private mix to dose their product less than required does not guarantee they use that strategy. We are unable to confidently determine which of the two possibilities is accurate.

Caffeine Anhydrous – 100 mg

The most popular variety of caffeine is Caffeine anhydrous, which is the same type of caffeine found in coffee, tea, and a majority of energy drinks. It has a global appeal for giving people energy, keeping them awake, and even lifting up their spirits.

An amount of 100 milligrams is usually recommended when taking caffeine, a quantity that surpasses the caffeine content of one average-sized cup of coffee.

Ephedra Extract (leaves) – 25 mg

Ephedra, otherwise called ma huang, could be said to be the most captivating and stimulating component of Lipodrene. This is because it had ephedrine alkaloids, which got prohibited by the FDA in April 2004 because of the unfavorable impacts related with consuming them. The potential after-effects of this medication consist of hypertension, heart rate irregularities, deadly irregular heartbeat, plus additional reactions.

Subsequent to the determination by the Food and Drug Administration, supplement providers commenced taking out the ephedrine alkaloids from the ephedra extract, leaving the other components.

Here’s what else is in ephedra extract other than ephedrine alkaloids:

  • epicatechins
  • polyphenols
  • catechins
  • ephedrans (glycans)
  • tannins

A few of the components, especially epicatechins, polyphenols, and catechins, may possess minor positive impacts in regards to shedding weight. It is sadly improbable that the 25 mg of ephedra additional in each dosage of Lipodrene will provide medicinal measurements of these components to attain bodyweight reduction effects.

Do not permit your optimism to be adversely affected, though, for Lipodrene contains several other stimulating components that have been scientifically demonstrated to boost the number of calories expended in relaxation.

Senegalia Berlandieri Extract (leaves)

Senegalia berlandieri can be located in the south western US and sections of northern Mexico, and is a type of shrub. The people behind Lipodrene, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, state that utilizing senegalia berlandieri extract may lead to a 22% increase in one’s metabolic rate following 45 minutes. I came across one investigation on senegalia berlandieri; it appears to be subsidised by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately, I could not obtain any additional facts about the research apart from media statements.

That is not helpful when it comes to constructing a collection of studies.

This excerpt was put into Lipodrene as an alternative to Acacia rigdula, which was prohibited by the US Food and Drug Administration.

One advantage of senegalia berlandieri on the ingredient list is that it has a wide range of phenylethylamine alkaloids, such as phenylethylamine, methylsynephrine, N-methyl-b-phenylethylamine (BMPEA), and n,n-dimethylphenylethylamine.

  • One of the primary uses of phenylethylamine (a stimulant) is mood enhancement, but there is not sufficient evidence to document this claim.
  • Methylsynephrine (also known as oxilofrine) is a stimulant often included in supplements for the purposes of providing energy and enhancing weight loss, those these claims are not supported by available evidence.
  • BMPEA is an isomer of amphetamine, untested in human trials.
  • n,n-dimethylphenylethylamine (more commonly known as eria jarensis) is a stimulant, known for improving energy and focus, especially when combined with caffeine.

It is a worthwhile deal of stimulants. This could lead to improved energy, a better mood, and decreased hunger, however, you shouldn’t expect to burn more calories if nothing else in your lifestyle changes.

2-Aminoisoheptane HCL (DMHA)

DMHA has become a more popular stimulant in recent times compared to DMAA. The two components are highly acclaimed for their potential to give intense concentration, elevate mood, and create energy.

If you find yourself feeling irritable when you’re trying to lose weight, DMHA could potentially help you maintain a stable emotional state. This is accomplished by hindering the reabsorption of the neurotransmitters norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin. The long-term effects of taking DMHA on the uptake of neurotransmitters are not well known.

Synephrine HCL

There has been a lot of research on synephrine, and studies have demonstrated that it can help with losing weight.

Overall, taking a supplement containing p-synephrine on its own or combined with other natural ingredients did not cause any significant changes in heart rate, blood pressure, electrocardiographic readings, tests for chemicals in the blood, the number of cells in the blood, or a urine test. Studies have demonstrated that single doses of p-Synephrine or combined products can enhance the metabolic rate and expenditure of energy. Additionally, when consumed over the course of 6 to 12 weeks, products containing the ingredient of bitter orange extract/p-Synephrine can result in a slight decrease in weight.

Synephrine Meta Analysis

Using 50 milligrams of synephrine is a sound amount to initiate the fat burning process. It is unclear how much of the chemical synephrine is present in a single portion of Lipodrene.


Dark chocolate, coffee beans, and guarana berries all contain theobromine, which has the same structure as caffeine. This substance has been shown to reduce blood pressure, provide a longer-lasting and gentler boost than caffeine, and potentially improve one’s mood (source, source).

The amount of a substance that has been studied typically lies between two hundred and four hundred milligrams (source). It is unclear how much theobromine is present in one portion of Lipodrene.

Green Tea Extract (leaves)

GCG (epigallocatechin gallate) is a plant-based compound called catechin. Catechins are natural compounds that are both phenolic and contain antioxidants, which have a multitude of effects. Two typical sources of these extracts are white tea and green tea. Often this extract from green tea is just referred to as green tea extract.

Citrus Aurantium Extract (fruit)

This is another form of synephrine HCL, described above.

