Noom Vs Mediterranean Diet – What You Need to Know

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The weight loss industry is thriving, and technology is enabling us to find new ways to successfully combat issues related to being overweight and obese. Two popular diets are Noom and the Mediterranean diet. In other words, certain established diets have remarkable scientific evidence behind them. By uniting these two elements, you can be certain of success. Let us analyze how the most modern technology offered by Noom contrasts with the old-age Mediterranean Diet.

What Is Noom Exactly?

Noom states that it is the ultimate weight-loss program you will ever require, as explained on its website. It’s like having an individual dedicated to physical training, dietary guidance, and overall wellness just a click away on your phone.

What sets Noom apart from other programs is its emphasis on altering habits concerning eating and the shedding of pounds. The application will demonstrate the most desirable dishes to consume, for instance. This approach succeeds in building knowledge instead of fear, teaching people how to create healthier decisions and why some foods are preferable to others. The app will also provide you with facts about healthy habits, ask you to gauge your motivation and then assess you afterwards.

The app might not appear to be very attractive (who has the energy to read and answer tests throughout the day?), however, it could be vital for losing weight and keeping it off for good. The app has very helpful educational elements regarding losing weight in a healthy manner, such as instruction on reducing calorie intake, increasing carbohydrates, and heightening physical activity.

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You have the opportunity to get rewards if you modify your behavior, as well as the aid of social assistance. Studies have demonstrated that positive reinforcement and accountability coaching both contribute significantly to achieving lasting results.

What is the Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean Diet is a lifestyle based off of dietary habits common to those living in Mediterranean regions. The diet emphasizes a large portion of fruits and vegetables, with the inclusion of nuts, healthy oils, and a reasonable amount of lean proteins like fish and poultry, all of which come from plant-based sources.

Noom vs. Mediterranean Diet – History

Brief History of Noom

In 2008, Saeju Jeong and Artem Petakov formulated a concept for a weight-loss program that was tech-focused, which led to the creation of Noom. The two have collaborated on multiple rounds of capital, including investments from big names such as Samsung and Sequoia Capital.

Presently, the offices of Noom exist in Seoul, South Korea; Tokyo, Japan; and New York City, United States of America. In addition to their Healthy Weight Program, the organization has also made available a scientifically validated program called the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP).

Brief History of the Mediterranean Diet

Many believe that the Mediterranean Diet comes from the ancient Greeks. Different populations such as the Romans took after the Greek eating habits, consisting of wine, oil and bread. Researchers recently noticed that those who adhered to a diet prescribed by the Mediterranean model were less likely to succumb to heart conditions compared to others from different countries.

The Seven Countries Study is the primary focus of the international interest in this plan. The research demonstrated a link between lifestyle, culture, and nutrition, as it related to health outcomes in Yugoslavia, Italy, Holland, Finland, Japan, U.S. and Greece. The research conducted indicated the advantages of adhering to a Mediterranean-style diet.

Noom vs. Mediterranean Diet – Who’s Behind the Plans?

Who Created Noom?

Two men with a talent for programming and health developed the Noom application. Artem Petakov and Saeju Jeong formulated a program with the involvement of dieticians, psychotherapists, physicians, and fitness coaches that has the potential to take into consideration a much more extensive amount of personal data than a lot of other similar programs.

Artem initially worked as a software engineering intern at Sun Microsystems. After that, he spent a spell at Google before teaming up to initiate WorkSmart Labs. WorkSmart Labs led to the development of Noom.

Seong has a slightly different story. He founded BuyHard Productions in Seoul, Korea. He had spent six years developing his business in the city before he joined forces with Artem to build up Noom.

Who Created the Mediterranean Diet?

People believe the Mediterranean Diet originated from Ancient Greek culture, which was then adopted by the Romans. By the 1960s, nations located in the vicinity of the Mediterranean Sea registered fewer issues with regards to the heart, so the diet was brought into the limelight.

Noom vs. Mediterranean Diet – Eating Plans

The Noom Eating Plan

Typically, one of the initial observations individuals make about Noom is that an emphasis is placed on unprocessed foods, with a priority on nourishing whole foods. Foods that are in their natural state contain vitamins and minerals that are not present in processed or enriched food. Nature works in tandem with our bodies to ensure the maximum absorption of nutrients, something that does not happen even with fortified foods.

Noom is not concerned with what food you consume, but rather encourages selection of healthy sustenance frequently and on occasion, perhaps, consuming those less healthy foods in limited quantities.

Noom emphasizes that its program covers social eating, how cognition and food are related, techniques for dealing with stress, controlling food cravings that come from emotions, the impact of exercise on our habits, and why we have certain eating and behavior patterns. Noom strives to make sure that these changes remain a part of your lifestyle, improving the likelihood that they will last over the long term and consequently assisting you in maintaining your weight for the duration of your life.

It is reassuring to know that the CDC has acknowledged Noom as an approach for promoting healthy living.

The Mediterranean Eating Plan

There is no specific way to transition somebody from a conventional Western diet to a Mediterranean diet. The best place to initiate would be by eliminating processed foods. Avoid soda, frozen desserts, cakes, candy, foods made from refined white flour such as spaghetti, sandwich bread, and rice. Replace these with whole foods and whole grains.

Slowly transitioning your meals and snacks to healthier options. Eventually, you’ll have adopted the Mediterranean-style of eating.

Noom vs. Mediterranean Diet – Plan Duration

How Long Does Noom Last?

