The DB Method – A Review of the DB Method

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A specially created machine is utilized in performing a collection of squat exercises known as the DB Method from the home. They say that this compact device can be used in your home to strengthen your glute muscles. A handful of people have actually posted tutorial videos which demonstrate the advantages of its use and how to operate it.

Some people say that using exercise machines focusing on the glutes, like the DB Method, is useful if done properly since it provides the opportunity to exclusively concentrate on that particular muscle group. Is this particular device advantageous in the same way? Be certain to continue to read in order to gain greater understanding about DB Method’s conclusion.

DB Method can be purchased through their Official Site.

What is the DB Method?

The DB Method apparatus is a straightforward system designed for use in the home which provides an individual with the ability to obtain a workout specifically geared towards their glutes within minutes each day. This machine is designed to offer the maximum benefit from squat exercises, making sure muscles are stimulated fully. It includes in-app classes, challenges and progress.

Employing the machine allows you to focus on the muscles that you desire to work out, which then leads to increased strength and slimming. But has research verified this assertion?

Who Created the DB Method?

The company which designed the DB Method states it gives plenty of assistance to its customers. On their website, they provide numerous activities that customers can use in order to make the most of the device and to accomplish their desired weight-loss objectives.

The DB Method and the BBB

Despite not being endorsed by the Better Business Bureau, the DB Method holds a “B” rating. The average rating from 12 customer reviews was 1.33 out of 5 stars. The BBB has its headquarters at 225 Broadway, Floor 35, New York, NY 10007-3001. Customers often turn to the Better Business Bureau to seek resolution when it comes to matters such as missing orders, refunds, and any wrong charges or credits. A total of 43 grievances were settled over the past three years, with 14 of those settled in the past twelve months.

DB Method Claims

The company asserts that when you are using their machine correctly, your weight is transferred away from your legs to specifically target your glute muscles.

The weight of their device is less than 30 pounds, making it easy to stow away. The company insists that the DB workouts will provide the intended outcome.

DB Method Equipment

The DB squat machine unit offers 220 lbs. of precise resistance that the company states will give a better workout. The firm purportedly states that using their product during physical activity produces a substantial burning sensation, which in turn tones and strengthens muscles.

The company dictates the exact tension levels so that all users can receive the best glute and core workout experience. Unfortunately, users are not able to make changes to the levels. This device can give an extensive exercise and toning session, if preferred it can also provide a mild exercise regimen.

DB Method Dimensions and Installation

The apparatus utilized for the DB Technique is lightweight and just weighs under 30 lbs. It is simple to put away when it is not being employed.

The DB Method Workouts

Several famous people have given the stamp of approval to this recently released item. Kim Kardashian was so impressed with the product and everything it accomplished that she sent one of them to every female in her family, including her mom.

If you’ve never experienced using the glute machine, the company has some suggested exercises on their website. These assist customers in taking the correct position and approach for an exercise which yields the greatest outcomes.

When exercising, you sit on the machine and bring your body into a crouched posture. By doing this motion repeatedly, the machine targets the lower part of your body and abs. A study appearing in the Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology revealed that these forms of physical activity may provide assistance to ladies experiencing specific pain difficulties.

Handrails are provided to help you keep your equilibrium. When you exercise, the device will adjust your balance to put the emphasis on your butt instead of your lower body. The Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology suggests that the effects of this activity might be more advantageous than running on the glutes.

Sitting for extended lengths of time can put extra strain on the knees or back, as demonstrated in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. To avoid this, one should focus on activities that do not require sitting and change positions regularly to take the stress off these vulnerable areas.

This makes working out the region simpler for some individuals compared to performing regular squats. Studies have shown that certain types of exercise can have a greater effect on specific muscles than other types. Exercises in the workout are designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles through the DB technique.

DB Machine and Weight Loss

The company suggests that only people who are five feet or shorter and weighing no more than 250 lbs should employ the DB machine and exercises. People who weigh more than 250 pounds are unlikely to get any benefit from this weight-loss device.

It has been suggested that the DB Machine has other advantageous results besides assisting with weight loss, such as increasing strength and decreasing back discomfort. A number of surveys have been conducted to explore this.

A study conducted by the British Journal of Sports Medicine suggests that particular physical activities can assist with lower back pain relief. Studies reported in the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine showed that exercising the hips may increase some indicators of physical capability.

Subscription, Cost, and Where to Buy

The DB machine is available through the company’s website. Currently, the machine costs $329. Details about the machine’s strengths, advantages, and exercise regimens can be found on their social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram.

You are guaranteed a refund within 30 days of your purchase. The machine can be sent back as long as it is in good standing and inside its initial packaging.

  • The Basics ($329) – Includes: Machine and DreamMount
  • The Essentials ($420.20) – Includes: Machine, DreamBand, DreamBelt, DreamMat, and DreamMount
  • The Deluxe ($476.20) – Includes: Machine, DreamBand, DreamBand Pro, DreamBelt, DreamDiscs, Dreamlets, DreamMat, and DreamMount

Other Picks for the Best Squat Machines:

Sunny Health & Fitness

This product offers a comprehensive workout with a built-in LCD display to track your exercise, and can be effortlessly relocated.

Machine Weight: 27.3 pounds

Maximum Recommended User Weight: 220 pounds

This machine is a great way to exercise from your living room or bedroom as it is lightweight and easy to use. It is geared to focus on every muscle group, so that you can have a comprehensive workout without needing to go to a gym. You can use this machine for deadlifts and chest presses. Although you won’t be able to copy the impacts of these exercises utilizing typical apparatus, like bars or weights, it is still a pleasant option if you are searching for an approach to include some light form work to your exercise program.

