Huel Review – Is Huel Really Real Food?

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Huel is a meal-replacement powder marketed as “nutritionally complete food.” According to their website, the company has sold enough of their product to provide sustenance to both Paris and Rome. It features plenty of press releases and commentary from health professionals. An expert mentioned on their website said, “From a dietitian’s perspective, consuming real food is the best option.” That is absolutely true, and great advice. When did powdered meal replacements become considered “real food”?

The research team had to ascertain why this corporation has such high acclaim. In spite of the comfort and health attributes of Huel, as well as their assurance that it is “true food,” our team found a couple of gripes concerning its texture and flavor. Besides that, the firm does not give a total reimbursement for an opened item. The team was motivated to provide you with all of the information that you need to avoid wasting money on an item that won’t make you happy.

About Huel

Huel was launched in 2012 by its innovator with the intent of making a system that would give people the best nutrition they need to help with their physical conditioning. Julian Hearn, the creator, stuck to a strict plan with a lot of thought and planning to make sure every meal delivered its clients the proper nourishment.

Despite achieving the desired outcomes of the program, he determined it was not a feasible option due to the large amount of time needed to maintain it. Huel was created to give users a complete and balanced nutritional meal they could get ready in no more than two minutes.

Since he set up the firm, over 100 million meals have been distributed in 100 nations. At the present time, James McMaster is in charge of Huel while Hearn devotes his attention to its promotional activities.

What is Huel?

Huel is a business that provides meal replacements such as shakes made from plants and easy-to-prepare meals made with dehydrated ingredients; both are a great source of protein and contain an ideal balance of fats, carb, fiber, and vitamins. The company also offers traditional plant-based protein powders and protein bars.

How to use Huel?

Huel can be utilized for a variety of purposes and is frequently chosen as a replacement for meals for individuals either trying to slim down or for those needing a convenient solution.

You can substitute Huel Powder for breakfast, lunch, or dinner by making it into a shake. Additionally, you can swap out these meals for Huel Hot & Savoury rehydrated food items.

It’s up to the person to decide how many meals they want to replace; some may opt to replace all meals and snack with protein shakes and bars, while others might just change breakfast and lunch, leaving dinner untouched.

Huel offers vegan Complete Protein Powder in a selection of flavors as well as Huel Bars that can help boost protein ingestion, be incorporated into exercising routines prior to and after workouts, or even be taken as a snack.

Meal Replacement Supplements

Using meals that are quicker and easier to prepare has been around for some time, even portrayed in science fiction stories of long ago.

The US is the starting point of this current trend due to Soylent, which was produced with algae. In a short time period, Soylent gained rapid popularity among people in the Silicon Valley and internationally.

Huel, which was co-founded by Julian Hearn from Britain, was created to offer an option for those outside the US who wanted to take advantage of meal replacement powders similar to what Soylent had to offer.

Huel is now offering a convenient, ready-mixed shake for those who are always on the move, using their special Huel powder.

Huel Benefits

Huel benefits include:

  • 100% Complete Nutrition
  • Convenient
  • Cost-effective
  • No food waste
  • Vegan
  • Simple to use

Huel provides gluten-free alternatives in eight distinctive flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla, Berry, Unflavoured and Unsweetened, Banana, Salted Caramel, Caffè Latte, and Original.

Huel Ingredients

There is no indication that Huel’s ingredients are organic.


Consumption of oat bran and whole oats can be beneficial in aiding digestion problems. Oats possess an abundance of fiber, but there is also speculation that this dietary staple contains beneficial phytochemicals, as referenced in the journal Molecular Nutrition & Food Research. The review published in Molecules showed that the parts of oat globulins with the greatest diversity of amino acids also had the most potent antioxidant properties when compared to proteins from other plants.

