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Introducing the MYX 2 Fitness Bike. If you have recently started a dieting program to shed some pounds, you understand that you must make time for physical exercise regularly to get the best results. Lots of people are giving spin classes a go, which is a fantastic option for torching those extra calories. A MYX Fitness Bike is currently in vogue.

The research group carefully looked over the internet for any details regarding the exercise bike. Examine the outcome of their research, and decide whether or not you should give the MYX bike a go.

You can buy the MYX Fitness Bike from the Official Site.

What is the MYX Fitness Bike?

The MYX Fitness Bike is an internal stationary exercise apparatus that gives an entire body workout. This exercise bike was created to be better than others in its class, using science to customize the user’s heart rate zones, workouts, and more, in an effort to give the user the best chance of obtaining their desired results. The Beachbody bike provides one with dietary guidance, sample meal plans, multiple exercise regimens, a few of which are broadcast live, and loads of other elements. Customers have been overwhelmingly positive in their reviews of the MYX Bike and the MYX Fitness app from Beachbody. But, what does the science say?

  • America Journal of Clinical Nutrition – exercise can certainly contribute to weight loss, but those looking to lose weight will often fail to see results from exercise alone. When combined with a reduction in caloric intake, consumers are more likely to lose weight.
  • The Ochsner Journal – reports show that exercising to lose weight must be done more vigorously and for a longer period than when exercising for mere fitness. The study also states that an exercise machine can help obese individuals to achieve their goals sooner.
  • Journal of Sports Science & Medicine – a study determined the effectiveness of having a personal trainer present when exercising. The study determined that participants were a lot more likely to stick with the program and see results if a trainer was assisting them. The MYX Fitness Bike includes numerous programs, including personal trainers via the internet, to motivate people to achieve their weight-loss goals.

Who Created the MYX Fitness Bike?

MYX Fitness, LLC created the MYX 2 Bike. They wished to engineer a bicycle that was the equivalent to those at a fitness center but appropriate for home exercise and to fabricate an exercise cycle that was far more than merely a bicycle. The firm desired to build a cycle that could function well, economically, and in an inspiring and enjoyable manner.

Whom It’s For

For people who are just starting out with at-home exercise bikes and don’t want to invest too much money, the MYX II Plus is an excellent option due to its relatively lower cost. The bike is quite adjustable and you can use either standard sneakers or shoes with Shimano Pedaling Dynamics clips, so there is no need to purchase special cycling shoes.

Newbies to cycling and physical exercise will enjoy the range of cycling, cross-training, and floor-based activities that make up the Level 1 classes. If you already have some experience, you can sort out lessons by their difficulty level and choose “Level 2” or “Level 3” to challenge yourself with a tougher routine.

Though there are lots of live classes, and you can activate your camera for instruction, the classes seem quite impersonal, and one can cancel their enrollment anytime. This makes it tough for anyone who needs a bit of extra encouragement or stimulation to begin riding the bike.

MYX Bike Claims

MYX Fitness asserts that their workout bike is better than other stationary cycles because it can be personalized, raising a user’s probability of attaining their wellness objectives. They maintain that the MYX 2 Bike was designed to be a professional level bicycle meant to enrich a user’s full fitness encounter. The masterminds behind it describe it not as a simple bike, but as a whole home workout space. They assert that it can do a lot more than just being utilized as a traditional stationary bike.

It does not matter how much time one has, MYX Fitness claims that with their MYX 2 Bike, anyone will be able to reach their fitness goals, even if their workouts are sporadic.


With your MYX spin bike order, you will receive the following in your package:

  • Total fitness system for your mind and body
  • Stationary Star Trac Bike
  • A 21.5” interactive touchscreen tablet
  • Numerous expert trainers
  • Thousands of workouts
  • Data output, including heart rate, speed, cadence, and distance
  • Polar OH1 Heart Rate Monitor
  • Capability of pairing with an Apple Watch
  • 12-month manufacturer’s warranty

Setup: Professional Delivery and Seamless Assembly

I reside in a multi-level residential building that requires me to climb several flights of stairs to reach my unit in New York City. Even groceries are difficult to lug upstairs. When I noticed that the MYX II bike was sold with full-service delivery, I was elated to find out that I didn’t have to employ a separate company to transport it to its destination.

From the time the order was put in to the point the bicycle was put in my house, the delivery service I received was outstanding. XPO Logistics, who were responsible for MYX’s bike shipment, got in touch with me to organize the delivery date, and kept me in the loop until their arrival at the entrance of my residence.

No setup was necessary since the bike was already put together. The delivery men finalized some details, such as securing the screws, attaching the presentation, and connecting the electricity, and they also educated me on how to alter the cycle to fit my stature.

Once the delivery guys had gone, I saw that the plastic shielding around the connection of the pedal and the bike was shattered, so I couldn’t ride it without a shrill noise. I made contact with MYX in a timely manner and provided them with a photograph of the cycle, in response they sent me a spare component. The customer service was admirable – the package I had ordered arrived within three days.

Design: Sleek and Compact for Small Spaces

The MYX II bicycle has two choices of color: Deep Charcoal and Natural White. I chose the white one without hesitation and it blends perfectly with the décor of my home.

