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VidaSlim is an aid for slimming; it contains high amounts of fiber which can help shed excess fat and reinvigorate the body. An important component of the item is tejocote, a purgative that is often included in numerous diet pills. Our research team made a thorough inquiry into VidaSlim, exploring its ingredients, consequences, assessments, instructions, and much more.

To get the ultimate conclusion about this diet pill, continue reading to the end.

VidaSlim can be purchased through their Official Site.

What is VidaSlim?

Vidaslim is touted as a form of dieting, a supplement for weight loss, and according to the website, it is a way of life. Vidaslim has recently started manufacturing teas, shakes, superfood powders, and even coffees that claim to be beneficial for weight reduction. However, Vidaslim capsules are still the foundation of this brand, and these are strictly diet pills.

So, does Vidaslim really work? In this review of Vidaslim, we shall center on the supplement as a weight loss aid. Is Vidaslim safe? Does it promote fat loss? Is it the best fat burner on sale today? Read on for answers!

Who Makes VidaSlim?

Ashley Alonso is VidaSlim USA’s founder and owner. The changes to her health that she experienced due to her weight loss sparked the brand campaign. It is based in San Antonio, Texas.

It started off as an organization that gives out weight reduction supplements. Today they offer supplements both online and through consultants.

VidaSlim maintains that its customers are given access to the finest customer service and products. They maintain that their ingredients are top-notch, that their items go through rigorous examination, and that the team of experts with the company offer assistance to each individual in their endeavor to lose weight.

VidaSlim Reviews

Many people have provided feedback on VidaSlim online. Generally, the reviews are positive. As evidenced by ratings shared on social media, most users are happy with the platform, products, and service.

The customers found satisfaction in the website’s user-friendly layout and speedy response time. It was reported that taking the supplement caused considerable weight reduction. Others said they felt energized after using it. Some customers expressed dissatisfaction because they did not observe any changes, with reports of cramps, exhaustion, and puffiness being made.

VidaSlim has an excellent rating from the Better Business Bureau, with no reported grievances in the last 2 years.

What VidaSlim Claims Did We Find?

VidaSlim claims their products are 100% all-natural roots of tecojote, and they also claim that they provide the following benefits:

Helps your body recover from illness.

  • Eliminate constipation.
  • Help you lose fat.
  • Relieve pain in the feet and legs caused by excess fluid or weight retention.

It is claimed that these items will enhance the look of one’s skin, eliminate excess oil and spots, and foster robust, healthy nails and hair.

Vidaslim Ingredients

What ingredients are in Vidaslim?

We will now look at each element of Vidaslim in detail and illustrate how they help with weight reduction and why they are an aspect of this dietary supplement. Please leave any queries you have in the comments section below.

Tejocote Root – DOSE UNKNOWN

Tejocote Root is a plant native to Mexico. It is often referred to as Mexican scammony root. It has been called upon for ages in ancient medical practices, and now it has started to be taken as a natural supplement.

Tejocote Root is a stimulant laxative that promotes a faster bowel movement. That is why it can be found in some weight loss supplements because consuming it regularly encourages frequent bowel movements that prevent taking in calories. The results of this are decreased nutrient intake, adverse reactions, and dehydration – learn more about this in the portion of Vydaslim about side effects! We are not very happy to observe this to be the primary substance of Vidaslim.


Pectin is a fiber found in fruit. At times, it can be used in the kitchen as a thickening agent, and it has been incorporated in the making of medicines. Pectin can be utilized as an additive to help bring down cholesterol, keep triglycerides from rising, and to facilitate certain gastrointestinal issues, including indigestion. No scientific data exists to support the utilization of pectin for any specific function. No scientific studies have identified any advantage associated with pectin, but there has not been any evidence that it can decrease cholesterol levels.

