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It is of the utmost importance to maintain hydration for overall wellbeing, hence why Biosteel Hydration asserts that it is the ideal option for people on the move or while they are working out. We studied Biosteel Hydration mix, including its business, components, and facts, to decide if the advantages of using it are credible.

What did our scientists discover that you must be aware of?

Biosteel Hydration can be purchased through their Official Site.

What Are Electrolytes?

Electrolytes are significant minerals like sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphate, and chloride, which are required for sustaining the body’s liquid equilibrium. They are significant for proper functioning of the nerves, muscles, and brain.

What Are Electrolyte Replacement Drinks Used For?

Water and electrolytes are lost when we sweat. This applies for lengthy jogs, brief sprints on sweltering days, or while laboring outside. The electrolyte that we most frequently excrete in our sweat is sodium, thus making it essential to replenish.

The quantity of electrolytes you shed is contingent on various elements, including the length and vigor of the exercise, the heat or moisture level, and the quantity of perspiration. One’s genetics have an impact in that some individuals have sweat that is saltier than that of others. On average, you lose between 300 and 800 milligrams of sodium per liter of sweat. Certain marathoners can drop off even more, particularly when the climate is too warm for them to get used to.

A lack of proper fluid and electrolyte levels in our bodies can bring on dehydration, as well as the potential for cramping and spasms in the muscles. In the most serious scenarios, our heart and brain can suffer from these disparities, which could even be fatal. This is why it is critical for runners to replenish electrolytes!

Ingredients in Electrolyte Replacement Drinks

Electrolyte drinks contain water, electrolytes and sugar/sweeteners. Every beverage has definite quantities of each component to aid in restocking blood sugar, liquids, and electrolytes which were lost during physical activity.


All electrolyte drinks have water as their base ingredient, which aids in replenishing any liquid lost during physical activity and gets the body hydrated again. A few items come in a powder form and need to be blended with water prior to consumption.


Previously stated, during physical activity, our bodies deplete electrolytes by perspiring.

When we perspire, the main electrolyte that is eliminated is sodium and then potassium, so both are included in all electrolyte beverages.

Sodium also makes you feel thirsty. Putting it in electrolyte beverages can assist in improving how much you consume, which in turn could help you intake more water to keep hydrated.

Sugars and Sweeteners

Sugars and/or sweeteners are also included in electrolyte drinks.

Incredible as it may seem, sugar plays a part in hydration. In addition to supplying energy through carbohydrates, the correct level of sugar can help facilitate quicker water absorption from the gastrointestinal tract. A 6-8% concentration of carbohydrates is the most efficient for speedy digestion and absorption. Anything greater or smaller than the proper amount can impede the rate of the liquids exiting our stomach. This can contribute to the development of GI issues.

Some companies manufacture drinks with electrolytes that are sugar-free and rely on alternative sweeteners. Your body may have difficulties absorbing sodium and other electrolytes if you do not have sugar.

Unless you are packing another form of carbohydrates for your extensive runs, the sugar in your electrolyte drink is excellent for maintaining your energy!

A possible consequence of including sugar in electrolyte drinks is that they can be overly strong if not diluted with enough water. Running with powders or gels that require water to be added to them is a frequent thing. Excessive amounts of sugar make it hard to swallow the beverage while exercising, and it can actually impede the process of absorbing water.

Picking a beverage that contains the appropriate level of sugar will facilitate fast digestion, and assist you in consuming more!

Other Additives

Certain types of beverages may have additional components like caffeine, or encompass B vitamins, vitamin C or zinc for additional health benefits.

What form of electrolyte drink should I use? Electrolyte beverages can be obtained as ready-to-drink items, tablets, powder, or as liquid enhancers that are to be blended with water. There are a number of companies that offer both ready-made and concentrated versions of their products, including Gatorade, Biosteel, Pedialyte, and Hydralyte. Once diluted with the accurate amount of liquid, tablets and powders are almost indistinguishable in terms of their nourishment as compared to ready-to-drink alternatives.

Mixes can be significantly cheaper than ready-made alternatives, so they may be a suited way to economize in the end! They are not heavy either, which is fantastic for an event where you can simply get drinking water at the assistances points.

Which Product Is Right for You?