I really like not only the colors but also the slim and comfortable design of this bicycle. This 55 x 21 inch construction is accompanied with a customizable seat, controllable handlebars, and a flywheel with a friction-based self-resistance mechanism. It was no problem at all to get used to the adjustable height feature, due to its support of up to 350 pounds, so no matter how big someone is, they can be assured they will be comfortable.

This bike is different from its competitors because of its huge touchscreen display. The screen is of a size that is 21.5 inches across its diagonal, giving it a neat design as well as making it convenient to use. The bike was able to rotate completely around which assisted me while doing exercises that involved movement other than cycling, or bodyweight exercises.

Compatibility: Smooth Connection to Available Apps

Once the MYX II bike is assembled, it is ready for use. In order to get the most out of the exercise bike, you should get an account with an app that works with it, such as Openfit or BODi.

BODi has a program that includes virtual courses in which you can communicate with the lecturer. I did not feel compelled to pay an additional $20 per month for the personal attention that was offered since it would make the bike more competitive than brands such as Peloton.

Rather, I opted in with Openfit at a cost of $39 a month, and I really believe it was an essential decision. It was simple to get started because it was possible to do this directly on the display of the MYX II bicycle. I obeyed the directions in order which were given to me in order to form an account, then I got the Openfit app on my telephone so I would be capable of seeing the timetable for the classes, my details, and other related info directly from my phone.

Accessories: Helpful Additions for a More Challenging Workout

It is possible to buy the MYX II bicycle on its own, or, if you would prefer a machine to get the same effects as going to a gym, you can upgrade to the MYX II Plus for an extra $200.

The MYX II Plus bike has a six-piece weight set containing a kettlebell and dumbbells available in three levels of weight: light (Dumbbells= 3, 6, 9 lbs. Kettlebell= 15 lbs.), medium (Dumbbells= 6, 9, 12 lbs. Kettlebell= 20 lbs.), and heavy (Dumbbells= 9, 12, 15 lbs. Kettlebell= 25 lbs.). I opted for the medium size and was happily astonished by its excellence. The dumbbells and kettlebells are both crafted with a non-slip surface that makes them extremely cozy to utilize. I felt no pain when I was doing more intense actions.

The bicycle comes with two floor coverings – a support mat (2 x 4 feet) and a fitness mat (2.5 x 6 feet). The stabilizing mat is placed beneath the bicycle so that it doesn’t cause harm to your floor, as well as to offer a more stable experience while riding. The bigger mat is excellent for working out on the ground, as it provides a sizable amount of space to perform stretching exercises.

I was also thankful for the extra supplies, such as the foam roller that was useful both before and after my exercise regimen, and the resistance band that was excellent for making bodyweight movements more difficult.

Rather than obtaining a different heart rate monitor to record your performance, the MYX II Plus has a Polar OH1 monitor that is easy to install and adjust. I noticed that the bike console had a handy charging dock where I could connect the heart rate monitor. It was pretty fast when it came to powering up. Rather than relying on a heart rate monitor, you can attach your Apple Watch to the application to observe your heart rate and other info while riding the bike.

Does the MYX Fitness Bike Work? MYX Bike Benefits

An article in the Journal of Research and Medical Sciences indicates that varying routines and regularly exercising can produce benefits in terms of weight reduction and even more so when it comes to sustaining weightlessness.

A study in the Journal of Obesity and Weight Loss Therapy asserts that a successful, engaging and enjoyable exercise regimen will encourage people to remain invested in it.

The JAMA Network states that in order to lose weight healthily, one must develop balanced dietary habits and become physically active. Working out can assist individuals in managing their caloric consumption while still shedding pounds.

As reported in the Journal of Obesity, studies have shown that high-intensity exercise can speed up the process of shedding pounds. This type of training is the focus of the exercises provided by the MYX Fitness Bike.

A study reported in the New England Journal of Medicine highlighted the importance of sustaining one’s weight after significant weight loss for obese individuals. Maintaining the achieved results is just as imperative as the initial weight loss. So, it is significant to persist in staying physical even when the individual attains their desired weight.

MYX Fitness Bike and Weight Loss

Individuals who are enthusiastic about shedding pounds and have changed their eating regimen and exercise regularly on a MYX Fitness Bike are probably going to see results. Those who are not committed or consistent may not get the desired outcomes, according to the Health Science Journal. The machine provides guidance on healthy eating and dieting to help people using the Beachbody MYX Bike to slim down.

The MYX Fitness Bike has a specialized heart rate system that makes it capable of assisting with weight loss, no matter how frequently it is used. MYX Fitness states that every individual should have their own personalized heart rate zones and if they keep their heart rate within these pre-defined zones, they will get the desired outcomes. Monitoring one’s heart rate is necessary for both betterment of cardiac health and shedding of pounds.

MYX Fitness Bike Subscription and Where to Buy

With the purchase of a MYX Fitness Bike comes the choice to sign up for a monthly payment plan of $39. This membership entitles you to have unrestricted access to menus, different kinds of exercises, and tracking and logging of heart rate. You can join up through the web page or by reaching out to client service. You can pick from two different subscription options: BODi and Open Fit.

Bottom Line on MYX Fitness Bike Results

This exercise device, which is commonly called the “Beachbody Bike,” is a highly advanced piece of equipment. According to studies, people may reach their fitness goals and shed extra pounds by consistently doing workout routines and eating healthily while using the MYX Fitness Bike.

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