It is uncertain why pectin is an ingredient in Vidaslim, even if it can help reduce cholesterol. It is rather perplexing that the Vidaslim ingredients list cites 30% of the prevalent recommended daily value of pectin, even though there is no specified daily allowance for the said nutrient. It is pointless to include this in something such as Vidaslim, which is meant to reduce fat.

Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Calcium – POINTLESS DOSES

The incorporation of these components makes the situation even more confusing than the application of Pectin. To begin with, the amount; elements that makeup Vidaslim as a weight-loss aid are stated to contain no daily value of Vitamin A and no daily value of calcium in each fixed quantity. Why bother listing them on the label then? We only consume 20% of our daily recommended value of Vitamin C, which is incredibly low. This nutrient is usually taken in amounts much higher than the daily reference intake.

Despite the presence of the proper amounts of each compound, the motive behind including them in Vidaslim remains undetermined. The lack of vitamins from using Tejocote root is not as significant as the lack of minerals. The majority of the shortfalls in nutrients can be observed in food items that don’t have an abundance of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Calcium; the common diet generally provides sufficient quantities of those elements. These are useless ingredients in Vidaslim.

Does VidaSlim Work? Benefits

Here are the advantages the corporation states its products give. It is important to remember that certain amounts of certain components have been found to be successful. It cannot be definitively determined if VidaSlim can actually offer these advantages.


Tejocote contains ample amounts of pectin, a compound that can assist in burning excess fat. Pectin turns into a gel-like material in the stomach, which makes you feel sated and lessens your food consumption. Research from Food & Function suggests that pectin helps to reduce blood fat levels, as it binds to cholesterol in the digestive system, decreasing the amount of cholesterol that is assimilated.

Green Tea

Green tea can be used to rev up your metabolism, facilitate burning fat more efficiently, and shrink your waist size. The Journal of Functional Foods recorded that 118 participants did a 12-week trial drinking either caffeinated or decaffeinated drinks. The research into catechin-enriched green tea found that it had a notable effect in diminishing body fat, body weight and the fat tissue inside of the abdomen.


Resveratrol is suggested to be capable of reducing cholesterol, which then results in decreased fatty cells and enhanced heart well-being. It works by inhibiting an enzyme that produces cholesterol. A review from 2015 in Clinical Nutrition reported that significant quantities of resveratrol might help reduce the force on the artery walls each time the heart pumps.

Acai Berry Powder

Acai berry powder is a substance containing lots of antioxidants that could possibly decrease oxidative stress and block free radical destruction. A 2008 research study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry discovered that consuming applesauce and acai pulp was able to boost antioxidant levels in a group of 12 people who had not eaten anything prior. This implies that the body can assimilate the antioxidant components of acai effortlessly.

White Tea

Decrease Weight: White tea is loaded with catechins and caffeine. This beverage is created using Camellia Sinensis leaves, similar to green tea. This product is full of antioxidants, which help to maintain health and boost the body’s defense against infection. Research has showed that caffeine can help to break down fat, raise the metabolic rate, and aid people in shedding unwanted pounds. It has been proposed in the International Journal of Obesity that white tea is able to augment metabolism by approximately 4 to 5%. This corresponds to a daily incineration of approximately 70 to 100 more calories.

What About VidaSlim and Weight Loss?

VidaSlim contains several natural substances that may help in reducing weight. Because of the chemicals in them, these natural elements have a lot of different effects on burning body fat. However, the mixture of components and the amount used may not be enough to ensure that the claim about shedding pounds will be achieved.

For example, green tea, white tea, and pectin have all been known to benefit the body; that said, there is minimal to no evidence via clinical trials that demonstrate how effective these components are in holistic sense within this particular brand of products.

Vidaslim Side Effects

What are the side effects of VidaSlim?

Users of Vidaslim have reported various side effects such as headaches, tiredness, sleepiness, weariness, and contractions.

