Plexus Active Review – Is Plexus Active a Good Weight Loss Supplement?

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Plexus Active suggests that it can help customers boost their energy and assist in the recuperation of muscles. This lifestyle blend also claims that it can help people boost their mental alertness with natural plant extracts and beneficial elements. We investigated the powder further, given that it claims to be able to supply enduring clean energy by assisting the body’s own creation of nitric oxide.

After examining the elements of the supplement in-depth, such as components, studies, declarations, potential adverse reactions, and more, our staff determined the ultimate ruling on the powder. Continue perusing if you are interested in finding out additional information about Plexus Active and whether it is the correct energy supplement for you!

Plexus Active can be purchased through their Official Site.

How Do Weight Loss Supplements Work?

Products designed for weight loss typically operate by decreasing your hunger and speeding up your metabolism.

These kinds of medications can give you the sensation of being satiated, resulting in you eating less food and thus consuming fewer calories. You typically take these products before each meal.

This technique relies on a person’s understanding of when they are no longer hungry, so some folks find it to be successful, while others might need a bit more.

What is Plexus Active?

Plexus Active provides steady and healthy energy without making you feel wired or having a nasty drop in energy levels during the day.

The producers of this supplement are asserting that it improves mental sharpness by utilizing plant extracts to supply nitric oxide assistance. Nitric oxide plays a significant part in maintaining one’s wellbeing, as it efficiently moves oxygen, nourishment, and blood circulation throughout the body.

Does Plexus Active, which is vegetarian and gluten-free, really work? Before delving deeper into the supplement, let’s take a quick look at some of the relevant research:

  • Drugs in R&D – The researchers who presented this study found that sage offers cognitive-enhancing effects for humans.
  • Foods – The information presented in this study confirms the various health benefits of consuming plant extracts including, antimicrobial and antioxidant activity, oxidative changes, etc.
  • Future Science OA – This study presents evidence-based information on the effectiveness of current and future nitric oxide technologies to better manage diseases.

Who Makes Plexus Active?

Plexus Worldwide produces Plexus Active as well as various other health and nutritional products.

BBB Ratings

Plexus Worldwide does not have an endorsement from the Better Business Bureau, however they still have an excellent rating of A+.

That doesn’t mean the company hasn’t received any complaints. Consumers often brought up grievances about the two month return policy, according to the Better Business Bureau.

Plexus Worldwide divides its customers into four separate groups, including ambassadors, retail customers, preferred customers, and ambassador customers.

Customers are not always eligible for the 60-day money back guarantee that is widely advertised on the company’s website.

The second most frequent complaint was about problems related to invoicing and payments. Clients have faced problems with the auto-renewal system, which some affirm that they were still being charged even after they ended their subscription.

Plexus Active Claims

Plexus Worldwide states that their Active formula can give a person energy that lasts for a long time, increasing their alertness levels, making them more mentally clear, and giving them augmented performance without the undesirable ingredients found in sodas and energy drinks.

Plexus Active Ingredients

According to the Plexus Active nutrition label, the formulation comprises the following ingredients:

  • ActiGin
  • Beet
  • Citrulline malate
  • Glycerophosphocholine
  • Green coffee bean extract
  • Green tea leaf extract
  • L-theanine
  • N-acetyl- L-tyrosine
  • Beet Root juice powder
  • Yerba mate leaf extract

Does Plexus Active Work?

To gain better insight into the effectiveness of Plexus Active, let’s take a closer look at the most beneficial ingredients from the Plexus Active info sheet:


A research paper written for Nutrition & Metabolism indicated that taking beetroot can help alleviate some metabolic issues as well as enhance blood vessel and endothelial functioning. Beetroot holds a large amount of phytochemicals, which leave room for potential healing properties to be explored in the future.

Citrulline Malate

Supplementation of citrulline malate will result in the presence of l-arginine in the kidneys. It was determined in a Nutrients article that citrulline can have a positive effect on cardiometabolic health both through indirect and direct paths prior to its transformation.

The popularity of citrulline as an ingredient in supplements is due to its functions in regulating lipid metabolism, protein metabolism, and promoting vascular health. A faster metabolism relates to improved weight loss.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Over the last 10 years, green coffee beans, which don’t go through the roasting process, have been used in a variety of weight reduction medications. Certain scientists believe that consuming green coffee beans may lead to a slight decrease in one’s weight.