Pea Protein

Pea protein is produced from both yellow and green peas and is a great alternative to protein sources like whey, eggs, and meats for people following vegetarian and vegan diets. In 2015, the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition asserted that both pea protein and whey protein could effectively help promote muscle growth if taken along with regular exercise. Subsequent research, featured in the magazine Sports, affirmed that whey protein was indeed more effective than previously acknowledged.

Brown Rice Protein

Brown rice protein is from brown rice. Vegetarians and vegans who stay away from dairy, meat, and egg products can consider using soy protein instead of pea protein. The Nutrition Journal suggests that consuming rice protein isolate may cause positive changes in one’s body composition.

Coconut MCTs

MCTs are created by treating coconut oil, and it is suggested that they may guard against muscle deterioration for some individuals. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ Journal suggests that consuming MCTs might potentially lead to small losses in body weight and composition.

Huel and Weight Loss

Studies abound, pursuing the effects of meal replacement beverages on weight reduction. It appears that a lot of people have drawn the same conclusion: if someone replaces a single meal or two per day with a shake that is carefully controlled for calories, it is expected to aid in weight reduction. This observation is supported by a review of studies from 2019, which was featured in the journal Obesity Reviews.

How Much Does Huel Cost?

Huel costs:

  • Huel Powder v3.0: $75
  • Huel Gluten-Free v3.0: $85
  • Huel Black Edition: $85

Huel Ready-to-Drink costs:

  • Version 1.0: $56.11/12 bottles
  • Variety Box v1.0: $57.78/12 bottles
  • Version 2.0: $58.89/12 bottles
  • Variety Box v2.0: $60.56/12 bottles

Huel Hot+Savory costs:

  • 7 meals: $29.22/bag (3 bag minimum)

Orders of more than $25 placed in the United States qualify for free shipment from Huel. If the cost of your order is under $25, you will be charged an additional $5 for shipping.

Orders placed with this company are sent through UPS and should get to their intended destination in three to five working days, apart from if they are set to Hawaii or Alaska, which would take five to seven days.

Delivery to Canada is not currently available. It is feasible to buy from abroad if you’re not located in the US.

You can purchase two bags, a scoop, a shaker, and a booklet on Amazon for seventy-five dollars.

What’s the Huel Shelf Life?

The Huel shelf life is:


You can keep pouches in a dry, cool place not exposed to the sun for up to twelve months, but for the highest quality, try to use them prior to the date mentioned on the pouch.


When the bag is unsealed, it will remain good for a period of six months. You can close the container again, and if you keep it in a place with no humidity and no direct sunlight, it should stay fresh.

Refrigerated and Mixed

The mixture can last for 24 hours. It has been said by a few customers that the product tastes better when it is cold, so you could try preparing it the evening beforehand and keeping it in the refrigerator. That way, you can enjoy it as your breakfast in the morning.

Unrefrigerated and Mixed

The amount it fluctuates relies on the heat of the surrounding area. When chilled, the combination can remain edible for a few hours. If it’s warm, it won’t remain that way for very long, so drink quickly or keep it sealed in a thermos to ensure it stays chilled for a more extended amount of time.

Is Huel healthy?

Huel meals and shakes provide a complete combination of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Hence they can be considered as a healthy option. The items I sampled had no added components, and each serving provided a satisfactory amount of protein.

The products we have created have been carefully designed to contain nearly all natural components, such as oats, rice, peas, coconut, and flaxseed. This provides a full assortment of essential amino acids plus 26 essential vitamins and minerals.

Some of the powdered products have Sucralose, an artificial sweetener, as an ingredient. If you have IBS or another digestive issue, it may be best to limit yourself to one of these beverages per day.

Is Huel worth it?

If you need something quick to get your meal ready, Huel is an excellent selection for a nutritious choice; their shakes and meals take only five minutes max to create, so you can grab a speedy breakfast or lunch when you’re on the move.

Huel meal replacements are designed to provide an appropriate balance of nutrition and are relatively low in calories, thus making them useful for those seeking to shed some weight as part of a regulated caloric intake.