No Vidaslim customer reports have been found discussing digestion problems, but there is a lot of anecdotal information indicating that consistent consumption of Tejocote Root might result in digestive issues such as diarrhea, abdominal cramps, nausea, throwing up, and abdominal agony.

No long-term clinical trials involving human participants have been conducted to thoroughly evaluate pectin or tejocote root. The limited medical evidence regarding pectin suggests it can cause abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, flatulence, and liquid stools.

Overall then, Vidaslim is highly likely to cause a range of side effects, including:

  • Stomach cramps
  • Diarrhea
  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Loose stools
  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

Prolonged consumption of Tejocote root can lead to serious deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. It is completely reckless of Vidaslim’s maker to encourage consuming this slimming pill consistently for several weeks (from thirty to ninety days depending on the strategy utilized).

Please keep in mind that we are not medical professionals and the information we provide is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. If you encounter any adverse reactions when taking Vidaslim, immediately stop taking the supplement and get medical assistance. Do not combine Vidaslim with any other products that help reduce body fat or aid in weight-loss.

How Long Does It Take to Lose Weight with VidaSlim?

Most user reviews suggest that it can take 2 to 3 months of using VidaSlim before a person’s weight begins to decrease.

It is conceivable to have more rapid weight reduction when adopting strong laxatives like Tejocote root. This Vidaslim additive is reputed to trigger violent and expeditious gastrointestinal action. It can be hard to break down food effectively when consuming Tejocote root.

This is not a sound or lasting method for losing weight! It’ll bring about distress and soreness, and the outcome may be extreme nutrient deficiencies, starvation, and damage to your gut.

How to Take VidaSlim: Directions

Take one microdose of VidaSlim every day with water. For best results, take it after meals. The company has a wide range of items available for slimming down, ranging from teas to shakes to additional forms of supplementation. Each item comes with its own set of instructions. Do not take more than the suggested amount and abide by the guidelines precisely.

Can I Take With…

The Food and Drug Administration does not give the green light to or control dietary supplements, VidaSlim among them, even though it only has one active constituent. It is essential that you talk to your doctor before utilizing any of these with any medicine or health issue.

Also, try to avoid:

  • Mixing medication or supplements.
  • Substituting supplements (over-the-counter, prescription).
  • Taking too many supplements.

The Pros and Cons


  • Natural ingredients
  • Affordable
  • Comes in multiple forms: capsules, pills, shakes, etc.
  • Mild side effects


  • There are only two flavors: vanilla and chocolate.
  • It may cause diarrhea, headaches, and cramps.

Where to Buy VidaSlim and Cost?

VidaSlim is sold in a variety of forms and formats through many dependable suppliers and stores. You can mainly purchase the items either through the manufacturer’s official website or with the help of their health advisors. By joining, you will be able to get further goods from agents.

Other online stores offer certain items. VidaSlim is not available at Walmart or Amazon.

The cost will be contingent on the type and number of items. Some of the costs are outlined below.

  • Weight Loss Pills 30 Day: $35
  • Tranquility 30 Day: $50
  • Pills 90 Day: $85

Vidaslim Review Conclusion: Is it a good weight loss supplement?

Is Vidaslim a good fat burner?

No, absolutely not!

Vidaslim is just a Tejocote Root supplement. This is an extremely powerful natural laxative. Consuming this product daily may aid in shedding pounds rapidly, however it is not an optimal or sustainable way to lose weight. Consuming Tejocote root on a daily basis will lead to negative consequences.

The other components of Vidaslim – Pectin plus small doses of two vitamins and calcium – won’t help you gain faster weight loss. They are simply making the components more attractive and charging you a higher price! We highly suggest referring to the ingredients part of our Vidaslim examination for further information.

If you are attempting to shed excess pounds, particularly hard-to-get-rid-of fat like that around your midsection, laxatives are not the solution! Search for a full-service fat burner which incorporates natural hunger inhibitors, high-energy agents, components that generate heat, and compounds that help with fat burning.


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