Studies conducted in the medical and dental fields suggest that long-term negative impacts are possible consequences.

Green Tea Leaf Extract

In addition to the weight loss effects of green coffee bean, a study conducted by Molecules has demonstrated that green tea leaf extract may also have the same outcome. The research suggests that those who regularly drink green tea can benefit from a range of health advantages, including potential prevention of disease and weight loss, due to the presence of polyphenols and catechins in the leaves.


L-theanine, which is considered an essential amino acid, has been found in a study published in the journal Nutrients to have stress-reducing properties and to be helpful in ensuring normal sleep patterns, which in turn may contribute to improved cognitive and mental health. The research also uncovered that l-theanine aids in increasing one’s writing and speaking ability if they had a weak showing before beginning treatment.

Root Juice

In Scientific Reports, a study revealed that the consumption of vegetable juices, such as roots, can provide nutrients like nitrates, fiber, oligosaccharides, and polyphenols that can help to support prebiotic activity and promote sound digestive health.

In general, a well-maintained intestinal system will help the process of breaking down food and could potentially result in shedding a few pounds.

Yerba Mate Leaf Extract

A study recently published in the journal Nutrients suggests that yerba mate leaf extract could play an effective role in combatting obesity as it helps to get rid of lipids.

The research showed that consuming yerba mate causes the genes that become altered in obese individuals to return to their natural state. This deals with several conditions connected to overweightness that cause diseases and are not normal.

What Makes Plexus Work?

Plexus Slim® is composed of four major components: chromium, green coffee bean extract, Garcinia cambogia fruit extract, and alpha lipoic acid. Since there was no information given by the company regarding how Plexus Slim® works, we investigated its components to analyze their effects.

According to the website of Plexus Worldwide, Plexus Slim® appears to perform as an agent to reduce hunger and an enhancer of metabolism. Let’s investigate if these allegations are valid and if there are any additional advantages.


Chromium is a vital mineral typically discovered in entire grains, lean cuts of meat, dairy products, black pepper, and thyme. Its main objective is to aid the body to convert carbohydrates into energy, thereby aiding glucose metabolism.

Chromium has the ability to reduce blood sugar amounts and heighten insulin sensitivity.

Although chromium may be advantageous for individuals with diabetes, research done regarding this indicates that any effects are hardly noticeable or are not applicable for everyone involved.

Despite the multiple experiments done to evaluate the effect of chromium on fat loss, the outcomes are still uncertain.

A preliminary investigation regarding the utilization of chromium for weight reduction revealed that the supplement was not effective. Participants who were overweight or obese did not experience any variation after consuming 1000 mcg of chromium for 24 weeks.

An investigation looking into the effects of chromium in female participants yielded similar results. No significant change in body weight was seen after administering a dosage of 187 mcg per day for a period of twelve weeks.

Female athletes did not notice any difference in their body mass or an increase to their muscle strength after taking 500 micrograms per day for six weeks.

Researchers studied the implications of giving an amount of 400 micrograms each day to children who suffer from obesity. They coupled this nutritional additive with an activity and eating regimen.

The study produced no significant results.

Despite the fact the kids who ingested chromium dropped more pounds than the placebo squad, the weight reduction was minimal.

Green Coffee Bean extract

The chlorogenic acid found in green coffee bean extract has a variety of positive health effects. A research conducted in 2010 revealed that chlorogenic acid, when given to rats, stimulated the ability for them to lose body weight and to burn fat.

Research conducted on rodents showed that consuming mulberries resulted in weight loss. The high level of chlorogenic acid in mulberries probably had a part in producing the outcomes seen.

A third experiment using mice uncovered that chlorogenic acid diminishes weight gain and advances fat digestion.

Green coffee bean extract has thermogenic properties, resulting in the elevation of body temperature. An increase in body temperature activates metabolism which makes fat burning efficient.

Plexus Slim contains green coffee bean extract with less than two percent caffeine naturally occurring. The only invigorating ingredient in this item renders the odds of uncomfortable reactions, such as restlessness or inability to sleep, induced by an energizer minimal.

Further research involving human subjects is required to investigate if using green coffee bean extract and chlorogenic acid can aid with weight loss.

Many people have become acquainted with the advantages of green coffee bean extract due to the advice of Dr. Oz. A pharmacist has warned against the use of this extract until it is understood that chlorogenic acid may have covert impacts.