Hoodia Extract (cactus)

Occasionally, Hoodia is said to suppress one’s appetite, which is then used as a weight-loss supplement; however, there is not enough evidence from human research that shows this is true.

Cassia Nomame Extract (plant)

People who use cassia nomame in an attempt to treat obesity do not have enough proof to back up their assertions.

Naringin (fruit)

Naringin is a flavinoid found in grapefruit. It could potentially control blood sugar, which could lead to decreased glucose levels in the long run. This could assist in managing desires for carbohydrates and support individuals in keeping their weight.

6,7 Dihydroxybergamottin (fuit)

6,7 Dihydroxybergamottin causes an obstruction in cytochrome P450 enzymes, thereby leading to modifications in the metabolic speed of other substances ingested (e.g. food substances, drugs, etc.).

5-Methoxytryptamine HCL

5-MT, or mexamine, is a chemical compound related to serotonin and melatonin that is derived from tryptamine.


A compound often referred to as 5-HTP, L-5-Hydroxytryptophan, has been shown to lessen the desire for carbohydrates in scientific studies involving humans.

Yohimbine HCL

Yohimbine HCL has been demonstrated to stimulate fat-burning in both obese and lean individuals.

Yohimbine stands to potentially facilitate weight loss by disabling the alpha-2 adrenergic receptors contained in fat cells, consequently stimulating fat melting away. Several investigations following a set protocol have been conducted to examine this and the outcomes vary.

Lipodrene Hardcore and Weight Loss: Does it Work?

One of the Lipodrene Hardcore proprietary blends contains the ingredient naringin. The 2014 findings of a rodent research project were reported in the periodical Food and Chemical Toxicology. The trial that lasted for six months demonstrated that the rats who ingested Naringin had a decrease in weight.

Another component located in Lipodrene Hardcore that Molecules investigated is Evodiamine. It looked into the impact of Evodiamine on health, considering if it could be used to stop overweight. It looks like there is some sort of heat-generating process that activates brown fat.

The proprietary blend also contains Yohimbe Extract. BioMed Research International conducted an investigation into the potentially detrimental psychological consequences of using herbal-based weight loss supplements. The study determined that Yohimbe, alongside various other herbs, has the potential to bring about undesired effects or interfere with some forms of mental health medications.

Lipodrene Hardcore makes use of Guayusa Extract as a source of caffeine. The International Journal of Toxicology looked at the results of a number of investigations concerning this constituent. It was found that Guayusa Extract could possibly be beneficial in helping to lower body weight or stop weight gain in animals.

This intense fat burner contains an ingredient that is widely known: Green Tea Extract. The European Journal of Nutrition investigated if there was a scientific explanation behind its reported effects, while using Wistar rats as the subject of the research. The results of the study suggest that AMPK activation can have an effect on the genes that are related to metabolism, especially those in fat-storing organs.

Potential Lipodrene Hardcore Side Effects

Comments from customers on retail sites do not indicate any noteworthy negative effects of Lipodrene Hardcore. There is the chance that some people may experience unwanted side effects when taking dietary supplements. Ephedra in Lipodrene Hardcore might lead to modified feelings, physiological states, cognitive clarity, bodily discomfort, and allergic or pharmaceutical responses.

Ephedrine found in 25mg of Ephedrine leaves extract has been linked to adverse reactions in some people, which may be why it can’t be bought from large stores such as Amazon. The New England Journal of Medicine mentions that there is an undeniable connection between the FDA’s prohibition of the advertising of Ephedra and the sharp slump of adverse events informed to US poison control centers. From 2002 to 2015, a dramatic decline of 98% was recorded in Ephedra-related odd occurrences.

Lipodrene Hardcore Directions

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals suggests that you consume one to two tablets in the early part of the day, plus an added tablet after lunch. You should not consume more than four pills of this medication that has high amounts of stimulation per day.

Where to Buy and Cost

The FDA has declared that dietary supplements featuring Ephedra are considered “unfit” and that it is illegal to sell them. It is probable that this is the explanation for why Lipodrene Hardcore is not available for purchase on the Hi-Tech Pharma website or in big stores. The FDA ruling does present a loophole that allows the product to sell on third-party sites like:

  • Supplement Warehouse – 90-count for $39.95
  • Ephedra Warehouse – 90-count $39.95
  • Same Day Supplements – 90-count $29.95

Lipodrene Elite vs Lipodrene Hardcore

Both items make use of an infusion of Senegalia Berlandieri (leaves), 2-Aminoisoheptane Hydrochloride, Citrus Aurantium Extract, Naringin (fruit), 5-Methoxytryptamine Hydrochloride, Yohimbe Extract (bark), and Green Tea Extract.

A major distinction between Lipodrene Elite and Lipodrene Hardcore is that the latter includes an energizing mix that includes a 25 mg dose of Ephedra Extract from the leaves. The Journal of Ethnopharmacology reported in 2014 that intake of Ephedra is linked to decreases in body weight and body mass index. That might increase the results of DMHA from 2-Aminoisoheptane HCl.

While there are some slight differences in the small ingredients between Hardcore and Elite, both will typically result in similar results – Theobroma Cocoa Extract in Hardcore and Erythroxylum Coca Extract in Elite. Prices and availability are comparable as well.

Bottom Line on Lipodrene Hardcore Results

Lipodrene Hardcore with Ephedra might be an effective way to shed extra pounds fast. It cannot be obtained directly from the maker or at reduced costs.


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