Noom is a program that takes place over a period of 16 weeks in which the user gradually obtains understanding of facts regarding food selection, engaging in workout routines that are beneficial to health, and making changes to their lifestyle in order to gain long-term results with weight loss. For the 16-week period, the individual will be working with a private tutor for whom they can seek guidance and help with queries, offer progress updates, or just chat with.

How Long Does the Mediterranean Diet Last?

The Mediterranean Diet is not a short-term dieting plan, but rather a way of life. You make a shift in your dietary habits, incorporating wholesome items, advantageous fat sources, and lean proteins into your daily meals.

Significant Differences Between Noom and the Mediterranean Diet

Noom is an app-based program which is distinct from the Mediterranean Diet. The guidelines that Noom offers align with what is advocated for in the Mediterranean Diet.

Another difference involves structure. Noom is a 16-week program that works to promote greater dietary and lifestyle improvements through small, gradual modifications as a result of instruction, lessons, and tests. The Mediterranean Diet doesn’t involve any specific guidelines or objectives that you need to follow in order to maintain the new dietary regimen.

Can You Follow the Mediterranean Diet on Noom?

It is possible to abide by the guidelines of the Mediterranean Diet while utilizing Noom. There are many features in the plans that are similar, such as urging people to consume natural foods instead of processed foods. If you examine the essential Noom regimen with green, yellow, and red foods, the dishes in each of these groups agree with the food advisements of the Mediterranean Diet.

Here’s What Happens When You Download the Noom App

When you first download it to your phone, the app will ask you to provide info about your physical activity, age, gender, height, dietary habits, weight, and the reason you’re wanting to lose weight. This queries your propensity to develop illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Over the next 16 weeks, Noom will require you to complete 10 short courses. Each class dives into a topic that will bestow you with the expertise, aptitude, and instruments to aid you in getting trim and “growing significantly beyond simply weight loss.” It’s all dependent on you if you would like to dedicate as low as five minutes per day or up to 16 minutes each day to these education meetings.

In two days, you will be matched up with an individualized coach who will be in touch with you approximately twice a week to provide support and inspiration to further your progress. In a few days’ time, you will be given a mentor and a discussion room where you can speak with your peers. Your group leader will oversee the conversation and give advice on how to lose weight. Sometimes they will react to separate remarks, queries, and entries.

By the time your plan is established, you will know the amount of calories you need to strive for each day. This app necessitates that you monitor your daily exercise, as well as what you eat and drink during the day. You can also track the number of steps you take with this device, allowing you to monitor your level of activity. Noom encourages users to track other health-related statistics such as blood glucose level, blood pressure, and water consumption.

It is advisable to buy a membership for the Noom weight-loss program for a period of up to 12 months in order to preserve the outcomes achieved over the four months of the program.

What Can You Eat on Noom?

Noom does not impose strict prohibitions on certain types of food, but makes use of a colour-coded system to help identify which foods may help you or stop you from achieving your desired weight loss.

It is recommended that, when possible, roughly thirty percent of one’s daily diet should comprise of items from green foods, forty-five percent from yellow foods, and the remaining twenty-five percent from orange foods.

Foods which are green in colour, such as fruit and vegetables, have the least number of calories per volume and contain the most helpful nutrients. Foods that are yellow in color may contain higher amounts of calories, however they are not automatically unhealthy – meat and dairy are examples of this. Foods belonging to the orange category, such as processed foods and desserts, are the highest in calories but the lowest in nutrition.

You are still able to consume food that is orange; the app is just making you aware that these items tend to be high in calories and lower in the amount that it fills you up, therefore you should keep that in mind when trying to adhere to your daily caloric limitation.

Examples of green foods include the following:

  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Berries
  • Egg whites
  • Non-fat dairy products
  • Peppers
  • Quinoa
  • Spinach
  • Whole-grain bread

Foods that are considered yellow include the following:

  • Avocado
  • Beans
  • Black beans
  • Chicken
  • Salmon
  • Whole eggs

Orange foods include things like:

  • Beef
  • Burgers
  • Cakes
  • French fries
  • Full-fat dairy
  • Nuts
  • Nut butter
  • Olive oil
  • Seeds

What Does Noom Actually Do to Help with Weight Loss?

Noom assists you in being responsible and making wise decisions without someone else’s help. Thus, Noom does not provide a detailed scheme or program to direct your daily dietary choices. Rather than giving you a pre-determined list, the app requests that you enter all the food you consume and employs red, yellow, and green lights to assist you in discerning how fit your diet is.

Noom can be advantageous in terms of losing weight as they not only provide the user with information on how to develop a more conscious attitude in terms of eating to further weight loss and optional tracking mechanisms for physical activity and food ingestion, but they also look into the mental wellbeing aspect. Syn explains that they utilize a scientifically-grounded tactic to assist those using the program to realize a better comprehension of their connection with food, and even offer a private coach for encouragement throughout the program.


  • Some people swear by it. There are plenty of five-star reviews in the App Store. Just one example: “I was skeptical when I first started the trial. Roughly a month into this program, I have lost almost 10 pounds without much inconvenience.”
  • It holds you accountable. This is a big thing with reviewers, who point out that there are a lot of features to help keep you on track.
    It’s very specific. If you have trouble figuring out if your meals are healthy or how you should be moving on any given day, Noom can help guide you.
  • Ideal for someone who has never tried weight loss. If it’s the user’s first attempt to lose weight they’ll feel refreshed the all the guidance the app has to offer.

Take note: This is an app that is intended for people to help lose weight. If you have had a problem with worrying excessively about your weight or have a history of having eating issues, it could be a good idea to work one-on-one with a qualified nutritionist.


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