The only disadvantage is that the rehydrated food does not provide the same level of taste or pleasure as an actual meal.

If you replace a lot of your meals with Huel and avoid any kind of sugary or unhealthy food, you may see some reduced pounds within a fortnight. Personally, I did not experience any major adjustments to my weight in the course of three weeks as I don’t completely adhere to Huel and I have a habit of eating nutritious food.

Is Huel Vegan?

Huel products all contain only vegan elements, yet they typically refer to themselves as “plant-based”.

The packaging has indications that this product is suitable for vegans and those who are lactose-intolerant. Vegan powders are generally looked at as more eco-friendly, as they possess a smaller negative impact on the environment.

Is Huel Gluten-Free?

Huel products are not all gluten-free as certain grains are present. However, they do offer gluten-free alternatives for the majority of their products, so please make sure you are getting the gluten-free version for your purchase.

Is Huel Good for Weight Loss?

Huel is high in protein and fiber, which means it can be useful for weight loss. However, once you go back to your usual eating habits, it is likely that your weight will increase again.

We would advise not to focus too much on what the scale says and turn your attention to how you feel and let that be your indication of progress.

How Many Calories Are in Huel?

  • Huel Complete Protein contains 105 calories per 29g portion.
  • Huel Powder contains 400 calories per 100g portion.
  • Huel Hot & Savoury meals contain between 412 and 427 calories (100g portion)
  • Huel Bars contain 200 calories per bar

Does Huel Taste Good?

Most people seem to think that Huel tastes satisfactory. The rehydrated dishes can’t compare to the scrumptiousness of a home cooked meal, but the shakes are still passable.

Do not expect exquisite flavors, but you can trust that the majority of your food will be satisfactory.

Does Huel Work?

This depends on how you define ‘work’. Huel is an ideal choice if you’re looking to have a nutritious and expedient meal substitute. If the objective is to lose weight, then this strategy can be effective in decreasing caloric consumption. Even if you have a nutritious diet already, you may not observe a huge difference.

Does Huel Fill You Up?

Due to having a low-GI content, Huel will create a sense of satiety for you. But do not substitute all of your meals with Huel–remember to consume it together with regular meals.

What Are the Huel Alternatives in the Uk?

When discussing whole nutritional meal replacement options, Huel appears to be the leading choice in the UK. MyProtein provides a comparable item which comes in both whey as well as vegan powders that costs 15.99 pounds for ten servings. Nevertheless, they also offer numerous other items and it is not the company’s main priority.

U.S. firm Soylent, having a similar philosophy as Huel, has begun to distribute their premade beverage meals in a bottle to the United Kingdom, though their powdered products are yet to be acquired.

Regarding the Huel Complete Protein, nowadays there are several plant-based protein labels available, the major one being Awesome Vegan Protein – which puts more emphasis on affordability ($28 for 36 servings) than vitamins and I think it has a better taste.

You may also wish to look into Muscle Mary, similar in price to Huel and fortified with a superfood and vitamin mix. Furthermore, FORM, although slightly costlier, offers an abundance of superfoods.

Is Huel Full of Sugar?

Huel is utterly nutritious and contains a very low sugar content, being at a mere 4.6 grams of sugar per 2000 calories.

Huel is a complete meal that provides your body with the proteins, carbohydrates, fats, as well as 26 essential vitamins and minerals it needs.

The Bottom Line on Huel

This is when it all comes down to it: We are big fans of Huel being marketed as a fast and effortless meal substitute. It is packed full of beneficial components, including all the necessary nutrients, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and minerals that our bodies require to stay alive and it is incredibly cost effective. Despite this, some individuals have experienced adverse reactions, disliked the flavor and consistency, and the company does not offer money back for opened items.

We assume that it is regular habits and encouragement for those habits that differentiate between dropping pounds and permanently maintaining a lower weight. When trying to slim down, it is difficult to remain on track without having someone there to encourage and help you round the clock.


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