Meal Prep Delivery: A Healthy Alternative to Fast Food

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Managing everyday life is never a straightforward task, but nowadays, there is a lot more to consider besides work and home responsibilities.

In addition to the usual 9-5, it is difficult to locate the drive and capacity to prepare a nutritious dinner when we think about exercise, side interests, web-based media, and different commitments.

The popularity of meal-prepping delivery services has gone up in the last few years since they are practical and inexpensive for those who are seeking to consume a healthy diet yet do not want to devote lots of time cooking in the kitchen.

What Type of Meal Deliveries Are There?

Having meals already prepared and sent to your residence is easier and more like now than ever before. Services now available cater to any kind of diner, whether they need ready-to-eat meals, a meal kit inclusive of ingredients and instructions, or just some snacks to hold them over.

Meal Prep Delivered

The most straightforward form of meal delivery is when all the work is done for you. The food is already cooked and ready to eat, and you can get it conveniently delivered to wherever you want – with no need to prepare it or tidy up afterward.

You can enjoy the perks of having scrumptious and wholesome dishes without the difficulty usually associated with preparing them. The shopping, preparation, and tidying up have been taken care of in advance so you can concentrate on the rest but still enjoy the top-notch flavor.

Some companies, including Trifecta, provide a variety of options for different people. Whether vegan meals are sought, gluten-free dishes are desired, or other dietary requirements need to be fulfilled, there is a suitable selection for all.

Meal Kits Delivered

Meal kit delivery provides a convenient balance between fully prepared food and completely making a meal from the ground up. These kits provide everything necessary for creating a meal, along with comprehensive guidance, so you can experience the contentment of cooking without needing to contend with the challenge of devising a menu or visiting the grocery store.

Although these choices are fantastic, they tend to require more time to assemble than just starting from the beginning, and they may be more costly than obtaining the necessary items on your own.

If you’re in the market for a meal delivery service that’s both reasonably priced and convenient, give Trifecta a try. Meals that are measured out beforehand make it easy to quickly put together a nutritious and tasty meal.

You can choose to take a break or put your subscription on hold at any time, so you never have to worry about having too much food.

Fast Food Delivery

If you’re limited on time but still desire something scrumptious and warm for a meal, you could always order fast food delivery. Although not the healthiest choice, fast food makes for an effortless meal, coupled with the fact that there are many healthy-ish options nowadays to indulge in without veering away from a healthy dietary lifestyle.

However, fast food catches up to you. The negative impacts of eating processed food are not just limited to increased calories and unhealthy components, but there is also the additional waste from the packaging involved. Fast food is typically packaged in materials that cannot be recycled, thereby having a negative effect both on personal health and on the environment.

Grocery delivery of prepared meals is an eco-friendly substitute for getting drive-thru food that won’t lead to regret.

Local Grocery Delivery

If you’re someone who likes cooking but doesn’t want to contribute to the problem of grocery shopping, local grocery delivery is a wonderful selection. This service will deliver new ingredients right to your place, allowing you to start preparing meals without leaving home.

This can be a better alternative to fast food, but it may take up a lot of time and cost a lot of money, depending on what service you choose. Furthermore, you will have to prepare your food and tidy up afterward.

Trifecta provides a great combination – the ease of having your groceries delivered without the trouble or expense. We offer economical, environmentally sound meals that are shipped right to your door, freeing up your time so that you can concentrate on what you are passionate about—cooking!—without having to stress over anything else.

What to Look for in Your Meal Delivery Service

When beginning a food-preparation delivery service, there are a lot of aspects to take into account. Every service is attempting to persuade you of why they surpass all the rest in terms of quality and affordability. The following are some essential attributes to consider when deciding on a meal-preparation delivery service.

Nutrient Quality

The primary and most vital aspect to consider is the nutrient value. Ensure that the service you pick utilizes fresh and unprocessed ingredients that are packed with nutrients.

It is advisable that you avoid consuming highly processed foods that lack nutritional value, particularly if they will make up the majority of what you are eating.

Ingredient Quality

Another important factor to consider is ingredient quality. Be certain that the components you utilize are of the finest possible caliber and it is even better if they come from sustainable farms. The objective is to lower the consumption of foods with additives and preservatives.

It is not only the food that makes something of high quality. The preparation of the food is just as important. Be certain that the food being cooked is being done so in a clean setting which follows applicable food safety regulations.

Sustainable Practices

Ensuring the meal-prep service you select employs eco-friendly methods is also significant. We strive to utilize locally sourced, organic ingredients and containers that can be recycled or turned into compost. The importance of sustainability is becoming more and more acknowledged by a lot of shoppers (and this is something that should be encouraged).

Customer Support

Have you ever experienced an issue with a delivery or the quality of the food? Then you know how important customer support is. It is probably very irritating to attempt to converse with a machine or send an email and wait an entire week without a reply. You want to confirm that the service you select has a supportive and obliging customer service team that can assist you in a prompt fashion with any issues you might be having.


It is understandable why you would keep price in mind when determining what to do, because the cost of everyday things is continually increasing.

Some businesses provide various plans at a range of cost points, with a more economical one as an option.

Look for price consistency with no additional costs or charges hidden from view. Finding a balance between affordable prices and high quality is the challenge.

Trifecta provides meal planning and delivery at a reasonable cost. We want to give you the most bang for your buck without sacrificing excellence or flavor.