This squat machine has a customizable seat that can be adjusted in four different ways, self-correcting footplates, and a soft handlebar. It is perfect for those dealing with lower body discomfort or needing help with proper squat technique. Different reviewers have had positive things to say about the Squat Assist Row-N-Ride, emphasizing its high quality as well as its economical costs.


  • The full-body focus is a great touch, as you’ll be able to train nearly every muscle during your workout.
  • We also like that this machine is designed to easily fold and transport, so you can put it away when not in use.


  • While there are three resistance settings, eventually users may find they need more resistance than this machine can provide.
  • Because it requires using your legs AND arms, adding extra weight is very challenging.


This product is designed to be lightweight, portable, and effectively target the glutes and quads.

Machine Weight: 29 pounds

Maximum Recommended User Weight: 250 pounds

Marcy’s Squat Rider is a conveniently lightweight, easy to transport apparatus especially made to stress the glutes and quads during the entire exercise.

The seat and handles can be changed quickly with a twist of a dial, although some Amazon reviews have reported that it is tough for people over six feet tall to use. This compact piece of equipment is able to be compacted for convenient storage and features an integrated screen to monitor your exercise instantly. This item can be purchased for as little as $99, and it still includes support and firmness for the upper part of the body.


  • For training your glutes on a budget, the Marcy Squat Rider is a fantastic option that’s easy to use, and includes multiple levels of resistance


  • Some taller reviewers found this difficult to use, and reported that the at-home assembly can be a little tricky.


The sturdiness of this machine ensures that there is no lack of difficult drills to help strengthen the quads. Moreover, it has varied functions that are useful for a range of exercises.

Machine Weight: 17.9 pounds

Maximum Recommended User Weight: 320 pounds

If you don’t prefer the usage of free-standing squat machines, consider attempting sissy squats. As opposed to other machines which confine you and make you go through a limited scope of movement, sissy squats just secure your lower legs in place, permitting your upper body to travel naturally.

You can perform a deep squat which targets your quads in particular. If your bodyweight is too easy for you, you can add extra weight to increase the difficulty of the exercise. The apparatus does not come with any weights, but if you happen to possess barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, or any other heavy objects at home, you can lift those while doing squats.

The construction of this apparatus makes it possible to do a multitude of exercises, not just squats but also press-ups, lunges, and sit-ups. Its versatility is a great advantage. This piece of machinery has measurements of 36 inches in length, 17 inches in width and 14.5 inches in height and requires quite a bit of space on the floor, as it cannot be folded up and put away. However, it can still be moved when necessary.


  • As this machine doesn’t provide resistance, you can use any amount of external weight you choose, so you’ll never outgrow this machine.


  • Sissy squats are an advanced exercise, and can put extra strain on the knees. Those brand-new to training, or those with knee pain, may wish to avoid this machine.

The Benefits of a Squat Machine

Squat machines offer users a safe and easy way to exercise.

Many gym-goers have difficulties with traditional squats. Adding a barbell to your back and performing squats with it will definitely work your legs, but a lot of people are not comfortable carrying heavy free weights and taking off the bar from the squat stand.

Incorrect form when lifting weights can lead to back, hip, or knee pain and can result in the unintended dropping of the barbell if too much weight is put on.

A squat machine takes the pressure off of your back and arms, and it makes sure you are exercising with the correct technique. Most users will be able to squat so that their legs and hips reach their full capacity, which can be quite difficult with a heavyweight bar on their shoulders.

Many machines are manufactured for use in people’s homes, allowing them to do a full leg exercise in the comfort of their own space utilizing just one item of equipment. Regular squats need a lot of weight, which most of us don’t have access to in our residences. These weights are pricey, and they take up a lot of room when attempting to move them.

Once you have your squat station organized, you will have all the elements for an excellent workout for the lower half of your body, without anxiety about having to handle heavy weights.

What to Look for in a Squat Machine

You should focus primarily on the type of backing given. Some machines provide a supportive experience for the entire body, while others concentrate solely on the legs.

Certain machines will keep your hands, feet and legs firmly fixed in their place, granting you the highest standard of security and protection. The negative aspect is that you will be limited to a predefined range of movement and it may be hard to modify the equipment to meet your specific needs.

Alternatives such as a sissy squat apparatus only attach your feet, permitting your upper body to move around according to your wishes. This provides greater liberty of motion, however it could be difficult for those just starting out.

If you are looking for more protection and steadiness, select a machine that safeguards your torso as well. For those seeking a greater difficulty level and faith in their ability to maintain equilibrium, a sissy squat may be the better choice.


Most squat machines are quite easy to move, but the sissy squat machine is more complicated to transport.

Choose a lightweight, portable option if you plan on storing your machine away when it’s not in use. There are some machines that have been specially made to be lightweight and collapsible for easy transportation.


The cost of the product should be taken into consideration when buying, but don’t worry, you don’t need to spend too much money to get a high-quality squat machine. Out of the machines we are considering, the most costly one costs more than $300, while the other two come in at less than $100, which is a great bargain when looking at exercise devices.

Bottom Line on DB Method Results

Many people gave favorable feedback to the organization, but some said that not being able to customize the service was a drawback. Nevertheless, others stated that they perceived the exercise to be secure, fast, and efficient.


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