Researchers may have found a link between Alzheimer’s disease and a common class of herbicides

Researchers might have just found a link between Alzheimer’s disease and a very common class of herbicides. The researchers who have found this out are from the country of France. They have uncovered something that many people probably overlooked and it could be one of the leading causes of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Crop chemicals are the name of this link.

Key Takeaways:

  • And based on what Beyond Pesticides has put together thus far, there’s plenty of convincing evidence to show that crop chemicals can be triggers of neurodegeneration.
  • In other words, people who test high for pesticide chemicals in their bodies are more likely to suffer from dementia.
  • This is why it’s critically important to consume organically grown food whenever possible and drink only purified water that’s undergone advanced filtration, both of which will help to minimize the risk of exposure.

“At least 11 other studies reveal similar outcomes associated with pesticide exposure – mainly increased risk of neurodegeneration in both young and old. This is why it’s critically important to consume organically grown food whenever possible and drink only purified water that’s undergone advanced filtration, both of which will help to minimize the risk of exposure.”

Eating this fruit can do magic to our health – Start consuming it now.

This article starts out by stating how herbal or natural food and supplements are better than synthetic. It uses the Sinigwela, or Spanish plum as an example of an exotic super fruit. It has many nutrients that have health a vast array of health benefits, such as controlling cholesterol, antioxidant protection, enhanced absorption of nutrients, an immune system booster, among many others. It also notes that you should not eat the seed, as it contains toxins.

Key Takeaways:

  • One great example of a fruit that has countless benefits is the sinigwelas.
  • Since singwelas belongs to the family of plums, it is naturally rich in Vitamin A, dietary fiber, beta-carotene, and potassium!
  • Since it is very rich in antioxidants, it can neutralize disease-causing oxygen radicals that can build up inside the body.

“One great example of a fruit that has countless benefits is the sinigwelas.”

The 15 Health Benefits Of Eating Lanzones That Many Of Us Didn’t Know – Old Natural Cures

Lanzones is a fruit that contains many health benefits. You can choose to eat the raw or mature Lanzone depending on your preference of sour or sweet. The color of the lanzone indicates its stage of maturity. Green indicates raw, while yellow indicates a mature lanzone. Lanzones have evidence of being an antioxidant, helping anti-aging, making the teeth stronger, improving skin, and many more. In addition, this fruit can help treat worms, increase the health of hair, improving the nails.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is known that the Lanzones fruit is loaded with vitamin C which has the ability to function as an antioxidant.
  • The lanzons have become one of the fruits that have the ability to prevent premature aging thanks to its antioxidant content that can effectively fight free radicals
  • Regular consumption of this fruit will help you have whiter and stronger teeth.

“Compared to apples and oranges, the lanzone contains more calories, in addition to minerals and iron.”

Gastric acid suppressant lansoprazole may target tuberculosis

New research published by PLOS Medicine reports that Lansoprazole, a cheap and widely used drug to treat heartburn, gastritis, and ulcers, is found to work against a bacteria that causes tuberculosis. In many parts of the world drug resistant tuberculosis is a major problem with many existing drugs having unacceptable side effects.

Key Takeaways:

  • In the year 2016, Tuberculosis was apart of the top ten deadly diseases that were ending people’s lives all over the globe
  • Lansoprazole is a medicine that is very inexpensive and has been used to possibly lower the bacteria taken in from tuberculosis
  • Medication does have effects that can be harmful, but in the end, the drug is a step closer to treating these diseases and possibly ending them

“In England, there were a total of 5,664 TB cases in 2016 with London accounting for almost 40 per cent of all cases.”

These Are The 5 Health Problems That Can Be Solve Naturally By Onions – Healthy Food Choices

A lot of our foods are known to have applications for health due to antioxidants or vitamins or anti-inflammatory processes. Onions in particular are good for a number of ailments. Eaten or applied, they can help in some ways you might not expect. Try an onion for clogged ears, apply a cut one to burns to help soothe the pain or even eat them raw to help with detox. Onions as part of the allium family have a high level of antioxidants but the whole onion itself appears to be useful for common and varied ailments.

Key Takeaways:

  • Onions are great for cholesterol levels, heart, arthritis, a great antioxidant, and it is good for diabetes due to its flavonoid and sulfur properties.
  • If you ever burn yourself out, slice an onion and immediately apply one-half on the burn with the cut side down.
  • Onions have the ability to help your body in removing the toxins, hence, you have to consume raw of its form. It is the best and a natural way to remove toxins.

“Onions are known as a natural treatment for numerous health problems. It is the best remedy for severe vomiting and acts as a general antibiotic that has the ability to make your immune system stronger.”