5 Best Meal Delivery Services

Best Overall Meal Kit for Most People: Blue Apron

Blue Apron is generally thought of as the original meal kit delivery business in the US and continues to offer delicious dishes along with step-by-step instructions, all of which are reasonably priced. The eight selections for the weekly menu span from straightforward pasta dishes to creative global recipes, and there are fish and non-meat alternatives as well. For even the most straightforward recipes, there could be one or two ingredients that you are unfamiliar with, and the website usually points these out as chances to learn something new.

The website is simple to traverse and recipes are identified with useful catchphrases like “most popular with customers,” “fast and convenient,” “perfect for barbecuing,” and so forth. At times, menus will be created by guest celebrity chefs or include dishes that are inspired by popular travel spots. A wine pairing service can be chosen, and Blue Apron is always creating unique menus to help you make a party meal for important culinary days such as the Super Bowl and Thanksgiving.

Subscription prices for Blue Apron are average when compared to similar services. The cost for each portion varies from $8 to $12, offering the possibility of fixing two to four meals per week, with two or four servings apiece. Although the dishes from Sunbasket, Martha Stewart, and Marley Spoon are relatively more exciting, the price for each course could be as high as $15.

Best Meal Delivery Picky Eaters and Families: Home Chef

Home Chef has far more meal kits available each week than any other service, totaling over 38 options. Their offerings include oven-ready meals and one-pan dinners. I gave Home Chef a try and was pleased to see that you have the chance to alter the ingredients of your meals each week; for example, replacing chicken with pork, fish, or even using two types of protein if you are feeling especially meaty. If you’re having people over soon or are looking for more food for meals and snacks, you could double the amount of food for an entire meal.

The distinguishing quality of Home Chef is its adaptability. Alternatively, you can choose from antibiotic-free proteins instead of the standard option or alternatively, add plant-based meats like Impossible Beef in lieu of regular meat. The offerings of Home Chef’s meal delivery kit are typical, making it a convenient meal service for many people. Examples of meal kit options may be Chipotle Chimichurri Mini Pork Meatloaves with Roasted Sweet Potato, Garlic Peppercorn Salmon Scampi served with Garlic Cream Gemelli and Broccolini.

A meal delivery service has come out with something new and one of a kind, pre-prepared meals that come with everything you need, including an oven tray. Thus, no more worrying about having a messy kitchen to deal with or endless amounts of dishes to wash up afterward.

You can begin subscribing to Home Chef recipes for as low as $7 per serving, with the option of more elaborate dishes available for an extra cost.

Best Cheap Meal Delivery Service: EveryPlate

For an incredibly low price of only five dollars per meal and an array of delectable, substantial, meals and satisfactory quantities, EveryPlate demonstrated itself to be the premier budget meal kit I tested. Additionally, they offer a discounted price when you sign up! EveryPlate keeps its expenses minimal by providing eight simple meal set recipes to pick from each week. Unfortunately, this mainly excludes those who are vegetarian or follow special dietary needs, but the eight meals proffered are made with a range of flavors and styles.

This meal delivery service provides a lot of comforting options like meatloaf, burgers, and various pasta dishes and everything I prepared was really good. You have the opportunity to get meals for a great price- as low as $1.49, plus shipping is free for your very first order. You will have the option to discontinue or terminate your subscription at any point.

Subscription: Each serving is only $5. Every week, the box has three recipes with portions for either two or four people. Secure a sign-up bonus and receive meals beginning at approximately $2 per dish.

Best Meal Delivery for Fast Meals: Gobble

Gobble refashions the classic meal delivery kit model by utilizing pre-chopped and/or pre-cooked components, shortening the time to prepare a recipe to 15 minutes or less. This food kit delivery service has a menu that presents an impressive and worldly atmosphere in spite of the “fast food” feel.

The recipes available every week are astutely organized into categories of ‘From the Range’, ‘From the Ranch’, ‘From the Sea’, and ‘From the Earth’. When I sampled Gobble’s prepared meals, some seemed hit or miss, however the successes were great, like a delicious tofu pad Thai and a fast, scrumptious salmon cilantro pesto. You can substitute the main proteins in your recipes, such as swapping out chicken for fish or steak, and using organic meats instead, although this may be more expensive.

Gobble meal kits are easy to get, with a set price of $12 per portion, and there is no complicated subscription process. You can make up to five choices of recipes for two to four people each week and that’s all the tough decisions you have to make. Gobble may not be the least expensive meal kit service we experimented with, yet considering the quantity of preparation it carries out for you, it is a dependable decision for somebody who needs to invest less energy cooking and more energy eating.

Best Meal Delivery Those with Food Allergies: HelloFresh

HelloFresh is focused on fulfilling customer satisfaction no matter how particular they are. Although there is no high-end, luxurious cuisine on offer, the food is really delicious and the company caters to individuals with dietary preferences by labelling each dish accordingly. If you suffer from allergies or are trying to avoid dairy, gluten, soy, nuts, etc., you can quickly and effortlessly look up recipes that meet your dietary needs with HelloFresh. Complying with diets such as the keto or paleo diet is simple to do.

HelloFresh supplies great servings at a reasonable rate if you purchase dishes for your entire family. A “dinner-to-lunch” feature offers a distinctive addition to the home chef’s menu, allowing them to transform the evening meal into a delicious, portable lunch the next day. HelloFresh boasts a multitude of dishes, so it is likely simple to discover something the whole gang will appreciate. Plus, they’ll allow you to make substitutions.

Subscribers can select from plans that cost from $8 to $12 per person, from two to six different recipes each week and from two to four servings for each one. It is also possible to customize the Classic, Veggie and Family plans.


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