Garcinia cambogia

The extract of the Garcinia cambogia fruit is a commonplace element in numerous slimming supplements. It contains hydroxycitric acid.

This supplement appears to be beneficial for weight loss, as it curbs your hunger. No research has shown any negative repercussions, and scientists have confirmed that eating 2800 mg of something a day is safe.

However other studies show mixed results.

There have been no serious adverse effects reported. It is uncertain if Garcinia cambogia can be beneficial for weight loss.

Research on individuals with excess weight revealed negligible or no reduction of body mass. The participants in the study did not experience any weight loss by consuming 500 mg of Garcinia cambogia.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha lipoic acid is a fatty acid and antioxidant. It eradicates the destabilizing elements that harm the body, boosting the immune system.

Boosting your metabolic rate can lead to a decrease in body mass.

A study was conducted to examine the impact of alpha lipoic acid on overweight adults. Individuals in the experiment group were prescribed either 1200 mg or 1800 mg per day. After twenty weeks, those who were taking alpha lipoic acid had a decrease of two percent in their body weight.

The research showed that consuming alpha lipoic acid is a good way to tackle obesity.

Additional Ingredients

Plexus Slim® includes several additional ingredients. It would be beneficial to take some time to comprehend what exactly is being ingested into one’s body.


Polydextrose is a soluble fiber. This food contains zero calories, and dietary fiber is thought to assist with shedding pounds. They provide a feeling of satiety and can serve as an appetite suppressant.

Citric Acid

Citric acid does not possess any remarkable advantages for well-being, however it is a natural approach to preserving foodstuffs. Many dishes have it in order to add or boost the taste.

Citrus fruits are a natural source of Citric Acid, but it can also be artificially produced.

Beet Root

The intense and vivid pink colouration of Plexus Slim® could be derived from its usage of beetroot in the composition. Beetroot may be able to curb hunger as it contains a high quantity of fiber which could act as a mild appetite suppressant. It is improbable that there is a sufficient amount in the item to make a change.

Lou Han Guo

The other names for Lou Han Guo are ‘monk fruit’ and its scientific designation ‘Siraitia grosvenorii’. Lou Han Guo is normally used as a sweetener.


Rebaudioside A, commonly referred to as Stevia, is a natural alternative to sugar as a sweetener. It’s popular for its low-calorie content.

Plexus Active and Weight Loss

Plexus Active is not intended as an aid for weight reduction, yet particular components might assist users to shed pounds.

Studies have demonstrated that the addition of citrulline malate can spike metabolism, leading to the more efficient processing of food and the subsequent burning of calories and fat. Research has revealed that even when taken in smaller amounts, green coffee bean and green tea leaf extracts may be effective for weight loss.

When looking at Plexus Active and Slim, Slim is the ideal choice if you are wanting to shed some pounds.

Plexus Active Side Effects

So far, the only way that Plexus Active has been evaluated is through internal vetting. No medical studies have looked into the possible side effects or general safety of Plexus. Consequently, the primary worry is if you are sensitive to any of the components.

Furthermore, due to the presence of caffeine in Plexus Active, if too much is ingested, one might experience sleeplessness, nervousness, lightheadedness, and migraines. Prior to consuming any new dietary supplements, it is essential to consult a doctor or a dietitian regarding your choices.

How to Use Plexus Active

You should have one Plexus Active drink per day, around thirty minutes before any food you consume.

Cost and Where to Buy

Plexus Active is available directly on the Plexus Worldwide website at one-time cost of $39.95 for 15 individual sachets, or for the first 3 months at the same price and then reduced to $35.96 for 15 sachets for the duration of the subscription. The company offers a 60-day moneyback guarantee.

You can purchase Plexus Active from various e-commerce sites, such as Amazon and Walmart.

Bottom Line on Plexus Active Results

Plexus Active furnishes you with clean energy that lasts, which might help you reach higher levels of performance and an enhanced level of mental insight. A significant amount of caffeine can increase attentiveness to aid in bettering performance and concentration. Although the components are organic, numerous of them come from untouched, non-genetically altered places which may be a problem for some individuals. Moreover, the large amount of caffeine may still lead to feeling jumpy and difficulty sleeping.

Generally, reviews of Plexus Active confirm that the active ingredients found in the product make it a more wholesome and beneficial alternative to soda, energy drinks, or energy shots when needing to be energized during the day. In order to shed pounds, people will need more than a supplement to raise their energy level, something a comprehensive program can assist with.


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