Flies can help in public health surveillance: Study

That most annoying of bugs, the fly, might be of help to researchers in public health studies. The blowfly and housefly are the two most common, feasting on detritus and picking up hundreds of types of bacteria. Researchers at the Singapore Center at NTU have suggested that flies bred in sterile conditions can be loosed like spies into environments where they can pick up bacteria specific to that area. After they are re-caught, the flies and passengers can be analyzed to provide data on types of microscopic organisms in an area.

Key Takeaways:

  • Flies could be used to surveil environmental bacterial.
  • Flies carry hundreds of species of bacteria.
  • Flies contaminate every surface that they land on.

“Researchers have found that because flies are the very vessels that transport harmful and sometimes deadly bacteria, the insects can also be used to monitor the diseases circulating in the environment.”

Sugar Industry Long Downplayed Potential Harms

It’s no secret to anyone that sugar isn’t exactly the healthiest option, but newly released documents suggest that the sugar industry has been covering up the true dangers of the product. The industry funded and launched research into the cardiovascular effects of sugar and kept the results, which spelled some dangers, from the public. Reports of this are being denied by the Sugar Association.

Key Takeaways:

  • Burried research from the 1960’s suggested that sugar could be harmful.
  • The internal industry documents were uncovered by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco.
  • Evidence suggests that the sugar industry has long tried to mislead the public and protect its economic interests by suppressing worrisome research.

“The sugar industry funded animal research in the 1960s that looked into the effects of sugar consumption on cardiovascular health — and then buried the data when it suggested that sugar could be harmful, according to newly released historical documents.”

Smoking kills 1,200 daily in US, tobacco firms admit

After a court ruling requiring tobacco companies to publish corrected statements regarding the dangers of smoking to one’s health, the time has come for the ruling to be upheld and the significance of this victory against US tobacco companies is detailed. The adds require the dangers of smoking to be highlighted in clear terms.

Key Takeaways:

  • Smoking kills an average 1,200 Americans daily — or 438,000 per year — US tobacco companies admitted Sunday in court-ordered “corrective statements” published in newspapers.
  • The ad continued that “more people die every year from smoking than from murder, AIDS, suicide, drugs, car crashes and alcohol, combined,” with the last word highlighted.
  • The industry has deliberately addicted millions of people with a product it knew would kill as many as half of them years before their time.

“”What this case has succeeded in doing is to finally force the tobacco industry to ’fess up to what it has known and done for the past 50 years,” said Cliff Douglas, director of the Cancer Society’s Center for Tobacco Control.”

Government releases suite of cannabis regulations for public consultation

Health Canada release papers calling for marijuana regulations. The regulations would be in relation to sale and the information and packaging provided. The regulations would be similar to those for tobacco; requiring clear labeling and health warnings. The publications was published to receive feedback on the suggestions. As well Statistics Canada wants to track economic and other effects of marijuana.

Key Takeaways:

  • A proposal for the development of health warning messages covering the risks associated with cannabis use during pregnancy
  • Text and graphics used in brand elements could not be appealing to youth and would be subject to the packaging and labelling restrictions in the proposed Cannabis Act
  • Statistics Canada said it plans to start measuring the economic and social impacts of recreational pot — even before it becomes legal.

“Health Canada…call[s] for mandatory warnings [on cannabis] similar to those found on tobacco products.”

Research into light sensitivity shows how the human eye responds to “invisible light,” impacting several important biological functions

Melanopsin in the human eye signals the circadian rhythm cycle and is most activated by blue light in the visible spectrum. Disruptions to melanopsin via blue lit electronics can effect sleep cycles and even migraines and light sensitivity. The effect is cumulative and damage can produce early macular degeneration among other sight disorders. It’s best to limit blue lighting from artificial sources, particularly at night before bed and buy computer and phone screen filters to reduce emissions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Excessive use of mobile devices are to be avoided if you wish to get a proper night’s rest. This is because the melanopsin protein is sensitive to blue light and establishes our circadian rhythms (day-night cycle). Mobile device use should be done in short periods and avoided prior to sleep.
  • Some individuals even have physical reactions to bright lights, resulting in severe migraine headaches and in others, epilepsy.
  • Blue light, from electronic devices, can cause cataracts and other forms of retinal damage. Aside from loss of vision, it can accelerate age-related macular degeneration. Long-term exposure to these artificial rays can cause abnormal hormone secretion, poor heart rates, lack of alertness, and sleep disorders.

“Recent studies on the mammalian eye shed light on why some people have excessive light sensitivity. These new discoveries may contribute to developing effective therapies for individuals who experience migraine headaches and concussions with light sensitivity.”

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