Quiet Punch Weight Loss Review

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Quiet Punch breathes new life into at-home workouts. Its durability and simplicity differentiate it from competitors such as the heavy bag, but will it aid in weight loss? Our researchers take a deep dive into Quiet Punch, looking for information from its founding to the way it operates.

Examine the results of Quiet Punch regarding weight loss!

What is Quiet Punch?

The Quiet Punch offers a convenient and mobile solution to quiet punching, as it can fit in the doorway of most domestic dwellings. The small size of this item makes it great for people living in apartments or dorms since it is less noisy than a traditional punching bag.

  • BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation – working out at home is highly recommended not only for physical fitness but a good way to deal with the times we’re living in today.
  • IJERPH – despite its proportions, this Quiet doorway punching bag gives men and women a cardio and strength training workout in the comfort of home. For some, this is better than burning gas and waiting for available equipment at the local gym.
  • Frontiers in Psychology – studies show the importance of physical activity during a pandemic. Home workouts offer numerous benefits and the cost is less than a year’s gym dues. This doorway punching bag is also easy to install and remove and it fits in almost any space when not in use.

Who Created Quiet Punch?

In 2013, Brian Pedone and Chris Santos initiated Quiet Punch. Pedone, a person who is into boxing and training with an expertise in computer science, wanted to combine his hobbies to create a fitness program that simulates the advantages of a real life session.

Santos was an early believer in Pedone’s ambitions and has been an invaluable asset in the accomplishment of the boxing exercise business since its inception.

Quiet Punch Claims

Those searching for an entertaining exercise routine to do at home may find that the Quiet Punch punching bag is an ideal fitness solution. People will have a good time doing an exercise that doesn’t put a strain on the joints, which may also help them become more agile and muscular.

This is an excellent exercise for those who have been residing inside their house for the past two years and are wishing to restore their physical fitness. Even if a person had not been to the gym in a while, a quiet punch bag would be an excellent way to gradually reintroduce themselves to a workout routine.

Exercising at a Punch Fitness center is a great method of maintaining heart health. Doing exercises from home is an excellent means of generating internal vigor and calming down stress. Experts often suggest that boxing and weight loss can help maintain motivation and boost self-esteem, but Quiet Punch provides an entire lifestyle alteration and mental shift.

Quiet Punch Equipment

What equipment comes with your purchase?

Each doorway hanging bag package includes a 4-pound pouch and two adjustable tension rods. Users who want to be more intense should consider using the Quiet Punch gloves.

Are there different packages or options to choose from?

A more advanced version of the program includes a sensory interface which tracks performance, growth, and gives the user guidance on achievable fitness ambitions. The Quiet Punch Play upgrade consists of a sensor, a corresponding smartphone app and a private web dashboard.

Dimensions and Installation

This punching bag is of a fairly small size with measurements of 12 by 12 inches, and has a thickness of around 5 inches. The bag is constructed from foam surrounded by PVC. The rods can be set to the appropriate size to accommodate any door frames or gaps measuring between 28-36 inches.

No tools are required to put it in place; all that’s needed is a steady hand to make sure that the rods are fastened firmly in the entrance. Some people may set up this in their lavatory entrance to diminish the amount of noise in the central part of their house, yet it will be as effective in any other room inside the home. Rods are constructed to prevent the destruction of surfaces or the scraping of paint. Individuals who need more guidance should watch the Quiet Punch video on YouTube to observe how to set up and operate a doorway punching bag.

Quiet Punch Workouts

The National Library of Medicine’s Medline Plus states that everyone can reap the rewards of frequent physical movement, yet sometimes becoming bored with activity is common. People can access online videos of training courses and activities designed for all skill levels. You can also find videos on YouTube and other platforms like Instagram. Many Amazon customers who have purchased the Most Quiet Punch declare that the bag is capable of withstanding punches from a variety of devices, similar to a double-end bag.

The sensor keeps track of the number of punches thrown during exercise. Helping to establish objectives that can be achieved through physical activity which can result in shedding pounds. It has a daily counter that automatically resets. It is recommended to wear Quiet Punch gloves when using this quiet punching bag to maximize the benefit from it. Kicks, such as occasional front kicks, should only be done infrequently and not with full power.

Quiet Punch and Weight Loss

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) states that it can be difficult to fight weight gain, however, through regular exercise, most health conditions can be managed. A Quiet doorway punching bag is beneficial for not only reducing any extra pounds but also helping people gain a burst of energy.

Exercising on a regular basis can boost circulation and aid in keeping the heart healthy when combined with a balanced diet. It is advised by the UC Davis Health System to keep a log of all meals, as well as finding simplistic approaches to savor food.

Harvard Medical School endorses boxing exercises as a form of weight loss. The Quiet Punch videos offer a variety of exercises that can be incorporated into personal fitness regimens or worked through on their own. Given that the instructions are straightforward, some people may proceed more quickly than the rest.

Incorporating the Quiet Punch doorway punching bag into one’s routine and eating habits that are adequately balanced could be beneficial in losing weight. While boxing can often be an aid in weight reduction, Quiet Punch does not offer dietary advice. Yet, this MedlinePlus page offers excellent meal planning guidance to promote better health.

Cost and Where to Buy

There is no need to pay a subscription for the original version or an upgrade of the Quiet Punch contraption. You pay a single fee for all of the items, and they are ready to use as soon as you receive them. The standard Quiet Punch punching bag that attaches to a doorframe is priced around $200, and the version that includes a motion sensor is an extra $50.

Individuals who order goods directly from the website may select from several options for interest-free payments. Quiet Punch also has an Amazon page.