Every athlete running has various requirements regarding nourishment, varies amounts of perspiration, and varying levels of salt content in their sweat. There is no single ideal item available, it’s all about discovering which one works best for you! Your requirements could shift depending on the time of year, so it is alright to alternate between different products throughout the year.

Salty Sweaters

Someone who sweats a great deal and consequently loses a lot of sodium while doing so is referred to as a “salty sweater.” Possible indicators that you could be a salty sweater include visible white streaks on your skin or clothing, sweat causing discomfort in or around your eyes or stinging open wounds, or sweat that has a noticeable salty taste. Certain salty sweaters can perspire close to a teaspoon (or more) of salt in a liter of sweat!

Some sweaters that have an exceptionally high salt content might even have salt tablets with them to help keep up their hydration and the right amount of electrolytes. If you are confused about how much fluid/electrolytes you need, find a Registered Dietitian (such as me) and build a customized plan that is best for you!

Sweaters that have been soaked in sweat require an electrolyte-replenishing beverage that is high in salt concentration like Nuun, Pedialyte or Liquid IV. Individuals are at a greater chance of getting a low blood sodium level, or hyponatremia, if they only consume regular water while practicing.

Typical Sweater

If you tend not to sweat a lot, an electrolyte beverage might only be necessary on especially extended runs or when the temperature and humidity are high. You can choose a product with less sodium even then.

What is Biosteel Hydration?

What does Biosteel Hydration mix do? You can use this product to stay hydrated while doing any activity, whether it be in the morning to get your day going, while you exercise, as you go throughout your errands, to help you stay energized during the day, as part of your nighttime routine, or when you’re out traveling. Why would this type of supplement be necessary?

  • Sports Medicine – Hypohydration describes the state of water deficit in our body. A 2015 article in a New Zealand journal examined hypohydration and human performance. It notes that the association between the condition and impaired aerobic performance has been known for decades and concludes that data demonstrates this in high heat and altitude settings.
  • Nutrients – Another review in 2019 goes even further in assessing the state of water deficit in the body. It summarizes the data by stating that hypohydration reduces mental and physical performance. Another point the article brings up is that recent evidence suggests hypohydration also impairs vascular function and cardiovascular regulation.
  • Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine – Biosteel Hydration is an electrolyte product advertised for busy lifestyles and workout performance. A trial published in 2020 looked at electrolytes in extremely-hot and humid conditions. It concludes that electrolyte supplementation in workplace water could maintain electrolyte levels and mitigate muscle injury.

Who is Behind Biosteel Hydration?

Mike Cammalleri and John Celenza established Biosteel Sports Nutrition, Inc. in 2009. The origin of this beverage goes back to a pink-hued concoction made by Matt Nichol, a former strength and conditioning coach for the Toronto Maple Leafs in the National Hockey League. The beverage was previously limited to only professional teams, however it is now available to the public. In 2019, Canopy Growth purchased a majority of the shares in a Canadian firm with its headquarters located in Toronto.

Popular Biosteel Hydration Flavors

Based on our investigation, Biosteel’s site presents 11 different tastes. The ratings for Biosteel Sports hydration products range from 4.7 to 4.9 on a scale of 5.0-stars, with the number of reviews between 16 and 2,484.

Mixed Berry had the highest ranking with 4.8 from 2,484 reviews, followed by Peach Mango and Blue-Raspberry. The Rainbow Twist, Grape, White Freeze, Watermelon, Pineapple Passionfruit, Lemon-Lime, Tart Cherry, and Banana all had 4.7 ratings, with only 16 reviews each.

Biosteel Hydration Claims

Biosteel maintains that their line of hydration items can aid in sustaining a workout. It is said that they promote proper hydration, the production of energy, and the strengthening/improvement of muscle strength. The corporation emphasizes that the advantages of Biosteel Hydration mix do not resemble those of an energy drink or pre-workout; it is a much healthier and better alternative.

Biosteel Hydration Ingredients

Biosteel Hydration mix packets and powders use the following ingredients:

  • Citric Acid
  • Stevia (Leaf) Extract
  • Natural Flavor
  • Sea Salt (Celtic Sea Salt)
  • Malic Acid
  • Sodium Citrate
  • Red Beet Powder (color)
  • Sunflower Lecithin

Does Biosteel Hydration Work? Benefits

Biosteel has no evidence of the effectiveness of its supplements presented on its website or linked to it. The investigation undertaken by our research team analysed the components to ascertain whether there was any evidence which could indicate beneficial outcomes or shortcomings.