What to Consider When Buying a Punching Bag

A few essential factors should be taken into consideration when occupying a small apartment. It is necessary to be aware that certain punching bags are not feasible to have in an apartment.

I kept the following needs in mind when selecting the most suitable exercise equipment.

Assembly Requirements

It might take a while to put together or position in the place you want, but it won’t take too much time and then it’ll be ready to go.

Size & Weight

It’s essential to think about the bulk and dimensions of the punching bag, since you may not have the capacity to store it or it could be inconvenient and excessively hefty to carry around often.

I have picked out objects ranging from small to big, both light and heavy, depending on whether they are empty or full of either water or sand.

Punch Bag Durability

It is vital to pay attention to the material of your punching bag as it will be put through a lot during your exercise routine.

Traditionally, punching bags were made of leather . Nowadays, punching bags come in a greater variety and are more affordable as a result of the components employed, for example vinyl, nylon, canvas, and plastic. All are suitable and extremely durable.


Having an apartment or small house means that storage is a precious commodity. In my apartment, I have an exercise corner. It’s revealed and I put things I don’t use in a safe place.

If you don’t have an issue with having your workout gear in the family room, then you’re in luck. I have suggested some items that are easy to put away and some that are somewhat more difficult to stash away.

Noise Level

Today’s apartments generally provide better acoustic insulation than their predecessors, though they are not flawless.

Typically, traditional hanging bags can cause vibrations which can be a problem when living in an apartment building. Choosing either a free standing punching bag or a doorway mounted one would be beneficial.

Other Punching Bags for Apartments

EZspeedbag Doorway Speed Bag

I discovered the EZspeedbag while conducting a study of punching bags; it is tailored to fit into the entryways of apartments or houses. This is not an actual punch-bag, but it is an excellent accompaniment to the Quiet Punch home gym and can also be used as a stand-alone item.

Suitable for a speedy exercise and developing your physical abilities! It is a good idea to use a speed bag if you are practicing Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, or any type of martial arts.

The Ezspeedbag does not necessitate drilling an expensive frame and mounting brackets to install it; however, it is an option if desired. The design of the Ezspeedbag makes it so it can be fitted to most doorways without drilling.

This bag is constructed of premium leather, as well as a hard plastic 18” backing panel. Fits in any 27″-42″ doorway.

The Ezspeedbag has a few problems to consider: Those who are shorter than 5 feet 8 inches might not be able to comfortably use a speed bag due to the height of their doorway.

The company offers an adjustment bar in cases where doorways are higher than desired.

Some reviewers do mention the difficulty in installation. Setting up a speed-bag isn’t going to be instantaneous, as it typically requires 5 minutes to do so. However, by practicing a few times, you’ll be able to get it up and running much faster in no time.

The operation of the Ezspeedbag produces a certain amount of sound. It isn’t too much and should not cause any troubles in an apartment building. Be careful when leasing door access tools as they can strip paint.

I thoroughly enjoy EZspeedbag because I do not have to put up any large frames or brackets in my house in order to have a speed bag.

I’m always scanning for exercise apparatus for cramped dwellings that won’t consume a lot of space and can be tucked away.

If you often travel for work and need a place to stay, the Ezspeedbag is perfect for you as it is small and does not take up much room in your car. It can be set up in any lodging, student residence, and working area.

It is of utmost importance to cultivate and sustain your muscular abilities for your general success. Doing amazing cardio exercise with the Ezspeedbag, which also promotes better hand-eye coordination. Great for your mind and body!

Ringside Fitness Reflex Bag

If you buy something, we get a cut of the sale without you having to pay any extra.

After sifting through a bunch of poor reviews and seeing that there were a lot of quality issues with other brands of products, I figured that the Ringside Fitness Reflex Bag was the top choice for at-home fitness equipment if you live in a small apartment.

The occupant of the second-floor apartment was delighted with the excellence of the product.

This reflex bag is constructed out of a remarkably strong synthetic leather, containing a metal rod and spring, and is set on a plastic base. The capacity of the plastic foundation tank is 125 pounds of water, or 240 pounds of sand. It is effortless to set the size to any dimension between 49” and 69”.

The cause of my decision to include a removable reflex bag was this. It is extremely simple to put together and can be conveniently stored when not being utilized. I would suggest that you don’t disassemble it since it does not occupy a lot of area, and you can put it away in a corner or extra room after you are done using it.

One major downside of Ringside Fitness Reflex Bag is that it requires the base to be filled with either water or sand. After the bottom is totally filled, it makes the item much heavier, making it hard to shift.

Although it is super easy to assemble. It may take anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes to get everything ready initially. Other people commented that the process of taking apart the item is far simpler and requires approximately 5 minutes on average.

I took the time to research many similar products and I was thoroughly impressed with the reviews and quality of the Ringside Fitness Reflex Bag, making it my top choice.

This type of apartment workout gear is ideal because of its minimal required space and users have stated that it does not move at all during exercise. Users of other similar products have mentioned that their reflex bag would move around during physical activity.

The bag hitting will create some low level sound, but the machine is kept very quiet during the toughest exercises.

This Reflex Bag is ideal for boxers, mixed martial artists, or anyone who wants to improve their cardiovascular fitness in their own home. Exercising with a reflex bag can strain the muscles in your arms and body while also enhancing your hand-eye coordination, timing, and accuracy. In addition, the bag provides an intensive cardio session.

Bottom Line on Quiet Punch Results

The Quiet Punch provides an innovative approach to staying in shape and exercising wherever you are, with its personal punching bag. This item is both lightweight and easy to transport, yet its construction is tough enough to sustain many impacts over a long period of time. The small size makes it a great choice for taking on trips, since it contracts, allowing it to fit easily into suitcases, gym bags and other portable containers.


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