Biosteel Hydration contains 140mg of sodium per serving. Nutrients released a report as well as guidelines on dietary supplementation for athletes involved in endurance-based activities. Sports drinks that have between 230-690mg/L allow for the body to take in the most effective amount and protect it from hyponatremia. Biosteel Hydration is within that range.

Biosteel mentions using its Hydration product before workouts. Physiological Reviews emphasizes that pre-hydrating could potentially be a useful way to counteract the amount of fluids lost during physical activity. It looked at water, glycerol, sodium, and creatine. Biosteel Hydration’s salt has the potential to maintain fluid balance for a prolonged period.

Biosteel adds Stevia Leaf Extract to its Hydration mixture for a sweet taste. The Journal of Advanced Pharmacy Education & Research has found that Stevia includes main and minor metabolites. The examination of the information suggests these materials could be advantageous for the body and its workings.

Since its founding, Biosteel has used Red Beet Powder for tinting. A study published in 2021 in the Journal of Food Processing and Preservation examined the results of research on red beetroot. The statement emphasizes that the component has numerous antioxidants and nutritive elements. Biosteel does not indicate the amount per serving, though.

Biosteel Hydration mix contains Sodium Citrate as one of its components. The British Journal of Sports Medicine has studied the role of muscle fatigue in terms of its impact on athletic performance for many years. Many of the discoveries are uncertain or show that it is not a helpful performance enhancer.

Biosteel Hydration and Weight Loss

Many electrolyte supplements utilize sugar as a flavoring agent. Biosteel Hydration is sugar-free, using Stevia Leaf Extract instead. The Nutrition Today publication suggests that Stevia has potential as a way to reduce one’s daily caloric intake, which could be beneficial in stopping or avoiding obesity.

Potential Biosteel Hydration Side Effects

An analysis of customer feedback did not detect any noteworthy adverse reactions. Electrolytes can produce side effects in some people. These symptoms might be manifested as muscle spasms, loose stools, bloating, reddening of the skin, perspiring, and drops in blood pressure.

It is also worth noting that the items in question originate from a plant that causes adverse reactions to certain individuals. This includes items like crab, eggs, seafood, dairy, peanuts, sesame, soybeans, shells or shellfish extract, walnuts, and wheat-based things.

Cost and Where to Buy

Biosteel products are available at several retail outlets. A sampling of prices our research found:

On the Biosteel site, 12-serving packets are priced at sixteen ninety-nine, 20-serving containers cost twenty-four ninety-nine, and 45-serving containers cost forty-nine ninety-nine. The firm gives a 15% reduction for initial purchases and memberships.

Prices for Amazon products: A dozen servings cost $16.99, a 20-serving container is $21.75 and a 45-serving container is $49.99. Amazon offers 10% discounts on subscriptions.

GNC: Packets (16-servings) $19.99, Containers (20-servings) $22.99. GNC gives customers a 10% reduction on purchases made through subscription or curbside collection.

Bottom Line on Biosteel Hydration Results

Those who take part in strenuous activities over a length of time are most likely to benefit from electrolyte replacement drinks. Other things to take into account are the ambient temperature and moisture level, as well as how much fluid your body is losing. It is highly advised to replenish electrolytes if you are exercising for a period of more than 90 minutes.

It is best if it has a dash of sugar to maximize uptake, but not so much that it impedes absorption and decreases hydration levels. If you’re someone who loses a lot of salt through sweating, you may gain some advantage from consuming an electrolyte beverage that contains more salt.

It doesn’t really matter whether you choose pre-made drinks, powders, tablets or liquid enhancers – whichever is the most convenient for you is the one to go for.

Biosteel Hydration is suitable for those who lead active lives or need a hydration boost just before or while they are exercising. Products come in three sizes and several flavors. Drinking an electrolyte can help with rehydration. All you need to do is combine the ingredients yourself.

What electrolytes won’t do is promote weight loss. For that we trust in Noom. The CDC has acknowledged this weight-loss program as an acceptable lifestyle decision. People are able to access instructors, help circles, instruction, tests, encouraging remarks, and additional services.


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